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Olymp Trade: Trading Platform Review & Opinions 2024

3.9 / 5

Olymp Trade is an addition to the list of brokers that offer fixed time trades. Should you open an account with Olymp Trade? Is this a trading platform to trust, or is one of the numerous scams out there? Read the review below to get answers.

1. Olymp Trade: Trading Platform Review

Olymp Trade began its brokerage operations in 2014. Since then, the company has grown to attract clientele from all over the world. However, as the company operates in a market that has had a lot of bad press in recent times, a lot of questions about the authenticity and quality of its brokerage services persist:

Is it safe to trade with Olymp Trade? If yes, is it possible to realize decent returns on trades? Even when profits are earned, does Olymp Trade pay out withdrawal requests from its clients?

These are the questions most frequently asked by traders and we will provide the answers in this review. This review will focus on some of the areas where there have been problems with other industry players. A critical examination of the company’s processes, brokerage offering, customer support and service delivery will be carried out. Most importantly, we will find out if the company actually pays out profits that have been earned by traders. We will also look at the deposit and withdrawal processes as well as steps taken by Olymp Trade to educate and protect its traders.

The review will be rounded off with a section featuring comments from verified users of the Olymp Trade platform. You may also ask questions and view popular discussion topics from other verified traders on Olymp Trade. At the end of this review, you should be able to carry out the following tasks:

  • Opening an account on Olymp Trade.
  • Make a deposit and know how to withdraw your profits on Olymp Trade.
  • Know the assets that you can trade on Olymp Trade as well as popular trade types.
  • How to select assets to trade, and switch from one chart type to another.

Our in-house experts have written this review from a several-year evaluation of the processes at Olymp Trade. Testing of the trade process has been done on demo and on the live account using a small funded account. We have been able to track down and interview verified users of this platform. Various trade strategies have been applied, and we have actually funded and withdrawn profits from our Olymp Trade live account to get a first-hand experience of what it is like to trade and get back your profits.

Here is the review of Olymp Trade.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages

What are the pros and cons of trading with Olymp Trade? The answers are derived from our own experience as well as responses from verified users of the platform.

Minimum deposit requirements are low: A low minimum deposit of $10 means that you can transit from demo to a real money account, where further practice can be done with low risk. Think of the low minimum deposit as an enabler which allows a smooth transition from a training environment to a live rounds environment.

Free Demo account: Unlike most (if not all) of the online trading platforms that have been swept away by time, Olymp Trade provides a free and unlimited demo account for risk-free practice and perfection of strategies. The demo account has all the functionalities of the real trading environment.

User-friendly interface: Olymp Trade has made its online platform very easy to use. Indeed, a beginner can learn how to use the platform in a few hours.

Low minimum investment threshold: You can start trading live with as low as $1, which is one of the lowest investment thresholds you can get in the industry.

Regulated operations: Again unlike most of the unregulated bucket shops of yesteryears, Olymp Trade’s operations are regulated by the International Financial Commission. Olymp Trade is also a member of the IFC’s compensation fund, which has set aside an insurance of $20,000 to cover disputes where the client has lost money as a result of broker misdemeanor.

Robust trader education: Get access to 171 educational resources from Olymp Trade’s educational suite. Furthermore, access the news calendar and trading signals from the Analytics section.

Fast withdrawals with no hidden charges: Withdraw funds from as low as $10 within 1-4 days with no hidden charges.

Customizable trade duration: Traders are given an option of customizing their trade durations.

Asset index is relatively small: Relatively speaking, Olymp Trade’s asset index is not as robust as is the case with some of its competitors. Assets offered are relatively few.

Does not accept EU or US residents: Traders from the EU, US and several countries are barred from using the Olymp Trade platform.

3. What is Olymp Trade?

Olymp Trade started operations in 2014. This was a tricky period in the online trading market, as many of the companies offering fixed time trades in Europe and the Middle East were being forced to close down as a result of a series of scandals. However, Olymp Trade did not only survive this stormy period, but it has actually thrived.

Olymp Trade offers its clients a simple way to trade assets in different categories, using a simple and innovative trading platform. The company developed a proprietary trading interface which has taken into account the yearnings and needs of its clients from all over the world. With the trading platform offered in 12 languages, it is not a wonder that this platform has become very popular; so popular that 20 orders are executed on its platform every second.

Here are some of the statistics which have been released by the company to capture the popularity of its product:

  • $13.6 million paid out in April 2019.
  • Payouts are increasing at a rate of 7% each month.
  • 25,000 daily users.
  • Nearly 38 million trades a month at the present time.

The product offering of the company is backed up by a 20,000 Euros indemnity, which the company is mandated to provide as part of its regulatory mandate. The platform is suitable for all categories of traders.

4. The Trading Platform

The Olymp Trade platform is a browser-based application. It also exists as a mobile application which works on Android devices as well as devices that use iOS. No desktop versions are featured.

Access to this platform has to come from a log in action. Upon login, the trading interface is seen. The trading interface has been constructed in such a way that most functions required to setup a trade are all contained within the visible interface. Prominently displayed is the price chart. There is the option of switching between area charts, Heiken Ashi charts, bar charts and the candlestick charts. Right above the chart interface is the relevant button that can be clicked to effect the change in chart type. Also in the same area is a drop down menu that can be used to add or remove indicators.

Below the price information on the charts is the time frame button, which is used to change the time frame of the chart on display. Available time frames include 15 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 1 day, 1 week and 1 month.

To the right hand side is the dealing section. This is where the trader can choose the expiry time of the trade (trade duration) as well as the investment amount. The strike price, which is price on which the trade outcome is based, is also displayed. The payout for each trade is also displayed once the investment amount is entered into the relevant box. This tells the trader what he or she stands to gain or lose, depending on whether the trade ends in the trader’s favour or not. Once the investment sum and trade duration are selected, a click of the UP or DOWN buttons will execute the trade.

5. How Does Trading on Olymp Trade Work?

The trade is an “all or none” trade type. Each trade is decided on the basis of whether the asset’s expiry value is higher (UP) or lower (DOWN) than the strike price. This is illustrated below.

Trader Janet decides that Bitcoin’s value will rise in a space of 1 hour. She heads to the Olymp Trade platform and opens an UP trade on Bitcoin, with a 1-hour expiry time, using an investment amount of $200. The platform’s strike price at the time the trade is executed is $6,203.33, and the trade offers a 75% payout for a correct outcome. When the trade expires in one hour, Bitcoin is trading at $6,203.36. The trade Janet chose is correct, and she earns 75% of her $200 investment as payout (i.e. $150). She will receive her initial investment + her payout, so she will get $350.

It is very simple and even a complete novice can start trading within a few minutes of familiarizing oneself with the platform.

Bitcoin is just one of the assets you can trade on Olymp Trade. Assets are grouped into 6 asset classes. These are as follows:

  • 35 currency pairs, which encompass the major, minor and exotic pairs.
  • You also get to trade the 10 largest stock indices from around the world. Examples are the Dow Jones, S&P500, CAC40, DAX, Hang Seng and Nikkei 225.
  • 5 Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs are also listed for trading on Olymp Trade.
  • 13 blue-chip stocks are featured. You can trade stocks of Apple, Facebook, Starbucks Coca Cola, Google, Tesla or IBM. Trade these assets during the same market hours as the host stock exchanges.
  • Trade up to 6 commodities such as silver, gold, natural gas and crude oil.
  • 12 cryptocurrencies make up the last asset class on Olymp Trade.
  • Olymp Trade now supports MetaTrader 4 - one of the best known online trading platforms in the world.

6. Cryptocurrencies at Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade offers trading of cryptos as fixed time trades, providing yet another investment vehicle for this asset class. Olymp Trade offers you the chance to trade cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and Dash. You can also trade crypto-crypto pairings such as LTC/BTC.

Using Olymp Trade’s platform for crypto trading offers some advantages:

  • Avoid the complexities and risks of trading on crypto exchanges.
  • You can profit when prices rise or fall. No longer do you have to wait to profit only when you buy on an exchange.
  • Trading cryptos on Olymp Trade comes with lower fees than trading on an exchange.
  • There is no need to worry about hackers, as Olymp Trade offers you just the contracts for trading. So you do not have to store any cryptos in wallets that can be taken apart by hackers in minutes.

7. Mobile Trading

Mobile trading on Olymp Trade is conducted in two ways. The first option is to trade using the web-based interface on a mobile device. This allows the user to use a mobile-optimized view on the smartphone or tablet device, without downloading the Olymp Trade native app. The second option is to download the Olymp Trade mobile app from the App Store (for iPhone and iPad) or the Android version from the Google Play store.

8. Account Types and Demo Trading

What are the account types available on Olymp Trade? Basically, there is a demo account and two types of real accounts.

The demo account is free and provides the user with access to virtual funds, useful for practicing and learning how the platform works. The demo account is where you get to learn the trading process in a risk-free environment.

From the demo account, you can now transfer what you have learnt to the real trading setup, which provide two real account types for you.

  • There is the Standard account, which is the entry level account type.
  • The VIP account, which is ideally for those with access to greater capital, and who also have more trading experience under their belts. $2,000 is the minimum deposit required to qualify for a VIP account. The VIP account also confers some privileges which are not presented to Standard account holders.

Let us spend some time to highlight the advantages of a VIP account. The advantages are as follows:

  • Payouts on trades are higher. For instance, where a Standard account holder expects a payout of 80%, the VIP account holder can expect to get a 90% payout offer.
  • There is an option to claim a 50% account deposit bonus.
  • The maximum investment amounts for VIP account holders have a higher cap than Standard account holders. This provides a greater earning potential for the VIP account holder.
  • VIP account holders tend to get some form of cash backs on trades. Under this offer, a certain number of bad trades will see the VIP account holder get the amount invested on those trades refunded.
  • How about those invite-only educational webinars and trade analytics that have been shown to improve outcomes? VIP account holders get access to these.
  • A personalized account manager is always on hand to guide the VIP trader through any processes which may be challenging.

If no trades are made and there are withdrawals made within 15 days of the initial $2,000 deposit, the VIP status is revoked.

9. Is a VIP Accounts Worth the Hype?

A VIP account comes with enhanced features and some extras that will give the VIP trader an edge in the market. This does not belittle the Standard Account. Indeed, the trader still needs to do some personal study to enhance trading knowledge. Once this is done, the benefits that come with the VIP account can be properly leveraged on.

10. Opening an Account

Ok, you are probably tempted to open a VIP account. Or perhaps, you want to try a Standard account first. This is not a problem, as the process of account opening is very easy.

You can opt to create a new account using the online form, or you may choose to create an account that is linked to your Google email or your Facebook account. This makes it easier to gain access using login details you are already familiar with.

The Facebook/Google Registration Method

  • Click on the respective logos of either Facebook of Google in the online form on the account opening page. This will open a pop-up dialog box which will prompt you to enter your login details.
  • Alternatively, you can login into your Facebook or Gmail accounts beforehand, then initiate the registration process as described above.
  • You will be asked to allow permissions which will sync your FB/Gmail account to the Olymp Trade platform. Once completed, you can login with the synced FB/Gmail account.

Regular Method

  • On the online registration form, enter the email you intend to use as your login username. This email will be used to recover any forgotten passwords.
  • Choose an alphanumeric password with some special characters to make it hard for hackers to crack it. DO NOT use easily guessable passwords such as “abcde” or “qwerty” or “12345”.
  • Check on the platform’s terms and conditions to agree to them, and complete the Captcha request to verify you are not a robot.
  • Click the “Register” button to submit your account registration request. You will be sent to the platform interface to begin your test trades with a demo account. Check your email (including the Spam folder) to ensure you have received the welcome email.

This registration automatically puts you in the demo trading mode. To trade with real money, click the Deposit button on the left hand side of the navigation tab, within your demo account interface.

11. Deposits and Withdrawals

To make your first and subsequent deposits, click the yellow “Make a Deposit” button on the top right corner of the platform interface, or click on the “Deposit” tab on the left side of the trading platform, where you have the navigation tabs. If you are using a mobile device, click on the “+” button.

A new page will display all the deposit options available on Olymp Trade. These options include the bank wire, credit/debit cards, Bitcoin and various e-wallet options such as Skrill, Astropay, Fasapay and Neteller.

Clicking the payment option you want to use will first display the option of getting a bonus. Various bonus amounts (from 10% to 50% of deposit amount) are shown. You have an option to choose not to receive a bonus by clicking a drop down menu on the right hand side of the screen which displays three options: “deposit bonus”, “promo code” and “no bonus”.

You can choose to save your preferred payment method so you can use the one-click function to deposit with this method. Usually, clicking the payment method will send you to the integrated web app of that payment method, which will allow you securely login, conduct the transaction and get redirected to the Olymp Trade website with the deposit completed.

Withdrawals follow the same method the trader chose for fund deposits. Depending on the payment method chosen, withdrawals can take up to 4 days to process. Card methods and e-wallets are usually processed same day. Bitcoin withdrawals are processed once the required confirmations are completed. Bonuses cannot be withdrawn.

Large withdrawals will require additional verification. You will be asked to submit documents confirming your identity and place of residence. This is a one-off process.

We have spoken to some profitable traders on Olymp Trade who have shown proof of withdrawal of profits. Millions of dollars are paid to its clients on a monthly basis. Delays may occur due to verifications or during bank transfers (which typically take time).

12. Trader Education

Olymp Trade offers 171 resource materials that prepare traders for the trading adventure on their website. There are 151 free webinars as well as short articles that explain indicators. There are also articles that describe the trade processes, as well as a glossary for beginners and a platform walkthrough video tutorial.

This is all contained in the “Education” segment of the website, which can be accessed from within the navigation bar on the left side of the screen after login to the demo trading page.

Each resource is available as a chat window and can be opened in a new browser so as not to interrupt any ongoing processes on the main site. There is also a live chat function which comes up for users to ask questions as they move along. These resources are great for beginners and intermediate-level traders.

There is also an Analytics section which provides a free Economic Calendar (schedule of news events which can affect asset prices), market sentiment-driven signals and a market volatility program which indicates what asses will be the most volatile at a certain time. Experienced traders will love the Analytics section. In-house technical analysis is also provided.

13. Customer Support

How can you contact Olymp Trade to sort out issues or make inquiries about their product offering? There are several means available to you.

There is a Live Chat function which allows for instant communication with a representative of Olymp Trade. Access the live chat function by clicking the encircled question mark on the top right of the platform interface or website.

An online contact form is also available, as is a phone line which is available 24/7. The quality of customer support on Olymp Trade is quite good. Not only are responses fast, but the tone is friendly and helpful. Olymp Trade also has support staff who join online forums that are devoted to trading and contribute answers to some questions people have on those forums about the company’s trading product.

14. Our Verdict

Should you trade with Olymp Trade?

To sum up our verdict on Olymp Trade, it is safe to say that the problems that have existed with other online trading platforms seem to have been addressed by Olymp Trade. The company has also gone beyond its competition by providing good quality trader education, an Analytics suite as well as a system that ensures prompt payment of withdrawals.

Olymptrade has grown by leaps and bounds. At any given time, tens of thousands of traders are logged into the platform without any affectation of the platform performance or speed. Customer service is also great in terms of speed and quality of response.

Olymp Trade has shown great promise over the years. Traders now need to leverage on this to ensure that they do their part to learn how to trade properly.

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Reviews on Olymp Trade

Comments about Olymp Trade
( 442 )
User rating: 4.6 / 5

Comments: 442

  1. avatar
    Agastia Sulaksana

    Hey, I’m Indonesian trader, I’ve been trading with Olymp for about 3 months now. And I have just made an important decision to be Olymp’s VIP member. As a VIP member, I don’t have to analyze everything by myself, cz there’s a manager that train me to analyze my trades and help me making decision. I hope, there will be some Indonesian speaking manager too soon lol. Btw, thanks for the risk-free trade, it has saved me from several bad analysis.

    • avatar
      Alfri Yanuwirawan

      I already a vip but never get a manager that train me. Where’s my manager?

      • avatar
        James Yuan

        Just write in support and ask for manager. I also don’t have manager but I’m VIP. Olymp don’t give you manager instantly, as you may even don’t need it so just write to support and you will get your manager.

        • avatar

          The VIP status is not fascinating because of manager imho, but because you get increased payout rates up to 92%. This is what the most important!


    • avatar
      Sebastyan Lund

      It is very beneficial to become VIP if you are taking trading seriously and you have a profitable strategy. To transfer to VIP from the regular account is kind of similar as switching from demo account to the real. It is also essential how well intuitively you are trading: if you are opening 2-3 deals in a month – it doesn’t matter what type of account you have. I have switched to VIP account after half-year of trading, although I already had a strategy and I opened up to 10 deals daily following it. Of course, my income grew significantly because of more profitable payouts and because I started to trade with bigger amounts.
      Nevertheless I don’t need a personal manager, I haven’t connected him even once. The platform is working perfectly and I didn’t have any problems with withdrawals. Also I have my strategy and don’t use somebody’s advice.

      • avatar

        Sir please which country are you from

        • avatar
          Sebastyan Lund

          But there’s basically no difference what country I’m from. Olymp Trade provides equal conditions for everybody on the market. I know successful traders from different countries, and I know lots of traders that are more successful than I am – both from my own country and from foreign ones. And why do you ask, actually? 🙂

    • avatar
      Moses Migosi

      Good description of OT.I’m happy about how Olymp is impacting lifes of people positively, I will give it a try since I’m a newbie trading in demo account. Thanks

    • avatar
      Jimmy loof

      Highly Recommended!
      Very insightful, i will also say this here. Investment is one of the best ways to achieve financial freedom. For a beginner there are so many challenges you face. It’s hard to know how to get started. Trading on the Cryptocurrency market has really been a life changer for me. I almost gave up on crypto at some point not until saw a recommendation on Elon musk successfully success story and I got a proficient trader/broker Mr Bernie Doran , he gave me all the information required to succeed in trading. I made more profit than I could ever imagine. I’m not here to converse much but to share my testimony; I have made total returns of $10,500.00 from an investment of just $1000.00 within 1 week. Thanks to Mr Bernie I’m really grateful,I have been able to make a great returns trading with his signals and strategies .I urge anyone interested in INVESTMENT to take bold step in investing in the Cryptocurrency Market, you can reach him on WhatsApp : +1(424) 285-0682 or his Gmail : [email protected] bitcoin is taking over the world, tell him I referred you.


  2. avatar

    I read it but how many days does requested withdrawal money come takes to come to visa card

    • avatar

      Usually i can see my fund on my e-wallet by just 1×24 hours or less

      • avatar
        Hira Aman

        Please tell me is it true.
        And for example if you won than how many days transfer in account withdraw money please guide me

        • avatar
          Gauthley Dacres

          Good day I see in the deposit section an abbreviation cccv2and cvc2. What is it asking for? I want to make a deposit but don’t know what it stands for

          • avatar

            You probably mean the cvc2 and cvv2 codes, right? These are the special codes that are marked on your credit card, and only you know them. They are required for payment confirmation. A usual thing when you make a deposit.

    • avatar

      I usually receive funds next day, sometimes even within 24 hours. Actually, the stated period is up to 3 work days, but Olymp Trade usually copes with it much faster.

  3. avatar

    Withdraw pun cepat , i love olymtrade fulll

    • avatar

      bro mcm mana nak withdraw duit tu?dah download skrill tapi tak dapat register

    • avatar

      Ada satu artikle dalam Blog Olymp Trade ada explain pasal deposit guna skrill. Boleh google topik Pembayaran melalui e-dompet di platform olymp trade. Nanti boleh nmpak artikel tu.

      • avatar

        Kenapa lately macam susah nak deposit ? Adakan disebabkan oleh lockdown ?

        • avatar
          Nams Shuib

          Tak masalah pun untuk deposit. Cuba try update aplikasi yang tuan gunakan. Pastikan version android tuan juga up to date, kalau tak , tak bole log in

  4. avatar

    what is the profit percentage and investment duration time???

    • avatar
      Olymp Trade

      Hi Samuael,
      With a regular account, you can get up to 80% from each trade. And, if you use VIP, then it is boosted to 90%. Our trading time vary from 1 minute to 1 day. Hope it helps!

      • avatar

        Do you have fixed time expired?

        • avatar

          Hi I’m also trying to get information from Abuja Nigeria.
          I just wanted to know, Any Luck?
          And does it really work with a Nigerian bank card?
          How do you withdraw without putting in account number and all that stuff? Thanks

          • avatar
            S Gopalakrishnan

            I want to learn Olymp


          • avatar

            I suggest you start from or the webinar that has been provided by Olymp Trade for FREE !


      • avatar

        To be a VIP does it have a prerequisite or you apply to be one?
        Secondly, do we automatically be on VIP account by our deposit or we apply? Pls reply I am a novice just registered on 12th Sept, 2018. I wish I can have a tutor in Abuja, Nigeria.

        • avatar

          You don’t have to apply it is determined by the sum amount of money u initially deposited

      • avatar
        alok mishra

        Hi olymp trade….
        plz provide information about withdrawl …….coz some traders tells that if u will deposite 100$ and withdrawl also 100$ ( not more than 100$)…this is true or false information

    • avatar

      Hi, i’ve tried to deposit money through the bank cards payment but i always fail with feedback of “operation error”

    • avatar

      There have already appeared some assets with payout rates up to 82%, and VIP-traders can earn up to 92%. So there’s a tendency to growing 🙂 Even though the payout rates might change depending on volatility, there are assets the rates of which are constantly high. Such assets are about a dozen, including the most liquid currency pairs like EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

  5. avatar

    What I liked from this broker was the web terminal. It’s good in that the history is fully reflected, not like with most other ones – only the last few candles. It’s also nice that there’s a timer which indicates the time that’s left till the end of expiration. The broker can be regulated, which is very cool!

    • avatar

      Bro test the demo account to know how to trade well.

      • avatar

        Nasir can I trade for you..?

        • avatar

          Hello Nazril ….
          How are you doing ? What is your experience now are you making your profit now ….or do you want me to help you to trade ?

          • avatar

            If you start becoming greedy, sure enough you will lose your money. This is a binary trading which is very very risky.

    • avatar
      wise fortis

      bro…how can u use auto trade?

      • avatar

        Unfortunately, no. No automation is provided yet.

      • avatar

        What is swift code of olymptrade and which country bank account??

    • avatar
      Patrik Pinto

      Yes, the web-platform is awesome! Ok, history, but have you seen the platform for the technical analysis? Did you see how many indicators and other tools it offers? Now you do not need to use Tradingview for analysis, you can evaluate charts directly from the platform. I’m sure, that this is very cool!
      I test their mobile app – the functionality is a little bit limited there, but anyway it is super cool for the mobile platform. If you use technical analysis, I would recommend staying on the web-terminal – there are only 5 indicators available in the mobile application so far. But if you are trading the news or something else without using tech analysis, then the application is the right thing for you. You won’t be linked to your computer and chair =S

  6. avatar

    Can any one help me on how to score big profit? I’ve been an Olymp trader for 2 weeks now, but all I can gather is 78$ profit. I want moreeee

    • avatar

      Man, it’s simple. I only use one strategy so far, which is “trade on news”. Just follow their FB page and you can easily find this kind of post. They write what asset yu need to pick, whta time the news release and prediction according to the news release. Just see it for yourself, bro.

      • avatar

        Can’t find them in FB. What is the exact FB Page name? thanks.

        • avatar

          No, they don’t accept U.S client

      • avatar
        Olivia Newton

        They still have post about this “trade on news” . Just go and join Olymp Trade official facebook. They provide this info almost everyday. But to me this technique is actually very risky. Better to stick to trade using indicators. But no harm trying.

    • avatar

      I am about to start, but I guess you are doing well with this method…. Can I connect you on WhatsApp in case I decide to go your way???

  7. avatar
    Wil. Ruiz

    Does this trading company accept U.S. clients?

    • avatar

      Please lemme know when you get answer to this because I’m getting the same response as you.

    • avatar

      Unfortunately no. You can check their website or ask their customer support regarding the countries that they are operating.

  8. avatar
    Nnaemeka Alika

    I have been trying to fund but am receiving transaction failed with bank card pls should I do

    • avatar

      Has your issue been solved yet?

      • avatar
        Deepak sharma

        Sakshi use international debit or visa card ok problem. Solve

        • avatar

          Your bank should have Swift code. They can only convert your INR to USD.

        • avatar

          Were you able to withdraw your fund..? if yes how??

          • avatar

            Hey Sakshi how are you…how is your trading going fact I also want to do trading so can you help me

    • avatar

      Is any one there from india???
      Is it work for indian also??
      Can anyone tell me how i deposite amount to the trade account becoz its showing opration error whenever m trying to add the fund in it..

      • avatar

        Yeah m from You can deposit and withdraw by using visa credit card easily . and this is not scam this is great in all fields. Me have credited many dollars daily.

      • avatar

        which credit card you used ?

      • avatar
        Lalit Lakra

        Hi sakshi please share your experience coz i also want to start trading with this.

        • avatar

          Olymptrad is cool, I don’t think any other brokers can offer what Olymps offers, in fact I rates them 5 star

  9. avatar

    pls re direct me on how to sign up for olymp trade

  10. avatar

    I have a real account with I can’t say anything special about them. They’ve got regular trading conditions, a good range of instruments but a pretty standard one. Money is withdrawn within 24 hours and sometimes even within an hour! What is really good about them is the platform, it’s really convenient.

  11. avatar
    Shubham Srivastava

    What is the minimum amount which I can withdraw???

  12. avatar

    I’ve been trading actively on the OlympTrade platform since february of this year. At first I didn’t like the platform, but then I took a closer look and understood that it’s really cool. The platform is constantly developing, but continues to develope itself, taking into itself the newest developments, indicators, trading instruments. As an example – instant price fixation or Monay withdrawal in the evening in 15 minues, like I have. In a word, it’s a progressive broker.

  13. avatar

    How long does a deposit takes to reflect cause i made a deposit last night though my bitcoin account but it’s still not reflecting

    • avatar
      James Yuan

      Usually deposits come in instantly. The problem in your case can be with Bitcoin network. If you apply very low commission to your transfer, it can take up to couple weeks to get completed. The more fair is transaction fee that you apply, the sooner the money get to the other wallet.

  14. avatar

    Hi everyone! I started working with this broker recently, about 2 weeks ago. I have nothing bad to say about it, the platform is comfortable, I haven’t noticed any graph adjustments, the deals open immediately, you don’t have to wait 1-2 seconds for them to open. I advise Olymp Trade for work!

    • avatar
      Jondo Fabrice

      I simply love olymp trade, I have not made any money yet but I most say it’s a cool platform and I employ my Nigerian brothers and sisters to join this platform. I personally have been advertising this platform to all my friends. I just love it

      • avatar

        why havent you made money from the platform yet?

        • avatar

          Yes it works in Nigeria… Speaking from Ikeja Lagos Nigeria.. Brotherly ????

    • avatar

      Are you really sure it works here in Nigeria?

  15. avatar

    Am From Nigeria, can I participate and trade conveniently with olymp trade?

    • avatar

      Hello Mike,
      can you share your experience trading with Olymp Trade?
      From naija too

  16. avatar

    Please help. I read that if you deposit for example $50 using a bank card (visa/master card) you can only withdraw the same amount $50… Now how can I access the profit that I’ve made, otherwise it is useless…

    • avatar

      via skrill

    • avatar

      No, this is not true what you’ve read. It is true though that you must use the same payment method that you used to fund your account to withdraw the money. This is a KYC procedure and international anti-money laundry regulation. But you will not be limited with amount. I’ve withdrawn probably 5X already, where X is my initial deposit. No problems at all. Incase you want to use some other payment method, simply fund you account with at least a couple bucks using that method and feel free to proceed to withdrawal using the same payment system.

  17. avatar

    What is the cheapest way to deposit in olymp by Indian account, given in olymp option neteller, epayment, webmoney etc charging high amount fee for deposit or withdrawal

    • avatar
      Mugri Avis kyeng

      hi i am from cameroon too, can i please have some more informatiom on this thanks

  18. avatar
    Niforninui Ridley

    Hey guys ,,I am from Cameroon and the tips I see are really encouragingly good,,I wish a friend to guide me on trade,,I am new to this stuff and have not registered yet,, neither do I have a bank card,,would I really be able to register without it,rather is der an alternative way to pay in minimal deposits? Can I pay in via someone else’s bank card??

    • avatar
      Henrit Praveen

      Hi anjaly
      I Traded and got 130$ I withdraw 110$. Waiting the money to my wallet.

      • avatar

        Kya ye sahi hai

    • avatar
      Stifen smith

      If can you got 130$ in your account
      Is this true or not

      • avatar

        Hey anjali can u help me how to add fund to the trade account

        • avatar

          HiI anjali.. I want to know .. did your problem was solved and do you still trading with this broker

    • avatar

      Sure enough you can register and use this brokerage. They accept almost any e-paymets systems that are more or less popular. The bitcoin transfer can be a nice alternative for your. If you have a Skrill or Neteller, Fasapay or Webmoney – those would also be some nice options.

  19. avatar
    Anjali Arora

    I am facing issue in withdrawal. Actually my wallet shows $56 , I transferred $12 to my account.

    $12 deducted from my account instead of credited. Please help me how to transfer to my account.


    • avatar
      Pradeep Yadav

      Hi anjali

      It is OK to trade… Please advise

      We are from India

    • avatar


      • avatar


    • avatar

      Such problems occasionally arise. In such cases, you never need to sit and wait, but you need to take care of situation yourself and turn to support. Olymp has a great support system and they are always ready to help you, so just describe the problem and get a solution. Most likely, in your case there was a failure and I think that it has already been solved lol.

  20. avatar

    I Wanted to invest in olymp trade but first i wanted to know that what is the minimum withdrawal amount….

  21. avatar

    Apakah bonus onpay atau promo code bisa saya dapatkan untuk deposit pertama kapan saja?
    apa bedanya bonus onpay dan promo code untuk deposit pertama?

    • avatar
      Olymp Trade Indonesia

      Bisa, Mas Rahadian
      Sebagai informasi, Anda dapat melakukan deposit menggunakan pre-paid mastercard/VISA jenis apapun. Selain itu, mohon juga diingat untuk memilih metode deposit VISA/Mastercard ketika Anda melakukan deposit menggunakan kartu tersebut atau kartu pre-paid lain. Semoga membantu ????

  22. avatar

    Miin klo E-card yg prepaid BTPN bisa dipake deposit juga ga? Thankiiies

  23. avatar

    How do i deposit money in olymp from an indian account…??

    • avatar

      Simple just like booking airline ticket or online shopping…..IMPORTANT: Your card should be enabled for international use.


  24. avatar

    After a year of trading here, I decided to spend a bit of money and get a vip account. Now the return on asset is about 90%,that’s one of the best rates out there. They withdraw money without delays. All in all, I haven’t had any problems.

  25. avatar

    Can anybody tell me how we can deposit if our currency is not in USD

  26. avatar

    Does we face problem to with draw money as we are from other country,

  27. avatar

    Is anyone got withdrawal If so how many days.

  28. avatar

    Hi Anjaly ,Is there anyone got withdrawal If so how many days.

    • avatar
      Ajeet Dutt

      Hey! I’ve done withdrawals numerous times. Most of the times the money arrive the following day after withdrawal request. My longest waiting time was 2 business days. The fastest was 6 hours.

  29. avatar

    do you have members in uganda, if yes connect them to me to train me

  30. avatar

    I am in Rwanda I have signed up and I tried to make trade by using demo so what can I do for using real account and I have master card and in our county we do not use us dollar in bank transition

  31. avatar
    Ajay Negi

    i recently opened a account in olymp trade and make deposite. Payment procedure is failed but they deduct amount from my account, Can they refund that amount and how can i deposite amount in olymp trade without extra amount.

  32. avatar

    As as indian, how can I join with olympic trade

    • avatar

      You just need to register, and if there are any questions – write to their support team, they are always in touch and can tell you what and how.

  33. avatar

    as indian, how can I join with olympic trade i want to know more details about this can anyone explain me

    • avatar

      Hello pablo can you help me with your strategy

  34. avatar

    I’ve deposited 100$ just to check this broker out. I’ve immediately lost 60$ cause I traded without a strategy. So I thought I’d be more serious and added a couple of indicators to the chart and followed a strategy. And, oh my god, in a couple of days I traded back the money I lost. Later I already had 200$ in my account. I ordered my first withdrawal in a week. The money was transferred fast and without any problems.

    • avatar

      Pls if I start with 1$. Will I get or earn more than the1$?

    • avatar

      Thank you for this message. It helps me decide whether to check this broker or not.

    • avatar
      Anita richard

      Kindly help me on the strategy you hv been using i’m loosing alot

    • avatar

      Yes you will

    • avatar

      Well done! Some people lose their whole deposit before they realize the importance of serious attitude to trading strategy and following it!

    • avatar

      This is the right approach. Many generally lose their entire deposit, and then begin to blame the broker and look for the guilty. They have a whole training blog, so those who are faced with the same problem as you can just read it and navigate the strategies described there. And use a demo account, because until you learn to win there, you will not earn real money.

  35. avatar

    All in all, the trading conditions are pretty standard here. I decided to trade here cause money withdrawal is pretty fast, plus, there are plenty of assets.

  36. avatar
    Ridwan Sidik

    Saya Lupa Kata Sandi Untuk Masuk Olymptrade, saya baru 1 kali Deposit tp sekarang saya Di Persulit untuk masuk kembali !!!
    Kirim lewat email tapi belum pernah ad solusi untuk masuk kembali !!!

    • avatar

      Pls I want to start trading, is bitcoin deposit accepted and how do I get paid?

      • avatar

        Yes bitcoin is accepted … If you need further assistance am here to help

      • avatar

        I’m from the Philippines,I don’t have visa or MasterCard can I use my atm card l?

      • avatar
        priyank nayak

        I opened an account but money isnt getting the account.operation fail is showing

  37. avatar
    Ivy Saltghost


  38. avatar

    PLease is the masterCard also used to withdraw profit?

    • avatar

      Sure! You can wirhdraw the profits from Olymp Trade to Master Card. The only thing to consider is that you must use the same credit card you’ve used to fund your account.


  39. avatar
    Oluwatosin akande

    Am really impressed by with all this great commendation and if this plarform increases me financially, you will never regret having me as very best client…
    Wanna trade put me through…

    • avatar
      chukwu nwamaka princess

      yes i want to trade can u put me true?

  40. avatar
    Uday Bhaskar

    Can anyone tell me the minimum amount which can be withdrawn from olymp trade?

    • avatar
      Anil Saini

      10$ is the minimum amount to withdraw

      • avatar

        Hi Anil… how long have you been on Olymp Trade ? Did you make handsome profits till now ? Can we deposit via bank accounts ( Indian ) ?

    • avatar
      Ranjit kumar

      I want to start trade but I want to ask is it possible to invest by Indian Bank account for withdraw or credit? Any guidance for me for it?

  41. avatar
    Ayeni Felix

    i have tried multiple time to deposit but sayinh nt successful, or declined with my master card

    • avatar
      Thomas Kabinda

      It depends on the asset you chose to trade in and the return on that particular asset. It could be as high as 80!% !

  42. avatar

    If I use $1to trade the lower amount to win is how much?

    • avatar

      If you work with fixed time trading – you can earn 10 to 90% of that amount in one position – it all depends on the asset and the time you trade. You can always see this data on the platform. There are no limits on forex at all – you can earn much more than you have invested in a trade – it all depends on the price movement of the asset and the strength of that movement.

  43. avatar

    As I Indian how to join Olymp trade. how we can deposit if our currency is not in USD. what is the minimum withdrew amount. is the trading works 7 days 24X 7.

  44. avatar

    Please am from Nigeria I need some body to put me through on Olympia trading. Thank you

    • avatar

      Am a Nigerian too and am doing everything possible to keep in touch with information. I know you might have gone too far in business. please can you recommend this trade for someone close to you with your experience

  45. avatar
    prince kumar

    i wanna open a account in olemp trade so can u tell me please after how many days i ll send my money bech to my account if i earn some money ..

  46. avatar

    I’m an Indian. How can I join Olymp Trade platform. What the document required for trading.
    Can i transfer money in trade account to my Debit card (Mastercard).
    When I withdrawal the profit amount from Olymp Trade account, the money transfer in same account where I made initial payment ??? Pl confirm

  47. avatar




  48. avatar
    Mohammed Aaqib


    Would you recommend me how I should Deposit and Withdraw the profits made on Olymp Trade, as I am from India.
    Which Payment method will work for deposit?

  49. avatar

    hi am Joshua please am from Nigeria i want to trade olymptrade, pls i need help to put me through.

  50. avatar
    sourav das

    can i deposit and transfer the money from bank in India
    because i leave in India

  51. avatar
    Suhas C

    I’m from india. I had withdrawn an amount of $10. It has been 2 weeks now. I haven’t received the money yet.

    • avatar

      Did you write to Olymp trade support? I had the same case, they quickly decided everything for me, the problem was with the bank. It charged commission on the money transfer and all my money went to bank 🙁 For 4 years, the company has never refused to help me, so I think they will help you too if you ask Olymp support what’s going on.

  52. avatar
    Judeson M.J

    Can I trade and withdraw my profit from India ? Anyone Please help to sort out my doubt !!!
    Thanks in Advance.

  53. avatar

    i am a nigerian and i want to start trading, i have registered but i want to know if i can trade from nigeria. thanks.

    • avatar
      chukwu nwamaka princess

      yes u can trade from nigeria…but start with trading with the demo to be perfect

  54. avatar

    I am from Ghana and I have made a deposit….how long will it take for the money to be reflected

    • avatar

      it took me 10sec for my money to reflect in my live account i started with 10$ and now i have made 136$ in 2 hours cool but withdrawing is slow for me

      • avatar
        Dr Ay

        Hey Slim,

        Can u help me trade pls ?

      • avatar
        Thobekile Dlamini


        Please help me with your strategies.Im on demo but its going down

  55. avatar

    Pls help does it work for Nigerians
    I have registered

  56. avatar

    please i am yet to create an account but ii want to know if i can make a deposit into olymp trade account using payoneer mastercard and can i withdraw my earnings using the card as well…….. and i will like to know if nigerians can trade on this site.

  57. avatar

    hi am benjamin can trade from nigeria

    • avatar

      use visa card

  58. avatar

    Can I deposit into your account via my local Nigeria naira master card?

  59. avatar

    Olymp trade has been on the market for a long time. The broker has all the necessary assets and cryptocurrency. Minimal deposit amount is 1$. Newbies can use a demo account for a limitless amount of time. Depositing and withdrawing money can be processed practically with any cards and electronic wallets, and they actually withdraw money quite fast. There’s no commission for withdrawing. There’s a bonus system, which you can use and withdraw profit in the meantime. There are contests on demo accounts and risk-free deals.

    • avatar

      hi vijay how did you deposit money in olymp trade

  60. avatar
    Vijay kumar

    I am Indian. I did a withdraw 10 and 30USD, 2 weeks ago My money was not received yet what should I do?

    • avatar

      are you still trading in olymp

    • avatar

      Hi vijay kumar, please tell me,does olymptrade accepts india client?

  61. avatar

    Im from India need help can anyone tell about the withdrawing money from olymp trade?

    • avatar

      use visa card for deposit

    • avatar


  62. avatar

    hi i am from india, chennai. i cant able to deposit money using my card it is platinum card. or bank transfer they said its not eligible in here. what should i do? some one help me to to start trade.

  63. avatar

    tell me the clear and understandable details.

  64. avatar


  65. avatar

    please what are the benfits of a vip trader

    • avatar

      There are some really good benefits like increased profitabiility, personal manager, no-risk deals and VIP-webinars. I’m using VIP and can suggest it for sure!

  66. avatar

    Hi i am new to this olymp trade and at first I lost 100USD, do you guys have any good strategy on how to make money on olymp trade… need some help to guide me…

    • avatar

      Carlo, i also lost the same 100USD in two days! any new strategy you found?

  67. avatar

    Hi, i am mercy in kenya can anyone help me on how to deposit and withdraw cash, i have an account in KCB Bank.

    • avatar

      Hi Mercy, Im sure your is visa card from KCB, thats what i have been doing

    • avatar

      When you depos from Kcb can you make withdrawals?

  68. avatar

    What kind of strategy do you guys follow plz tell me.

  69. avatar

    how much amount i can withdrawl to my bank card

  70. avatar
    Arthur Santos

    I can’t really say anything bad about Olymp Trade. The only thing may be that they haven’t been hosting tournaments recently. But is this really a drawback? Basically everything is arranged for fine trading there, and, actually, for customers with different levels of income. I think that many people can afford to deposit $10 on a min. account. Well, and there is a VIP account with $2k deposit for more authoritative customers. You can train on a demo account as much as you need. Funds deposit/withdrawal can be done from/to almost every card and electronic wallet. Bonuses are also fine and completely free.

  71. avatar

    IS WITHDRAW POSSIBLE ???? Can anyone just answer the question!

    • avatar
      wise fortis

      withdrawal is possible …but it depends on the amount u have

  72. avatar
    Venkat Ramrao parsewar

    Indian trader and guidance for training and trading in Olymp trade including deposit and widrow. F or this help me

  73. avatar

    I am Indian can we play it

  74. avatar

    Pls I am in Nigeria,very new in the system. Can I fund my account with Naira mastercard?

  75. avatar

    I have been seeing blank screen on this page after I have registered. I need help on how to make a successful registration.

    • avatar

      Visa,MasterCard and brokers

  76. avatar

    Hi. Am from Kenya. Can i use M-Pesa as my account to trade with Olymp trade or it is strictly visa card via bank account? Please let me know

  77. avatar
    Bede o.Nwoko

    The information to trade with Olymp in fixed time trading is quite fascinating. I am in Owerri Nigeria please how do I get along through the investment process regarding to deposits and withdrawal, and then, actual daily trading.

  78. avatar

    how can transfer my real account to my account no. show me options

  79. avatar

    Just an honest answer. is this really works? I only have small amount for deposit too.. it requires me to deposit at least 40$ which I couldn’t afford. if possible, can I start with a lesser amount? if YES, please share to me how..

    • avatar

      the minimum amount of deposit is $10

    • avatar

      I’m not sure, may be it depends on the country. In my case when I press the deposit button at Olymp, it redirects me to the page where I can choose the payment method and the amount to deposit. It starts with $10. You don’t get any bonus for $10 though. Bonuses start with $30. If I were you, I would have started with at least $30-$100. I think $10 is too little to start with. The smallest depo is good for getting familiar with real money trading only. For long-term work its better to invest little more.

  80. avatar

    After how many days can I withdraw the money..

  81. avatar

    It is possible to know that the average of commission was collected.. can you suggest me please..

  82. avatar
    Aaron Wollaston

    And how quickly is funds withdrawal done and can they refuse to withdraw money?

  83. avatar

    Hey guys, did anyone from India made real profits? Did anyone get that amount into your bank accounts? Please let me know!

    • avatar

      Hey did you get any response? Nakapag withdraw kana ba?

    • avatar

      Hey mate, making profit is okey with Olymp Trade. However, it’s not a miracle and if you wanna earn you should be really proficient in trading. I don’t mean you should read a lot of books, as Olymp provides good educational platform with a lot of blogs, video content and other stuff that will help you become a really professional trader. Also, Olymp platform is good for trading and provides a lot of indicators and economic calendar. I don’t know about did you try trading before, but if you didn’t I suggest you start with demo-account and when you will make at least +15% profit move up to real money trading. You know that Olymp has only $10 minimal deposit? I think it’s ok to start with it and test your skills. But always take care of your education and skill-mastering, that’s the most important thing.

  84. avatar
    Ricky Mirandilla

    Hi this is Ricky from Philippines can someone help me how to trade, deposit and withdraw money from master card.

    • avatar

      Yes you can!

    • avatar
      Ilom martin emeks

      Add me on Facebook for the tips to succeed in Olympic trade. Add comr. Ilom martin emeka on Facebook

  85. avatar
    Ayeni Oluwafemi

    can I trade with Olymp from Nigeria … I am really interested and I will like to get started as soon as possible.

    • avatar


    • avatar
      ahmad raza

      Hi i am new to this olymp trade and at first I do you guys have any good strategy on how to make money on olymp trade… need some help to guide me…

  86. avatar
    Hishaam Abdu Rahim Braimah

    Hello I would want some information with regards to trading, first of all I want to know if you have dedicated managers who trade on behalf of clients for a commission? Is there a help page or direct contact line I can use to communicate instantly without delays?

    • avatar

      As far as I know, they don’t have trust management. But you can trade on your own, for example, they have indicators of how other traders trade at the moment. You can see how they trade on an asset and copy the deal. This does not require any special knowledge or a lot of time. And to contact someone from Olymp Trade, you can email them or write them in the contact form right on the website. Phone numbers are working, even if you are from another country, you can still dial any of them and you will be able to find out what to do next.

  87. avatar

    من ایرانم چطور میتونم پول واریزکنم وحسابمو شارژکنم ایا باکارت اعتباری ایرانی هم میشه

  88. avatar

    ایا باحساب اعتباری ایرانم میشه پول به حساب ریخت

  89. avatar

    سلام من میخوام ثبت نام کنم تو الیمپ میشه کمکم کنید من ایرانم بهم کمک کنید ایا واقعا صحت دارهمن اصلا سردر نیاوردم میشه دقیق بهم توضیح بدید

  90. avatar
    md a momin

    how can i make an account on olymp trade

  91. avatar

    How can I withdraw from olymp trade? Do i have to live deposite? The withdraw option keeps on loading

  92. avatar

    Funds withdrawal is done very quickly. According to the terms it takes a day, but in reality it has never taken more than half an hour with me. And they can refuse to withdraw funds if you didn’t pass verification or if you make funds withdrawal not to the card you used to deposit them. There are sometimes problems with the e-wallets limit (i.e. the amount that you enter is more than the wallet’s max. amount)

  93. avatar
    Vikram thakur

    My 24/7/2018 withdrawal not completed

  94. avatar

    Dear Sir,

    I wish to confirm that what will be the conversion process of currency i.e. USD-INR and vice versa.
    What rates will be applicable while currency conversion and any hidden charges thereon.
    Please explain. I would be highly obliged to you.


  95. avatar

    Hi I’m from India. I have chosen this platform for binary trading but i am having an issue in withdrawing funds…I withdraw 51$ last week but it didn’t credit in my bank card but 51$ had been debited from my olymp account. Any suggestions ?

    • avatar

      Abhi bhi nhi aaya kya?

    • avatar

      Hello rocky

      I m also from india. Can you please tell me that how can I transfer my indian rupees in usd in olymph site. Because it accept only usd or euro

  96. avatar
    Arafat sunny

    Is it possible from Bangladesh?

    • avatar


  97. avatar

    is my bank account suppose to be in dollars or maybe i can deposit directly in my olymp trade account with my country’s currency?

  98. avatar
    Chick Sugar

    I’m also an owner of a VIP-account and I have a manager attached to me. I wouldn’t recommend relying on the assists in everything. If the assistans were actual experts, why would the broker need traders at all? The manager helps understand the current market situation, that’s the main advantage of the VIP-account. In my opinion it’s a perspective broker. Only recently it was really different from others, and now it has everything: demo, the original bonus system and one of the most convenient trading platforms that I know. The platform is more suitable for a short-term trading of course, but the broker makes changes very quickly. I hope the number of indicators will be increased soon and that they’ll also add tools for automated trading.

  99. avatar

    Olypm trade is good broker large variety of trading instrument and free indicators available on the platform . minimum deposit is also just 10 usd and i like this platform also because good customer support for traders too.

    • avatar
      charles wonwu

      Yes you can trade from Nigeria but make sure you have a working strategy before you go into real money

  100. avatar
    thankGod nsehe

    can I cancel my prediction when it seem to be wrong?

    • avatar
      Salami wasiu Adebanjo


    • avatar

      Yes, you can cancel the deal and you’ll get some % of your bet back. The exact amount depends on the price of the asset you trade.

  101. avatar
    Rakesh Kumar

    How we can start this app and how we can create an account and what happens in this app and what are there rules,instructions and information can anyone help me about this app….. HELP

  102. avatar

    Hello there! how can i change my account number on olymptrade platform, the one there aint my account number Thanks!

  103. avatar

    Hi am Mary from Kenya ,i would wish to join Olymp trade ,and i have an account with cooperative Bank of Kenya,can i use it to get my payments ?

    • avatar
      Ilom martin emeks

      Olympic trade requires MasterCard or visa for deposits. If u have any of these, then u are good to go

    • avatar

      Did you succeed?

  104. avatar

    hi ,
    I read about and I am interesting,where to start please

  105. avatar

    I started with the demo account, at the beginning it wasn’t working well, but now am getting on well. Am thinking of making a real deposit

  106. avatar

    is there any one from zimbabwe i need help

  107. avatar

    yes i am in zimbabwe. which help do you need ?

  108. avatar

    Need a tip to go about the trade

  109. avatar

    I have to say, Olymp helped to learn how to use indicators. That’s all I want to say to those, who are interested – the one who always learns, always profits. Watch webinars. They are very detailed and accessible. If you don’t understand something, you can always google it. There are super accurate indicators, MACD, for example. Indicators can be applied just in a couple of clicks. It’s all very easy. The only advice – use demo. If you profit on demo, then you’ll profit on the real account too. Demo and the real account don’t differ much on Olymp.

    • avatar

      I think it needs a domiciliary mastercard account

    • avatar

      use zenith bank

      • avatar
        charles wonwu

        Hi Savaldo, maybe you should explain that to your bank (Customer Care). I think, they will have solution to your problem. Thanks

  110. avatar

    any nigerian here pls! i tried funding my olymp trade account with my FCMB mastercard for more than 5 consecutive times but it keep on poping up transaction declined. please how do i make funding from my mastercard from nigeria?

  111. avatar

    its awesome

  112. avatar
    Shahbaz hanif

    I am from pakistan and can i start trade from pakistan. Which type account or card use for trading

    • avatar
      charles wonwu

      Emmanuel, yes it’s available to Nigerian clients

  113. avatar

    Hi, I’m Emmanuel, i love the whole Olymptrade idea and would also love to be a part of it but i just want to ask if it’s available to Nigerian clients

  114. avatar

    i want to give olymptrade a try and see how it turn out

  115. avatar

    Olymp trade us just the best, turned 40 dollars to 315 dollars in 2 weeks and i wasn’t even trading for up to 4 hours a day…. i must really recommend their withdrawals especially for Cyptos

    • avatar

      سلام من از ایران هستم. چگونه ثبت نام کنم و با عابربانک ایرانی میتوانمکار کنم؟

  116. avatar

    During 5 years of trading I’ve already tried many different websites. Olymp Trade is the most optimal platform for me. I’ve increased my deposit here, it’s great, you know, that the broker doesn’t interfere with money making process, on the contrary, it helps in every way with its intuitively understandable platform where you can make all decisions quickly. Everything contributes to it, from elementary request placing to full control. The absence of spread was a pleasant surprise for me. You can control order’s expenses in real time, the commission that you pay will be displayed in the program window.

  117. avatar

    Olymp trade is nice platform i like trading on Olymp trade because its very easy to use both desktop and mobile app of Olymp trade is perfectly design for traders so they can connect with markets 24 hours.I love trading and Olymp trade one of my most fav option broker.

  118. avatar
    SHYAKA Antoine

    Hi , I am from Rwanda, I would like to ask if olymp trade is available for our country.
    If so ,how does one deposit and withdraw in a different currency?
    For ex, I have a bank account and an ATM Visa card with Rwandans francs!
    Please, I need clear guidance to start trading.

    • avatar

      Yes it must be available in your country. You can deposit using your visa card or an E wallet like Skrill or Neteller. I am from Uganda

  119. avatar

    Hello guys, I am from Uganda, is this platform of trading available in my country?

    Thank you!

    • avatar

      Yes it available in Uganda. I am using the mobile app trading platform. I can say it is user friendly especially for beginners.

      • avatar

        what means or bank are you using for your deposits on your real account and widthdrals?

  120. avatar

    Hi I am fro Ghana. Can i trade on the platform from Ghana?

  121. avatar

    Hello friend i am new in option trading one of my friend introduce Olymp trade to me and i practice first in demo account and then after 1 month i deposit in my olymp trade account and start trading,I am very happy that i open account i mostly trade in gold and crude and i am earning good.Platform is very nice and easy to use all i want is that Olymp trade add more option expiry like 1 week expiry option too.

  122. avatar

    Hi, I would really like to know about withdrawing from Kenyan traders. That’s the important bit. Where do I withdraw to? If I use skrill, is it to skrill or if visa, is it to my visa account? What’s the lead time?

  123. avatar

    Yes, you can use a master card for funds withdrawal. Funds withdrawal usually takes 24 hours, I haven’t had any delays, in any case.

  124. avatar
    Desmond from nigeria

    Please how do I fund my account because I have been trying to fund
    since 1week now but I couldn’t

  125. avatar

    Of course, it’s possible, I’ve withdrawn money many times. It all depends on which system or card you are using. You can withdraw to VISA, MasterCard, NETELLER, Maestro, Skrill, Fasapay, Epayments. 24 hours and you have your money.

  126. avatar

    After a long and hard search, I decided that I want to trade with this broker. I chose it for several reasons, it has easy funds withdrawal system available for verified accounts, and commission instead of spread, and a lot of other stuff. I’d like to highlight the trading platform, it’s simpler than MT4. At the same time charts are placed on a well visible place and are easily adjustable, and it’s much easier to work with assets’ tabs. I’d like to see the orders copying service, but I think the company has everything ahead.

  127. avatar

    I am a VIP for two months now in folex I have done several withdrawals almost equal to my deposits it takes not more than one hour to get my funds to my account.
    But have issue with placing new trade now
    The system says .. I have exceeded the amount of trade in 1 day and should wait for the time to expire..
    Anyone with similar problem? Was it solved?

  128. avatar
    Rinkesh D Mistry

    Hello My Account No is 22066514USD i was Withdrawal on Date 20.11.2018 19:17 But Still Not Deposit In My Account , As soon as possible deposit 10$ In My Account .

  129. avatar

    I have not being successful in depositing money through the bank card payment. I end up with a feedback of operation error

  130. avatar

    hi, i’m from Kenya i read about the trade,where should i start please..

  131. avatar
    Anguyo Jonathan Gift

    Hey there, I am from Uganda and I was wondering whether Olymp Trade is available for us here in Uganda. Response to this needed asap. Thanks

  132. avatar

    I have read alot of comments here and non of the inquiries seemed to be responded to. I am in Nigeria and wish to know if I can withdraw on Olymp trade with my FCMB NAIRA BANK ACCOUNT. Please I need a reply. Thanks

  133. avatar

    Withdrawal is fast. So far I have withdrawn money 10 times and I always got it within a few hours. It’s nice that there are no commissions for withdrawals. There are all the indicators that can be useful, and the set of indicators does not change when you change the asset. This is very convenient in terms of finding correlations.

  134. avatar

    Olymp trade has good support. All my requests are processed within half an hour maximum. I don’t understand why don’t you guys contact it directly? It’d be logical and would greatly accelerate the resolution of your questions. I myself contacted it about verification and regulation. And I received full information and am quite satisfied.

  135. avatar

    Good day ,I need a tutor in Abuja

    • avatar

      There are a lot of traders who shared their strategies in Telegram group however most of them are not free. I recommend that you just join any local FB groups for Olymp Trade whereby the successful traders constantly shares their trading strategies for free. Like myself i joined Olymp Trade Malaysia and i used some of the strategies shared in that group for my trading. 80% of the time, my trades were profitable.


  136. avatar

    If you have no clue of how to trade is there any assistance given? I have lost out quite a lot of money on other platforms so I can’t risk anymore unless I can get some pointers as to what,how and when to do.

    • avatar
      Manjul Wagle

      Olymp Trade has education platform – you can learn there. Education platform includes not only typical blogs, but also webinars will clear trading patterns. However, don’t try to trade real money if you just lose money. Trading isn’t about random or sth like this. Olymp Trade provides cool free demo trading platform. Just register there and trade with demo-money before you’ll become sure that you can earn with real trading. I came the same way, so I know what I’m talking about 🙂


  137. avatar
    kawumba aggrey

    am aggrey from Uganda are ugandans possible to invest in Olympia trade coz some time back last year I tried depositing but it refused

    • avatar

      Shouldn’t be a problem. If you have time, you can go to Quora website. You can read and see the questions asked by traders from Africa. Many ask the same questions as you.

      Whatever it is, the short answer for your question is YES. Traders from Africa in general and Uganda in particular can invest in Olymp Trade.

  138. avatar
    Hira Aman

    Please tell me olympa trade is original.
    Please tell me he gives double money
    Is it true or fake.

    • avatar
      Sebastyan Lund

      Olymp Trade is the company registered with FinaCom. It’s a regulated trustworthy brokerage. But this is not a slot-machine. It won’t double your money with a snap of the fingers. You need to analyse markets, have some trading strategy. In this case, if you are disciplined enough, you’ll have all the chances not only to double the money, but get a stable income that will exceed your expectations of a part-time hobby.

    • avatar

      Olymp Trade is obviously not a scam broker. It has been around since 5 or 6 years ago – if im not mistaken. So far all my profit I can withdraw with no problem. Their customer support is also very helpful.

      I don’t think this broker will be gone in the near future because I can see a lot of recent updates and all to please its users. To me Olymp Trade is an honest broker.


  139. avatar

    I really liked the function of choosing the expiration time of an option using the slider, as the graphical view is very clear. When you choose the time with numbers, you can make a mistake. Unfortunately, the yield on cryptocurrencies is rarely big. Of the five possible starts I give four to the Olymp trade platform.

  140. avatar

    Someone is not lucky, but I am. Probably because I worked before on forex and I understand that it’s necessary to understand economic processes to make a profit. I track news, read analytics and have a couple of profitable orders per day at the opening of European exchanges based on the analysis of market risk appetite. Not all currencies react to this factor, you need to spend a certain amount of time polishing your skills. You need to be prepared for this. Nothing is given just like that.

  141. avatar

    How do l fully verify my OLYMP TRADE real account. Which documents are needed for verification process

    • avatar

      You only need to send the copy of your ID or passport and provide the proof of residence. The bank account statement or any utility bill that has got your address on it can serve to be such a proof.


  142. avatar

    what banks support Olymp Trade in Uganda, have tried using equity which has visa support to deposit money but transaction fails, anyone in uganda or kenya already using olymp trade assist on the bank.

  143. avatar
    Dima Venger

    Initially, I signed up for Olimp Trade due to the fact that they provide free training for professionals. I have been trading for a long time and wanted to improve my competence. But then I transferred 70% of my assets here and it’s been my only trading place since December. I ‘ve withdrawn money – they’re withdrawn without any questions. They have a lot of payment systems, so there will be no problems with the most popular ones, like visa or mastercard. The training is good, I liked it.

  144. avatar

    I’ve been trading on the investment platform Olymp Trade since October . I have not withdrawn the money yet , but I think there is no problem with it. The investment range is constantly expanding. It’s a pity that they just do not have affiliate bonus programs. I am a blogger and could attract a great deal of clients through referral system (((

  145. avatar

    Olymp Trade is a universal investment platform. Its main advantage is the development of a mobile application. It is really convenient. I’m often on the way and when I travel to work by train, I trade on Olymp Trade from a mobile application on a tablet. Yoo just need a good mobile internet. Information aboout investment assets is updated almost every month. I trade with stocks and I know that at least 2 have already been added this month. Nice to deal with professionals.

  146. avatar

    For me, the most important thing in investment platforms is reliability. I can do everything else. Olimp Trade is an international platform with a good reputation, so I’m not afraid to trade here with large capital + I also use the capital of other investors for interest rate.

    • avatar
      Kang Hannif

      How can i help you bro ? Shoot your questions here and I will try to answer it.

  147. avatar

    Some one from Ghana need a help please

    • avatar
      Kang Hannif

      How can i help you bro ? Shoot your questions here and I will try to answer it.

  148. avatar

    I am from Haiti, can I register in olymp trade? Please

    • avatar
      Alain Piou

      Most probably you can. As far as I know, Olymp Trade doesn’t provide services only for the citizens of the USA and some other European countries. Anyway, you can just try and register 😉 If you fail, you can always text the support, there’s a feedback form directly on their website page.

  149. avatar
    Oki Murai

    It was on Olymp Trade where I began to open my first deals . the Broker does a lot for new traders. There is an opportunity to try your hand on a demo account. It is no different from a normal, real account. by the way, they pay Commissions for depositing and withdrawing. Money is withdrawn without any problems.

  150. avatar

    am from Kenya.what currency are we to use and how i withdraw

  151. avatar
    Andreas Lossano

    The fact that the broker doesn’t have a unique application supporting Windows devices I don’t consider as significant. Microsoft is about to stop supporting its OS for mobile devises generally. Moreover, you can always trade using a browser.
    I think that the main disadvantage of Olymp Trade is the rate of return (up to 80%) if we are talking about usual accounts, not VIP. In that term, some competitors can offer more. Moreover, what is the most unpleasant, that the commission can fall below 80% and then it doesn’t make sense to open the deals using this assets.
    I agree with all the described advantages: the platform is very convenient and functional. The low entry barrier for everyone, who is at least somehow interested in trading. You can start just from 10 dollars. It is also an essential advantage that you can trade on a demo account without making a real deposit. Not every broker can offer such an opportunity. And for the newcomers, it is vital to have the chance to practice without risks, before turning to trade with real money.

  152. avatar
    Frank Vendels

    When choosing a broker for trading – I looked at a lot of companies, and I can say for sure: Olymp Trade has the largest choice of assets to trade. From what I have seen, no one else has so many currencies, stocks, metals, and even cryptocurrencies. Due to this, there is always something that you can trade with, with the maximum profitability of 80%, even on standard account…
    And you can start with just 10 dollars – that’s why I chose Olymp Trade.

  153. avatar

    I am from India. Can I deposit money from my INR currency account and can I withdrow money in INR account aftet treading. How much balance we need to maintain for treading or limit for withdrowal of money

    • avatar

      Yes, I think you’ll manage that. Many people use the system of bank transfers for deposits and withdrawals, and for India it works as well. A minimum deposit with Olymp Trade is $10, you can calculate how many rupees it is. A minimum withdrawal is just the same. Yet, I’d recommend you to work with an electronic wallet – it will help you receive the money ASAP. I’ve heard lots of stories about Indian banks seriously delaying withdrawals, so beware!

  154. avatar
    Eduardo Sanchez

    Good conditions at Olymptrade, but what is most valuable – I was able to withdraw profits to my e-wallet in just a few hours. I certainly expected Olymp to be a reliable company, and that there should be no problems with withdrawal, but previously forex brokers would send me money only on the 2-3 day. Maybe this is because of verification, I don’t know, but I like this approach. Now I’m sure that you can indeed trade on Olymptrade!

  155. avatar

    Olymp has a well-organized training program, it is clear that the company is doing a lot to support no experienced traders. They have webinars and a free demo account – practice as much as you want, no one requires you to put money on your account immediately. Such a client-oriented attitude is exactly what motivates you to use the services of this particular company and invest more money))

    • avatar

      After I had registered on the Olymp Trade’s website, I spent roughly 3 months trading with a demo account. And what’s remarkable, nobody pestered me about making a deposit, like it happens with other brokers. So I just kept comfortably practising until I felt that I knew enough to start trading with real money. That’s cool when you have such a possibility, isn’t it, huh?
      As for the training, I cannot tell you much for I didn’t take it – I knew the basics, so I didn’t really need that again. I came to the Olymp Trade’s platform straight from the Forex market, and the major market principles are the same everywhere. Still I noticed that Olymp Trade provides really a lot of webinars, and that’s surely impressive.

  156. avatar

    Concerning the trading conditions, I’d like to clarify that 80% profitability refers to regular accounts. In contrast, the VIP-clients get the chance to open orders with as much as 92% profitability, which is truly beneficial! Besides that, Olymp Trade has also expanded their set of assets. At the moment, they have several cryptocurrency indices instead of just a bitcoin, like previously.

  157. avatar

    Olmp trade is a nice platform app,what I have realized is it all depends on your make money if you trade wisely and you will loose money if you trade reckless.Thumbs up to the platform.

  158. avatar

    Cool article! As for the minimum deposit, you’re absolutely right, it was a huge positive in the beginning. Back then, I knew pretty much nothing about the whole system, just wanted to learn and practise, but didn’t want to waste time trading with a demo-account. That’s why the possibility to create a real account and start trading with $10 was literally everything I could’ve hoped for. I guess it might be just as helpful for other newbies, for not everybody can boast with an extra $100 to spend on such kinds of things with no regrets.

  159. avatar
    Kamarool Rushdan

    I have installed olymp trade app and already registered.Before I go to real money trading I wanna try for demo first but I can’t use my demo account somehow. I see there’s 10k value of money in there but demo deposit was unclickable.Can anyone tell me what’s the main problem of my account.

    • avatar

      If you can enter the platform without any troubles and see 10 000 on your demo-account, then it’s all ready for trade. Can you see two arrows on the right, a green and a red one? If so, then it’s basically all you need 🙂 If not, you might check the settings, maybe some option is disabled or anything. But these are basic functions, they have to be on by default. At the very least, you can text the support in the online chat, they usually respond within several minutes. At first I also had a question (concerning the forex platform), but they quickly explained to me what I had to do, so the issue was solved.

  160. avatar
    Shaari Yaakob

    I am still new with this platform but I have heard and read so many good things about this broker especially from my trader friends in my country Malaysia. Even though Olymp Trade Malaysia is fairly new but they said the platform is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is popular among new traders. They even have a facebook community which is some sort of study group which is awesome. No paying tutors allowed!

    • avatar
      Shukla Amir

      What is the traders community that I can joined for Malaysia ? I am interested to know more but I also want to talk to the real traders first. And if i can talk to them it would be awesome ! Pls asist. Thanks

      • avatar
        Shaari Yaakob

        Try to search for Olymp Trade Malaysia group. It has nearly 5000 members if im not mistaken. However dont be confused with other group which has similar name. Most of them are affiliates. Just look for the one with the most members I guess. All the info in there are very good and useful actually. Good initiative by the admin ~

    • avatar

      Me neither, I never paid for the fee-based trading courses or trainings. What’s the point if there are lots of quality training packages free of charge on the Internet? Of course, fee-based courses might be pretty helpful, but definitely not all of them. So instead of that, I spent the money on my first deposit and don’t regret it at all. Even now, I keep learning and growing, but this doesn’t prevent me from trading – which I’m doing already quite well, actually 🙂

      • avatar
        Tomoko Macchi

        Hi @Kiambang , can i know where do you always get your study material ? Is there any facebook/whatsapp group that you can suggest ? Or any youtube channel of certain traders that you think worth watching ? Pls recommend. Thank you.

        • avatar

          Sure, I try using all of Olymp free resources. Facebook (, Twitter ( , Instagram ( I don’t like watching videos, but if you do, you can always try their youtube channel too. You’ve got to do your own research to find it though 😉 Good luck!

  161. avatar
    Mr Jona Wellson Umdor

    Hei, I want to play olymp trade but I cannot play it please help me.

    • avatar

      What’s not working? Just open the site, get registered, top up the account, and start trading. That’s literally a couple of clicks, hard to mix up. However, if you have some issues, you might contact the support, they’ll help you out. Though I wouldn’t recommend you to switch to real money at once – it’s much safer if you spend some time practising with a demo-account, given that you have no experience of real trade 😉
      You also need to know that if you’re from the USA, you simply won’t be allowed to trade. The point is that Olymp Trade doesn’t work with citizens of the USA and several European countries, so you need to be careful with that.

  162. avatar

    I switched to Olymp Trade from a broker with whom I had been trading for more than a year by then. The reason was my very first withdrawal that became like a crappy challenge with that mess of a broker 😀 You see, I was still a noobie, so I joined that broker mostly because of a training package that they offered as a bonus to everybody who’d register within a specific period of time. So I got registered, topped up my account, and started trading. Over time, I was learning to do it properly, and little by little I started trading into the black. There were no issues, basically. However, as soon as I tried to make my first withdrawal… that’s when it all started to go. Nah, they did withdraw my money, but the process was kinda long and nasty. I decided that I wouldn’t like to go through that shit anymore, and started looking for another broker. Finally I opted for Olymp Trade. In order to check them out, I made a small deposit right away, spent a couple of days trading, and requested a withdrawal of all the money (the profit that I’d received by then came in handy). I thought that if this company is also the one to mess it up, I’ve provided them with all the grounds for that. But alas, Olymp Trade disappointed me – the money arrived to my wallet on that same day :)) After that, I made a proper deposit and went on trading. Now it’s been almost 3 months. Yesterday I made another withdrawal – this time a real one, not for a test but in order to cash in a part of my profits. And again, the funds arrived the very same day, even faster than before. After that, there was no longer any doubt that Olymp Trade is a reliable company that is worth working with (which I will, definitely).

  163. avatar

    In my opinion, the perks of the platform also include the VIP-status. It provides its owner with a 90% payout rate, which is more than the competitors can offer. It is remarkable that this payout rate is valid for as much as several dozens of assets.
    By the way, I cannot agree that Olymp Trade has few assets. They are 77, which is definitely more than the competitors can offer. Previously, Olymp Trade really couldn’t boast of a vast choice of assets, but since then they have significantly extended the assortment.

  164. avatar
    Gilbert Quilario

    gaano ba ka totoo sabi nila hindi daw nila nakukuha an kanilang withdrawal,
    Salamat sana masagot

  165. avatar
    Gilbert Quilario

    at bakit hindi tinatangap ang 10 dollar na deposit

  166. avatar

    Hi everyone,I’m here in Nigeria..please can i use voters card in place of national ID card for my olymp account verification.

    • avatar

      CIMB is well known for its issues. Try to change to other payment method. such as skrill, fasapay , neteller and the most reliable payment which is maybank2u.

      If you are still unable to make the deposit , I suggest that you contact their customer support. The suport is available 24/7.

  167. avatar
    Eva Vender

    Any traders from Malaysia here? Why is it so hard to deposit using CIMB ? Any ideas ?

    • avatar

      I suggest don’t use CIMB at all. Too many problems. There was one time my withdrawal dont even reached my account eventhough Olymp Trade said transfer has been approved.

      To be safe , I recommend that you change to Maybank2u. So far deposit and withdrawal has no issues at all.

  168. avatar

    Yes, Forex market reputation has really been spoiled for the last few years.  To be precise, it was spoiled 20 years ago, but since then people didn’t manage to accept the changes and still look at that market the same way.
    At the end of the last century, Forex was something new for many countries, and people were thinking, that this is a great opportunity to make some money. The problem was that to join the forex or any other traditional exchange of that years was possible only through a broker. And there were many scammers among the brokers or simply small companies, which didn’t do their job good. Because of that, many people lost their money or just didn’t manage to earn as much as they were expecting. There were too many such people, therefore, it was a sharp negative reaction regarding the Forex market. However, we need to understand that the situation has been changed for the past 20 years. Now it is almost impossible for the company-fraudster to stay on the market at least for some time. Usually, such fraudsters have enough time to trick only a few people, who don’t know anything about the market. Once their activities become known on the internet – they disappear right away. That is why the companies who have been working at least for a few years, working openly and not hiding, most likely are not fraudsters. That’s why Olymp Trade is the company i can rely on. Though it is still necessary to complete the check of the broker you are planning to cooperate with – down to making a test deposit and withdrawal with some not significant amount of money.

  169. avatar
    Brader John

    What is the best time to trade in Olymp Trade ? What is the strategy that so far works for you ? Can you share? Thanks !

    • avatar
      Anji Mueller

      I personally prefer to trade 7AM to 12 PM Chicago time. This is when the market is volatile enough to make a decent profit. It depends on the instrument though. Some currency pairs that Olymp offers to trade are just not suitable for Chicago time. NZ dollar and JPY pairs can be more volatile in the evening. So you should either adopt your trading time to instruments you prefer or vice versa, choose currencies that are more volatile at times when you prefer trading.

  170. avatar

    Can u help me when I withdraw money from olymp trade I have received one notification.your bonus amount will be debited from your account. I am processing extra amount.
    Example deposit 30 get 60 with bonus . but right now I have 70 .I have requested withdraw 10 but I have received notification bouns amount will be debited

    • avatar
      Anji Mueller

      Why don’t you ask Olymp trade support about your problem? They have a very nice online chat where you can get answers to most of your questions immediately. Literally it takes seconds. In your particular situation they might need to be able to identify your account number to be able to answer the question.

  171. avatar

    I will comment a little bit about the disadvantages mentioned in the article. Regarding the number of assets – I don’t think, that Olymp Trade provides so little of them. Probably, there are some platforms with bigger numbers of assets, but there are around of hundred assets on Olymp Trade and if I’m not mistaking – this is a pretty decent number. Moreover, there are a lot of cryptocurrencies among them, which allows actively trade during the weekends and in general increases the opportunities.
    Regarding the fact that platform doesn’t provide the service for the US and EU citizens – this disadvantage applies to the US and EU citizens only, lol. The citizens of other countries do not care about it, they consider trading conditions, platform performance, speed of money withdrawal – and Olymp Trade has everything ok.

  172. avatar

    It’s not the first year that I’ve been trading with Olymp Trade. Here I started paving my way into the world of trading 🙂 More precisely, I had tried Forex trading before, via MT4 brokers, but it was a total failure. In case with Olymp Trade though, it was completely different. I liked working with them much more, plus their platform is simpler and has a more pleasant interface. Let alone the fact that fixed time trades are much easier than Forex. Of course I’m trading on Forex now as well, but with Olymp Trade platform it’s waaay better. Moreover, the multiplier is kinda easier to grasp than the margin leverage. With its help, I can figure out the volume of the deal in literally just a second! Besides that, the commission fees are also more telling than spreads. In case with the former, you can see at once how much you pay for opening the deal. All in all, I fancy the approach Olymp Trade applies to the organization of trading. Despite its simplicity, it boosts the efficiency to its max.

  173. avatar
    Akur Leung

    Solid broker. I remember when the trading was just about to begin, so many deceiving platforms appeared, and it was very difficult to find a truly reliable one.
    But I was lucky; I had a friend trader who introduced me to the Olymp broker and more I forgot about the searches, as the reliability of this broker is high. In the beginning, it was a little hard for me. Yes, there were many different situations, and some of them were not always successful for me. But then I understood everything, the training materials helped a lot, now I have developed a strategy, and my earnings are quite satisfying. It turns out to be possible to have a stable side job on their website, which is very pleasing. There were no problems and delays with the withdrawal of money all the time. I would also like to note the operational support service. Whenever I contacted them, they always reacted very quickly, so I like it. As for me, if you have at least a little understanding of Olymp Trade, you can make some money.

  174. avatar

    I’ve been trading for about half a year now and I must tell you guys, that you should never, never ignore economic calendar! I’ve made this mistake myself numerous times. Forgetting about important economic releases is no good in a long run. I should admit, that after winning couple trades due to some news that were favourable in my case, I even started opening positions right before the announced release. I’ve heard people develop trading systems based on news calendars, but I think it’s all a roulette. Sure I’ve lost more on such a “strategy” eventually. Now I try to be flat at the time of economic releases. Especially unemployment and FOMC. The calendar Olymp offers contains all the important times and dates. Just don’t forget checking with the calendar before entering a trade.

  175. avatar

    I find the part of the article discussing the importance of low minimum deposit threshold quite sensible. I’ve been watching numerous newbies on the market. I once was a newbie myself. I know very well that many people are able to succeed on demo accounts. Actually, most of us do. Someone might think that this is some kind of a trick that brokers use. The theory is that they simply move price on the charts themselves to make you win or lose whenever they want to. In fact its easy to compare different price charts from different sources to find out this doesn’t really happen. At least doesn’t happen at Olymp (I’ve checked). What really happens is that when people put even a very small amount of money at risk they start behaving differently. There seems to be some kind of a switch in human’s mind which gets moved with the power of greed and fear. So coming back to the subject. Risking very small amounts of money to start this transaction from demo account to real money trading is indeed very helpful. You train your mind and emotional muscles with $10 first, then gradually raise it to comfortable amount. The trick worked for me and this is something I would definitely suggest everyone to do.

  176. avatar

    As for me, the main benefit of Olymp trade is that it has the integrated ability to receive signals from different expert sites. Based on the data of a technical analysis performed using different indicators, I get additional confirmations for my trading system.
    Another plus is the possibility of mobile trading. It is enough to download a special application on the smartphone, enter registration data, and I can trade in any place where there Wi-Fi is. I always do it during lunch in my favorite cafe :)) The application interface is intuitive, but I recommend new players to familiarize themselves with the platform on a demo account, and only then switch to real trading.

  177. avatar
    Adib Jainal

    I don’t think that the variety of assets is a big minus for Olymp Trade. First I thought so too. Many other brokerages show off with their 2000+ lists of assets. But what finally do we all end up with? Trading EURUSD, correct? 🙂 OK, may be not just that, but still. We choose only best paying things to trade. Some instruments are easier to predict by technical analysis, some are volatile enough to be able to trade them up and down several times within a day. Others are boring as snails marathon competition. So usually we end up with up to 10 favourite assets. So why would I waste my time browsing through all these currencies and indices if I only trade a couple? I’m not saying that Olymp has no drawbacks at all. I ‘d say that the fact their withdrawals are not instant is a minus. Not a huge one again, but still would be nice to be able to get cash in a few minutes instead of waiting a day for funds to arrive. But yeah, few instruments is not a minus, its an OT plus in my opinion.

  178. avatar

    I truly think that Olymp trade has got no real competitors on the option trading services market. Up to 92% payouts and it only takes like 2K $$$ to get an account with this offer. It might seem a lot, but 2 000 is not the cost of some magic ticket. This is the money you will be trading with! This is your risk capital. Switching to VIP account at Olymp is like driving a Lamborghini after your 20 years old Ford. 12% make a huge difference not even talking of other preferences like personal manager, analytics, etc. You can’t win all the time. Nobody can. This is why every single %matters, because it significantly increases your chances to be overall profitable.
    For sure you have to try it yourself before depositing large amounts, so I’d suggest you try demo account first, then if you like it, make a little investment and only once you are completely sure you can trust Olymp, once you really find out what instruments you trade better than the rest of them, when you know by heart your trading plan and strategy, than only go for VIP mode. At least this is the path I went through, so I’m just suggesting. Good luck everyone!

  179. avatar
    Danuja Utama

    Cryptocurrencies are definitely an exceptional phenomenon of financial markets. That was very wise of Olymp Trade to add them to their basket of tradable assets. While cryptocurrencies kept growing with no significant retracements everyone was so happy that they’ve found the holy grail of financial success. Buy and hold. Wow! What an insight! But as soon as CME issued Bitcoin futures and smart money arrived on cryptocurrencies markets – everything changed. If one is attentive enough, he will notice that the start of the Bitcoin downtrend was about the same time CME futures were launched on Chicago exchange. So the whales got their instrument to open short Bitcoin positions back in the end of 2018. But how about us? Not all of us have thousands of dollars to invest in futures trading? Most of the crypto exchanges really only let people open long positions. Thank you, it’s downtrend now, didn’t you notice? Delighted to hear that Olymp was one of those brokers to take care of this issue. Now we can participate in all kinds of cryptocurrencies moves regardless of the direction. And the entry threshold is only $10! Well done, Olymp!

    • avatar

      Finally! Finally someone said that! When CME introduced those futures there were lots or rumours about what it’s going to end up with. My best guess was that all the smart money will go short to buy cheap eventually. But the smart money think ahead. Many years ahead. The whole process may stretch in time and who should not-so-wealthy crypto traders do while the market is downtrending? HODL? No, thanks! Olymp did a great job offering to go short on crypt at their forex platform. Thanks, guys!

  180. avatar
    silas muchugia

    on comments, i would suggest indicate its source with a flag on one corner ,and i see it wise to give responses from your desk as Olymp traders.

  181. avatar
    POPOOLA Oluwatobi Christian

    Good evening. Please, I am new to olymp live account. I tried to fund the live account with 10 euros via the MasterCard but the transaction was declined.What could be wrong?

  182. avatar

    I feel a bit sorry for EU and US residents. Their governments seem to take a full control over these people. I’m not sure why, but they are being treated like small children who are unable to take care of their own capital. So the government is saying them, you should only invest in our stock markets. No trading, no suspicious assets, no cryptocurrencies. Nothing! Nothing but long-term investments in our companies. I’m not surprised actually, cause it looks like the same people own these companies and issue legislation that prevents EU and US residents to invest into anything else but such companies. I don’t mind stocks at all and I’m totally pro long-term investments. But what about people who don’t want to settle with 2-5% annual return? What about those who understand the direct relation between risk and return? Well, at least the rest of the world can benefit from Olymp’s offer. Trading here is not only profitable (with serious approach), but it also develops trader into better, wiser, more patient person.

  183. avatar
    Narsy Puspanathan

    I know it is true what the article says about the crisis on financial markets in 2014. When Olymp Trade has just started it really was a hard time for decent brokers. Too many firms that started providing financial services decided that the quality does not matter. Or more to go, they didn’t even try to provide any services at all. Collecting the money from investors and then shutting down and running away with these funds became their way of “doing business”. This affected the overall reputation of trading platforms. What a challenge it was for Olymp to start a business in the environment of this kind and get investor’s trust in financial markets back!
    But Olymp did a good job in my opinion. They immediately separated themselves from scammers and registered with FinaCom to provide the proof of their serious intentions, invested a lot in own technological solutions, own trading platform, services, educational center. By the time I’ve started trading with Olymp it has already been one of the best known and trusted brokerages. I’m glad to see that the company keeps developing, modernizing business solutions, adding new assets to their trading list. Well done!

  184. avatar

    As a new real-money trader at Olymp, I can testify that this brokerage is really good overall + very friendly for beginners. The welcome bonus of 100% is very pleasant and useful if your lack of experience makes you lose the initial deposit. I don’t wish anyone to go through this experience, but we all know that shit happens from time to time. I’d also suggest everyone to pay attention to Olymp’s educational resources. I have no doubt that careful thinking on your strategy will eventually bring you success. Now Olymp helps me getting some additional income and I’m grateful for this opportunity.

  185. hi
    i request Taremwa of uganda doing trading on olymp platform to help me .
    i have had a challeng of depositing money to my olymp trade account,
    i have been using a visa card from stanchart bank in uganda.
    i have failed please help me send my money so that i start trading,

    from uganda

  186. avatar
    Mac Adam

    Can somebody suggest what is the best strategies for a newbie. What indicators that should we learn first?

    • avatar
      Baha Don

      I recommend that you start with a simple indicator first like RSI or SMA. If you are not sure where to start, Olymp Trade provides an education segment in its platform. There is a wealth of information especially for a beginner.

      • avatar
        Mac Adam

        Thanks for the info. I have already reviewed some of the topics in the education segment. It helps a lot even though I don’t think the content is detailed. But for beginners it is possible to start there if you want to get some idea of what the indicator is and so on.

        • avatar
          Shahir Samad

          Actually now there is a new app by Olymp Trade called the Olymp Plus. Everything u need to know about Olymp Trade or info about trading in general you can find it there. I think it is very useful especially if you are serious in this field.

  187. avatar

    Olymp Trade used to actively promote itself through advertising. Especially in 2014-2015, when the company was only actively increasing its market share. When I found out about the company, I decided to test the trading. This was largely influenced by the fact that the company promised a free demo account. I asked my son to install the application. He established, but gave practical advice, to try trading on a demo account. I spent several weeks studying the information on the company’s blog and gained access to training lessons on trailing. From there I got a lot of useful information about financial markets. I especially liked the webinars where tutors demonstrate strategies in the real time. I will not be shy, largely thanks to my diligence, I was able to study the features of trading and start making money, albeit small, but real money. But you should also pay tribute to Olymp Trade, without their training courses, I simply could not get the knowledge I need.

    • avatar

      That’s why I love Olymp Trade. That’s may sound curious, but Olymp is not only about professional trading. Let me explain… Yea, professionals will find there a lot of features, that will make trading easier, that’s true. But Olymp isn’t a broker onlly for professionals. Olymp is not about “Trade or die”, Olymp is rather “Try and learn”. Company make so much effort to help people, that don’t know nothing about trading but wanna try, and that’s outstanding. I know both types of traders. Professionals always talk about fast order execution or fast withdrawals, but newbies are almost always exited with a lot of learning tutorials and webinars. I always say, that every person should try something, if he (or she) wants this. And Olymp Trade is making possible to try trading for everyone. Your story is perfect illustration.

  188. avatar
    Teboho Kleynhans

    What I like most about Olymp Trade is that I can work here on my own and nobody imposes their help. Yes, there are always technical moments and questions. You should not hope that you will find the ideal platform or broker that will make a profit when trading without any strategy. This is just ridiculous. After all, your result depends only on you, your approach to trading and your knowledge. It’s a big business and you shouldn’t expect to be lucky. Percentage of payments in Olymp reaches up to 80% on smallest account sizes – that is, in my opinion, its main advantage. There is a training section here with interesting materials about the market and trade. But again, the broker doesn’t have to do it. In this case, the training materials can be regarded as support for traders who can come without experience or just begin to work in the real market. I also like the fact that this broker gives the opportunity to work with cryptocurrencies. This modern direction in trading now attracts many people. If we talk about the disadvantages, we can note the volatility, which does not always allow you to buy a deal immediately. But this is quite a common practice, which is caused by the non-standard situation in the market. There are no global claims, although any company always has a place to grow.

  189. avatar

    Can anyone let m know,
    I dont have credit card or neteller and skrill account. I have simply a bank account and i am from india.
    So how can i start trading in olymp trade.

    • avatar
      Mac Adam

      If your bank account is listed in one of the payment method for Olymp Trade India , then I guess you can use Online Banking. Usually , like in my country, you need to register with the bank first before you start using online banking. Not sure about India. But anyway , that is what I have been using for the pass months as well. I dont have credit card or skrill etc , so I use my bank account online banking to do the transfer. To me , that is the most convinient way to do it.

  190. avatar

    Olymp is good when we talk about trading for novices. I know a lot of professionals that think that it’s bad point that Olymp is aimed on creating environment for beginners, but that’s the approach to a future. I started with Olymp and I didn’t know literally any single point about trading when I was beginning. Only reason why I overcame difficultes and learned trading was Olymp Trade and its trading blogs and webinars. Now I’m quite successfull trader, of course, I’m far-far away from being a true top-trader, but I can make money for my life and be independent. And I so respect Olymp, that I will never change my broker. So, that’s wonderfull that there is broker that give all traders an Opportunity to become independent and successful and the only thing you need is passion and patience to learn everything and begin a new life 🙂

  191. avatar
    Lu Tung

    I’m trading with Olymp for almost 5 years, so I think I can judge its advantages and disadvantages objectively. This article explained almost all advantages, so that’s okey here. Really, Olymp Trade offers extremely fast withdrawals and a convenient and even so-called revolutionary platform, as it combines native interface and a lot of usefull functions that improve trading. Also, educational programm is one of the most important Olymp Trade features and it is usefull not only for beginners, but for experienced traders as well. However, I can’t agree with disadvantages explained in this article. Be fair, Olymp trade really doesn’t cover all of assets, however I think that 28 currency pairs, dozens of CFDs and ETFs, as well as cryptocurrencies and commodities are more than enough for convenient trading. And the last one is restriction for the US citizens. As Olymp manager explained to me, that’s cause of SEC restrictions that doesn’t allow Olymp to operate with the US clients effectively. Maybe that’s disadvantage for the US citizens, but that doesn’t depend on Olymp trade will 🙂

  192. avatar
    Ramli Sarip

    Saya trader dari Malaysia…ada tak group signal atau mana-mana group pembelajaran untuk Olymp Trade Malaysia. Saya berminat nak join. Ada sape-sape boleh rekemen tak ? Tq

    • avatar
      Ben Awang

      Join FB group Olymp Trade Malaysia bro..ada lebih kurang 14,000++ member skrg ni. Kalau search kat FB rasanya ada a few yang guna nama sama , jadik kau bezakan tgk jumlah ahli..yang lain2 tu affiliate rasanya tp yang aku rekemen tadi mcm study grup camtu..

  193. avatar
    Collyn Darrapan

    It’s actually a good overview that pays attention to many nuances in working with this company, although the Olymp Trade website has much more information and it’s more detailed, but the main thing is not that, but that it is true, I’ve seen a couple of times feedback that traders can not immediately understand everything. I do not deny it, perhaps it will be difficult for a newcomer here, and it is as clear as in any other case. But on the other hand, I believe that everyone should learn and learn on their own, not to count on the fact that everything will work out as it were. That only happens in fairy tales. But Olymp is optimally adapted for independent traders. Here you can feel real freedom and work according to the strategies and time that is convenient for you. The terminal allows you to do this and you can even potentially count on higher performance in your personal statistics if you follow them in detail.

  194. avatar
    Bibo Gaspar

    Honestly, I never thought that this company would get to such a high level. This is probably because some time ago there were too many such companies and they closed down very quickly leaving a trail of extremely negative and a sea of bad reviews. But Olymp has never been seen in anything like this before. It has always taken great care of its reputation, and despite the huge number of customers, it has always thought about how to make the service better, so that each customer could get help or advice in time, and also did not stop their self-education, because without it, it is difficult to imagine that you can achieve any meaningful results in reality. Personally I have been trading here for more than three years and during this time I didn’t think that I needed to change anything. In the strategy it is possible – that a broker is NEVER. I am not sure that I will be able to find such loyal conditions on the size of the capital somewhere else and at the same time such a diverse service. I really do not believe in the fact that there are clients who have not found something suitable for them.

  195. avatar

    I liked how you described Olymp Trade advantages and disadvantages, but want to add sth to clarify some points and deliver my own experience. Actually, I’m with Olymp Trade for already 5 years, so my opinion is quite judged.
    You’re 100% right about minimum deposit and free demo account account. I can just add that you’re free not only to use demo, but also to refresh it.
    IFC (also called FinaCom) provides 100% regulation, so even in case broker will take any unjudged acction, you always have clear instation to ask for resolving the problem.
    Regarding assets, maybe you’re right, but I never felt any lack of assets, so I can’t agree that it’s not enough.
    I think there are some point you forgot to mention (fast withdrawals and there is no spreads or additional swaps, also Olymp Trade provides not only demo, but educational centre and has traders community).

    • avatar

      can you clarify what Finacom regulation means and what benefits it give? I see many people say about IFC or Finacom regulation, but hte question is – is it really beneficial or just mirage?

  196. avatar

    Learning opportunites in Olymp Trade are really wonderful. I came to Olymp as a total noob and got clear understanding of what trading is within a month and then came to trading. Olymp Trade is doing a lot to help traders, I like this approach. I hope that’s much better than just expect that experienced traders will came to brokerage. Honestly, I resprect Olymp Trade for its care about people’s education, that’s really new and revolutionary approach to brokerage service.

  197. avatar
    Saha Barral

    I’m satisfied with the work here, I think I even have the statistics, the terminal is not difficult to perceive, I have not yet used the bonuses only, who took? Tell me, can I withdraw if the bonus hasn’t worked out yet?


    • avatar

      You can withdraw at any time, but if you haven’t worked out a bonus here, it’ll just burn. And you can take the next one when you make the next deposit.


  198. avatar
    Paul A.Brown

    For me, trading is of key importance, it seems to me that this is what allowed me to start earning exactly as much as I need. On the other hand, a broker played the last role in my life – olymp trade. Here I was provided with excellent conditions for development and showed that the market should be treated with all the attention.


  199. avatar
    Sid Majumdar

    Are there cryptocurrencies to trade? I’m looking for brokerage that allows trading crypto, seems like perspective market.

  200. avatar

    Olymp Trade is good brokerage, I trade it for 3 years and never faced any disadvantages. I just like it 😉


  201. avatar

    Choosing a brokerage may be hard decision, especially when that’s yours first attempt.
    I was in situation like this – I was choosing a brokerage and it was really challenging to choose the right one. My first brokerage haven’t paid my money backand I got them only after I threatened that I will go to court, As a result – I’ve got my innitial depo (but without my profit).
    This situation turned me to seek brokerage guiding by combination between regulations and service.
    Olymp Trade was the best opportunity that I found – FinaCom regulated and with really good starter-pack.
    What Olymp offers:
    1. 100% regulated and that’s not a joke, your brokerage is really regulated, you can check everything on their website. Getting this license is very difficult, so brokers value it. To get a license of this regulatory body, a broker needs only to fill in an application and pay an entrance fee. After consideration of the application, the commission conducts a detailed audit. The decision to issue a license directly depends on the results of the audit.
    It’s very important that member-brokers must pay membership fees on a regular basis, that are used for financing and compensating. Yes, you did hear that. The regulator has a compensation fund. If you complain about a broker – you can get compensation.
    2. Olymp HAS demo-account, so you can try everything for free
    3. Minimum depo is $10
    4. Up to 100% welcoming bonus
    That’s not at all, but it’s the main points why I appreciate this brokerage.
    Choose only reliable companies to trade with.


  202. avatar
    Elvin Nasyidah

    Brokerage is good for those who want to learn trading. The good point is that min depo is only $10, so you can start with almost no risk. Also, there is demo and brokerage is regulated. However, more professional may feel a little discomfort trading with brokerage that aims at the beginners.


  203. avatar

    Tons of education have made this brokerage the best place to start trading. There you can learn trading and try it on practice with demo, without any risks. If you just want to start trading – pay attention to Olymp, it makes trading easier.


  204. avatar
    Mustofa Vulyani

    I think that a trader should learn to take responsibility for what happens in the market with him and his capital. Because I’ve seen too many comments lately from people who say that it is impossible to make money in the market or they blame a broker for their failures all the time. In fact, the risks here are exactly the same in any other business and you shouldn’t expect to be able to make money because of random coincidence and something like that.
    Just pay attention to the policy that is dictated by normal brokerage companies, such as Olymp Trade. After all, here it is constantly reminded that it is necessary to study the market and its mechanisms, it is here that important events are constantly reminded and detailed reviews are made. So why do traders think that it does not matter, and then complain that something is not working out. Take the information and process it, only this way you can become successful traders. And then you will appreciate what the broker does for you.


  205. avatar
    Aom Cumaraswamy

    what’s fixed time trades?

    • avatar

      These are trades that are closed at a specified time. It is a convenient enough format for short-term trading.

  206. avatar

    When I didn’t choose a broker, but traded on a demo, I opened it with a broker Olymp Trade. And when I got used to the demo trading a couple of months later, I didn’t want to change my broker. I really liked working with Olymp Trade, it’s reliable and provides the proper support (especially if you’re new to trading). Also, it has a quite convenient website, and you can open an account with only $10. So I only have positive emotions from working with it.


  207. avatar
    K Susanti

    Olymp is extremely focused on newbies and makes everything for this trader’s category. For me, as for experienced trader that is annoying, as I want brokerage service to be up to my needs. I don’t know what’s the point to invest so much in education and focus so much on beginners. I wish OT will create something Like OT pro for experienced traders, but for now I decided to try other broker. Good luck, Olymp!


  208. avatar
    Wyait Kerluke

    I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback about this company and I’d like to try it. I’d like to clarify what types of accounts are there? And what kind of capital would be optimal to start with?

  209. avatar
    Komakech Godfrey y

    It’s really simple to trade with olymp trade. However, I have read many comments on how it’s easy and faster to withdraw from your account…..which is inspiring. I have not seen any comment on how long it takes to get your earnings on to your account?

    So, how long does it take for my earnings to be deposited into my account so that I can re-invest it or withdraw.

  210. avatar

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    will make profit from the investment. They took all my money and I did
    not hear from them anymore. I was able to recover all the money I lost just last month with the help of Lucas Jones. I paid 10% of the recovered funds as his service charge after I got all my money back. I am really grateful to him because I know a lot of people here have been scammed and need help. Contact him using the email above:([email protected])


  211. avatar
    David Glad

    Stuck in a financial storm with no way out? The story of my recovery starts with C P -I N V E S T I G A T I O N. C 0M they provided the umbrella I needed to shield me from this scam broker that had scammed me. They helped me navigate my finances, and got me the justice I deserved. I highly recommend them to everyone!!!


  212. avatar

    I want to advice everyone here ,please be careful when choosing a broker or Account manager to invest your fund,i was a victim of Binary Option scam.they kept on requesting for additional fees before withdrawal can be processed ,at the end i lost all my fund. All effort to reached out to their customer support was declined ,i was heart broken for over four months.God so kind i was going through a broadcast on youtube and i came across a comment on how to get my lost fund back, i contacted the email provided. They instructed me to provide all the details about my broker who scammed me, wish i did without delay .To my greatest surprised they helped me to recovered all the money i lost…. i said i will continue to share this so that all scammed victims can recover their money back .they are really good and supportive…. you can reach them on email
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    Please let them know I, recommend you, they offer the best recovery services worldwide.


  213. avatar

    I invested over $250k trading online and all access to make withdrawals of my funds was denied, I got in contact with the customers support but didn’t get a reasonable response from them, all my funds including my profit was stuck on the platform. I was so sad being frustrated over things, until I was advised to contact gavin ray a well known recovery specialist by a friend of mine who has also encounter withdraw issues solved by Gavin , I texted him and presented all legal documents and following all procedures he instructed and he successfully initiated the withdrawal confirming the payment into my bank account, i recommend his services to anyone you can contact him on email gavinray78 gmail com or WhatsApp ‪+‪1 (352) 322‑2096‬.


  214. avatar
    Tariq Ihtisham Safar

    Olymp Trade impresses with its user-friendly interface and a wealth of educational resources, making it a solid choice for beginners and seasoned traders. While its asset selection could be broader, the platform’s transparency and regulatory oversight ensure a trustworthy trading experience. A great pick for those prioritizing learning.


  215. avatar
    tawas khattak

    Olymp Trade is a good broker that I encountered.
    They have a platform that is so easy to use. You can show it to kids, and they will have no trouble using it.


  216. avatar
    Jay Doris


    Good day Audience, I want to use this great medium to announce this information to the public about Mr MORRIS GRAY. few months back, I was seeking an online BTC investment plan when I got scammed for about $172,000. I was so down and didn’t know what to do until I came across a timeline about Mr MORRIS GRAY. so I reached out to him and to my greatest surprise, they were able to recover all the funds which I had previously lost to the Devils. I am so glad to share this wonderful news with you all because it cost me nothing to announce a good and reliable Hacker as Mr MORRIS GRAY, His direct email is Morris Gray 830 at gmail dot com, WhatsApp: +1 (607) 698-0239…..!


  217. avatar
    Tarek Nader

    المنصة رائعة في سهولة واجهة المنصة والعمليات عليها وكذلك الايداع والسحب , حتى الآن راضي عنها


  218. avatar

    منصة ممتازة ساعدتني كتير في الأول اني اتعلم التداول عن طريق الحساب التجريبي المجاني وكمان بيقدموا محتوي تعليمي بيوضح كل حاجة غير انها موثوقة من الجهة المالية وناس كتير رشحتهالي


  219. avatar
    kamar ashraf

    بقالي حوالي اكتر من سنة و نص بتداول علي اوليمب تريد و بجد المنصة التعامل معاها سلس جدا و سهلة جدا لاي مبتدا و برشحها لاي حد بيبدأ لان فيها اكتر من ميزة للمبتدئيين دا غير ان المنصة مضمونة


  220. avatar

    من أكتر الحاجات اللي ساعدتني في تعلم التداول بسرعة الحساب التجريبي اللي فيها عشان فضلت كذا شهر عليه لحد ما بدأت أفهم الدنيا بتمشي ازاي وعملت ايداع وتداولت وسحبت بدون صعوبة الحمدلله


  221. avatar

    أحسن منصة اتعاملت معاها بسبب كذا حاجة بالنسبة الي مهمين جدا ذي اعدادات الأمان عالية جدا علي المنصة وصعب جدا حد يخترق حسابي لأني اتعرضت لاختراقات كتيرة من منصات تانية والدعم الفني عندهم مصحصح ومعايا أي وقت بحتاج ارجعلهم فيه


  222. avatar
    Ahmed Esaam

    والله يا جماعه انا لفيت وجربت منصات كتير جدا وملقتش واحده عدله كله مشاكله اكبر من المميزات وده المفروض ميبقاش موجود بنسبه كبيرة اوي لازم المنصه يبقي المميزات الي فيها اكتر من العيوب وده انا لقيته علي اوليمب تريد هي فيها عيوب طبعا بس كل العيوب الي لقيتها ثانويه مش جوهريه وده الي عجبني


  223. avatar

    التعلم فى المنصة بجد شئ جميل وسهل وعمتاً المنصة بتبعت كورسات للدراسة بتساعد جداً خصوصاً انها مجانية والدعم سهل الوصول لية وموجود 24 ساعة طول الاسبوع اظن بشكل عام تجربة ممزية وانشاء الله فى تقدم


  224. avatar

    كم استراتيجيات مش موجوود نهائي في منصة تانية، انا لما بقيت قديم في مجال التداول عرفت فايدة الادوات اللي اوليمب بتحطها فعلا دة غير الاهتمام من مدير حسابك اللي بيبقا متابع معاك.. فوق الممتازة حقيقي


  225. avatar
    Mohamed saaed

    اعتقد ان اي حد عايز يتداول لازم يدور علي منصه كويسه تكون موثقه والامان فيها كويس عشان محدش يقدر يخترق الحساب بتاعك وياخد كل الربح الي عملته بسهوله ف حاول ديما انك متشاركش حد اي باسورد ليك وديما خليهم مختلفين عن بعض


  226. avatar
    Asaad Hany

    ياريت الناس قبل ما تقول علي المنصات انها نصب او ان التداول حرام اصلا تتاكد الاول عشان انا سمعت كميه اراء بجد صعب الواحد يستحملها, ازاي بروكر زي اوليمب تريد هيعمل سوق مصغر ويبقي عايز يخسر الناس اعتقد حاجه برا العقل والمنطق


  227. avatar

    والله منصة مره رهيبة ساعدتني وايد في التعلم و فهم التداول و للأن اتداول عليها، النظام سهل جداً و بها كل الانماط الهامة بالنسبة لي، اذا كان الفوركس، او الاسهم، او الوقت الثابت.


  228. avatar
    Hanya Mosaad

    من اكتر الحاجات الي حابتها علي المنصه الحساب الاسلامي مريحه دماغي اوي من ناحيه اذا كانت الحاجه حلال او حرام او حتي اني اقعد كل شويه ادور علي الشركه اصلها منين وهل بتبيع منتج حرام طب نشئتها كانت ازاي عشان كل الشكوك تروح من دماغي هما بيعمو كل ده مكاني وانا بتداول بس


  229. avatar

    المنصة فيها كل اللي أحتاجه، الإيداع سريع وكمان السحب، مافيش أي تأخير. يوم جربتها، ما رجعت لأي وسيط ثاني تاني


  230. avatar

    Amazing interface, easy to use, and literally dummy proof. I absolutely love it, and have been on it for more than 3 years! Never going back to other brokers again!


  231. avatar

    والله منصة خرافية، ساهلة في الاستعمال وفيها أكبر عدد من الأصول اللي شفتهم في منصة وسيط. الأزواج النقدية والأصول المتاحة هوما كل اللي نحتاج، والمنصة صادقة، ماشي بحال الآخرين اللي ينصبوا


  232. avatar
    بشار عباياد

    المنصة بتبدأ الصفقة بسرعة، مش زي اللي بتتأخر وبتغير النتيجة. من يوم ما بديت عليها، ما رجعت للوسطاء الثانيين اللي بيخسروك عمدًا عشان يكسبوا ربح


  233. avatar

    Amazing platform, I was trading on other brokers that keep my withdrawal for days on end before processing, however here, it gets processed almost instantly, and it is an honest platform, never promising unreal metrics and wins, absolutely recommend for anyone trading, whether starter or expert.


  234. avatar
    عماد الدين

    منصة علي السنتريك والله في كل حاجة، السحب و الايداع عالمضبوط و ماشية زي الحلاوه، مفيهاش المشاكل اللي في المنصات تانية دي.


  235. avatar

    Only platform that I could find that actually supports clients 24/7! Whenever I face any issue, i contact them instantly, with no hassles at all! I don’t have to wait until they open, they instantly provide assistance.


  236. avatar
    kamel akrad

    أنا حبيت أتعلم التداول وما لقيت المنصة المناسبة. جربت العديد من المنصات وما لقيتهم كويسين، معظمهم سيئين بالإيداع أو بالاستخدام، بتحس حالك بتحارب عشان تفهم المنصة. هل بدي أتعلم التداول ولا أتعلم كيف أفهم المنصة؟ لحد ما وصلت لمنصة أوليمب تريد، منصة رائعة فيها كل شي سهل وما بدها تعب أو مجهود إضافي، وما بتزعجك. شكراً على هذا الوضوح.


  237. avatar
    aseel bn soleiman

    والله ما جربت منصه وكانت بهذا الوضوح والسهوله ما في تعب عشان تبحث عن شي كله قدامك والحساب الاسلامي خاصتهم مرة سهل وما يتعبك في شي كله الاسهم الحرام مو موجوده الله يبارك فيكم احبائي


  238. avatar

    At first, I hated the platform and thought that it was inefficient, however, after I actually got acquainted with the interface, I found it easier than other brokers, and have been using it since. It is a very easy, and accurate platform, and I love how fast support answer in case I face any type of hassle.


  239. avatar
    حسام الدين صلاح

    بغض النظر ان المنصة اوقات بتأخر السحب، بس الصراحة مفيش في سرعتهم لما بحتاج الدعم الفني، او المحلل الشخصي، و الايداع بيسمع في ساعتها برضوا لأن في منصات تانيه بتاخد وقت علي ما السحب و الايداع يسمعوا، انما اوليمب احسن حاجة في اللي جربتوا


  240. avatar
    Ghofran Ody

    For Olymp Trade I really had a great experience with them as I was getting hacked and because I made the verification of the account and I created the two factor authentication the hacker couldn’t get to the account so overall the platform is so safe to trade on


  241. avatar
    Amna Gaber

    عندي وايد إيداعات وسحوبات على منصة أوليمب تريد وقفت الحساب فترة عشان أسباب شخصية وبس تواصلت مع الدعم مرة ثانية استرجعت الحساب بسهولة


  242. avatar
    asaad hany

    نفسي ابقي اكتر خبرة عشان اجرب اعمل تداول علي اوليمب تريد في اول وقت للتداول بعد اما يفتح واخر وقت قبل ما يقفل ناس كتير اوي قالت ان الموضع ده بيعمل ربح كويس بس خطر جدا انا قلت اسبلكو المعلومه دي عشان لو محدش عارفها شكرا اوليمب تريد


  243. avatar
    Ghofran Ody

    أنا شايف إن المنصة شغّالة تتنافس بقوة وفيها كتير من طرق الدفع اللي تقدر تستعملها تسوي إيداعات وسحوبات بطريقة آمنة وسهلة. وحتى لو واجهتك أي مشاكل، فريق الدعم بيحلها لك


  244. avatar
    khaled esaam

    افضل منصه استخدمتها حتي الان بجد مشكوريا جدا المصمم بتاع المنصه عملها بطريقه واضحه جدا لدرجه انك بتحس ان كل حاجه جنب بعض لو بس يكتر من الالوان بتاعت المنصه كل شويه نغير اللون كده الواحد بقي بيزهق اليومين دول


  245. avatar
    Mohamed ebrahem

    والله المنصات كتير وقليل بس مش عارف انا ارتحت ل اوليمب تريد ليه يمكن عشان بحس انها لمه كل حاجه مع بعض مش بتحس انك كل شويه لاوم تطلع من المنصه تفهم او تتعلم حاجه وترجع تاني كله في مكان واحد ياريت ديما في تقدم


  246. avatar
    eslam mohamed

    بجد الايداع في المنصه دي كويس جدا وبحس ان في من خيرات ربنا كتير معندكش بطاقه بنكيه اعمل ايداع من فوري لو العموله بتاعته غاليه اعمل من محفظه التلفون زي فودافون كاش كده وكمان مع كل ده المفروض يبقي في مشاكل كتير لا الموضوع لقيته عكس كده احب اشكركو جدا


  247. avatar
    hala mohamed

    هو ليه محدش قلي علي منصه اولميب تريد من زمان انا كنت حاسه اني بتعزب بجد سهوله انك تعمل حساب حلو جدا وكمان نظام الامان عندهم انك بتعمل الحساب ب البطاقه الشخصيه و صورة ليك بتتصورها من التلفون في وقتها حاجه بجد كويسه جدا


  248. avatar
    mohamed ali

    ابلكيشن فلكس تريد عجبني اوي خصوصا انه خلاني اقدر اقفل الصفقه في اي وقت بدال ما انا بفضل قاعد مستني الوقت يخلص وببقي نفسي اقفل في وقتها وكمان بحس انه عامل زي فكرة الفوركس بس علي وقت قليل والدراسه بتاعته بسطيه ف عاش بجد


  249. avatar
    Alaa El Deen

    انا حبيت نظام فلكس تريد ده جدا خصوصا انه شبه الفوركس اوي يعني لو حبيت احول من طريقه الفكسيد تايم ل طريقه الفوركس ف اعتقد ان ده هيبقي افضل انك تنقل من الفكسيد تايم ل فلكس تتمكن من شويه وبعد كده تحول ل الفوركس بجد هيفرق معاك جدا


  250. avatar
    Ehab Mamdouh

    دعم المنصه رائع جدا كل مرة بخش اسال علي حاجه بلاقيهم بيجاوبو علي طول وعندهم المعولمات الكافيه عن المنصه مش بيتاخرو في معلومه او بيبخلو بيها شكرا ليكو مقصرتوش معايا في حاجه


  251. avatar
    Asea Mahmoud

    It’s a really good experience I did at this platform they have a good security for your account now one can hack it, Every thing is so close so no need to get out from the platform overall it’s a great platform for trading.


  252. avatar
    Saaed Ahmed

    كل الي محتاج اقولو اني بدات اتداول علي المنصه دي وشكرا ليكو علي الاهتمام ب العملاء وعلي الصدق والامانه واتمني تستمرو في تحديث المنصه للاحسن ديما ويبقي في طرق اجدد زي فلكس تريد والربحيه العاليه


  253. avatar
    Asea Mahmoud

    التجربة على المنصة كانت كويسة جدا، عندهم أمان قوي لحسابك ومفيش حد يقدر يخترقه. كل حاجه قريبه من بعض ومفيش في سبب يخليك تطلع من المنصة. بشكل عام، المنصة رائعة للتداول شكرا اوليمب تريد علي الخدمه وفي تقدم ديما


  254. avatar
    Mahmoud Reda

    أكيد كل حاجة فيها عيوب ومميزات بس المنصة وصلت الى حد ما لكل حاجة المتداول بيحاتجة وهو الكورسات المجانية سهولة الوصول للدعم وايداع محلى زى فودافون فى مصر ودى كلها حاجات بتسهل جداً التداول شكراً اوليمب تريد


  255. avatar
    Amer rl tawel

    جماعه اوليمب تريد دي رائعه انا ابن خالتي قلي عليها ومكنتش اعرف ان التداول سهل كده او اني اتفرج علي فيديو وافهمه وبعد كده اطبق علي السحاب التجريبي كله ده سهل جدا والمنصه سهلت عليا اني ابدء المشوار ده


  256. avatar
    Engy Mahmoud

    انا جوزي شغال وبيقبض كويس جدا وبيديني مصروف كويس جدا وبيفضل منه جزء ومكنتش عارفه اعمل بيه ايه لحد اما عرفت عن التداول وعن منصه اوليمب تريد وبدات اتعلم والحمدالله اتعلمت كويس وبدات اكسب ربح معقول علي مستوايا ولسه الاحسن جي


  257. avatar
    Ahmed Mamdouh

    انا لو كنت رجعت بالزمن وشوفت نفسي وقلتلها اني هبقي بفهم في التداول وهكسب منه وهتعلم علي اوليمب تريد مكنتش هصدق نفسي ولو رجعت بالزمن كذا مرة هختار نفس الموضوع اني ابدء اتعلم تداول ومن علي منصه اوليمب تريد


  258. avatar
    Fesal El Fawaz

    والله يا جماعه الخير أكثر شي عجبني بهذه المنصه التعليم اللي يقدمونه مرة مميز، تعلمك من الأساسيات إلى الاستراتيجيات المتقدمة. وكل هذا متاح بالغه العربيه للي ما يفهمو غير اللغه العربيه
    وما ننسى الحساب التجريبي اللي يخلونك تتدرب عليه بدون ما تخسر فلوسك. يعني من الآخر، أوليمب تريد فعلاً خيار ممتاز لكل واحد يبي يدخل عالم التداول بأمان وسهولة.


  259. avatar
    Sally Walkins

    I love the easy interface and deposit and withdrawal ways. Everything is so clear and easy to use, and all the platform is clear, and understandable. I have been making great profits and learning new strategies on the daily.


  260. avatar
    نفيسة عثمان

    المنصة مافي اسهل من شكلها و طريقة استخدامها منصة كتير منيحة في سهولة كل شي بها سواء السحب او الايداع او التداول ذاته، من وقت ما بدأت علي olymp Trade و انا ما اتداول علي غيرها خالص.


  261. avatar

    منصة ممتازة فيها كتير مميزات ودة مخليها من افضل المنصات الموجودة عشان فيها كورسات تعليم وسهلة انها واضحة لكل الناس والبتعرف تحلل فيها الشموع والدعم فيها متاح 24 ساعة دة بيساعد جداً على اننا نكون عارفين نتداول بأمان


  262. avatar

    من احسن المنصات فى السوق فى الوقت الحالى بالنسبة لانها مهتمة بالحسابات الاسلامية ودى حاجة بتشجع الناس الحابة تخلى حسابتها اسلامية وبيخلى الناس تكون واثقة ف موضوع الحلال والحرام دة ف شكراً اوليمب تريد على الاهتمام بالموضوع دة


  263. avatar
    Rojena Edwards

    I love the way the modes on the platform are actually the same as the international market, and I always get the feeling that I am a trader on the international stock market, right from my computer! Anyway, I love the platform, and it is the best broker I have worked with because of all the great features on the platform, and how easy it is to make the deposit, and withdrawal on it, and all trade modes too!


  264. avatar

    I love trading on the islamic account on Olymp trade, this way I am able to make money without compromising my islamic beliefs in any way, and the platform is easy to use, and has no hidden issues or crazy fees in it, everything is so clear, since I have gone to Olymp Trade I haven’t even thought to go back to other brokers.


  265. avatar

    التعليم على المنصة مبسط وسهل انك توصلة والدعم بجد متعاون جداً ممكن يكون فى بعض العيوب بس مفيش حاجة كاملة والاهم انهم بيعرفو يطورو من نفسهم وبيعرفو يحلو المشاكل البتقابلنى


  266. avatar

    موضوع ان الناس بتقول شهرة المنصة جه على الفاضى وسيط وخلاص واعلانات كتير بالعكس خالص المنصة تفيد جداً ف موضوع الكورسات البتقدمها وديماً بتعمل مسابقات زى الدورى البيتعمل وبيكون فى مواجهات مباشرة بين اتنين الكلام دة بيتشال ويتحط كل شوية وعنهدم افكار كتير حلوة جداً


  267. avatar

    المنصة متنوعة جداً من حيث اختيارات التداول سواء فوركس او اسهم او وقت ثابت او الجديد وهو الفلكس تريد دة بجد تحفة ميكس كدة بين الوقت الثابت والفوركس وخطوة حلوة من المنصة انها تنزر ابلكيشن جديد يشد الناس اكتر


  268. avatar

    I am impressed by how professional they are, when my withdrawal was delayed, i talked to the support, and they resolved the issue in the time communicated, and got back to me with the results, and then followed up a few days later to make sure the money reflected with my bank! Such a great broer, never trying any other platforms!


  269. avatar

    فكرة ان المنصة شغالة وقانونية فى مصر دة شئ بيخلى الواحد مطمن وهو بيعمل سحب وايداع ان الفلوس هتوصل برغم ان ممكن يكون فى معوقات بس بيقدرو يحلو المشاكل


  270. avatar

    فى اوبشن حلو جداً على المنصة انك تعرف تفتح صفقتين على اصلين مختلفين وتكون شايف الصفقتين قدامك على الشارت انا شايف ان الاوبشن روش جداً وممكن يساعدك توفر وقت بدل متستنى الصفقة تخلص على اصل وتدور ف اصل تانى


  271. avatar
    Bashar Shafeaa

    الأهم إنو المنصة مرخصة فـ الأردن لأنه معظم المنصات ما تتعامل مع البنوك الأردنية وهاد اللـي دايماً يقلقنـي كمان السحوبات بتأخذ شوي وقت بس بوصلوا بسلام عـ حساب البنك الخاص فيـّي


  272. avatar
    احمد رؤوف

    المنصة عيبها الوحيد بالنسبالي ان السحب بيطول شويه، و ممكن ياخد يومين، بس غير كدا بيوصل الحمد لله، و الصراحة كذا مره اكلم الدعم و بيحلولي اي حاجة وقتي من غير وجع قلب، المنصة بالنسبالي غير كدا ممتازه و كل ادوات التداول المتاحة في السوق موجوده فيها.


  273. avatar
    رائد الاحمد

    والله اكونت ال VIP كنت فاكره ملوش لازمه، و لكن طلع مرررره مهم، و هذا المحلل الشخصي عم يساعدني كثيراً، مافي احلي من هيك شي!


  274. avatar

    المنصة من الافضل فى السوق دلوقتى من حيث سهولة الوصول للدعم وانهم موجودين 24 ساعة لما حصلتلى مشكلة فى الايداع حلوهالى بسرعة لما ادتلهم تفاصيل الايداع شكراً لكل واحد\ بيعمل فى المنصة انه يوفر الامان لينا


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