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IQ Option Affiliate Program Review 2024 – Earn up to 50% RS

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The system of affiliate programs is in great demand among users. This is a simple and rather effective way to earn money, based on obtaining passive profit. There are many varieties of affiliate programs, but one of the most profitable options today is the offer of the broker IQ Option. It can be used by owners of sites, online blogs, as well as just users engaged in advertising on the Internet.

Features of the IQ Option Trading Platform

The offer is designed to attract users to work on the currency exchange through the broker IQ Option. The service specializes in fixed-time trades – a trading system based on fluctuations in the value of currencies, stocks and raw materials. Fixed-time trades provide an opportunity to receive a fixed financial profit if the trader is able to correctly predict and analyze changes in the foreign exchange market. Even if the prediction turned out to be incorrect, fixed-time trades allow you to maintain the original balance with small financial losses. The prospect of making a profit with a minimum risk of loss of investment is of interest to many, therefore participating in an affiliate program is a good option for conducting a profitable advertising campaign.

The broker’s platform covers 178 countries of the world, has more than 58 million traders and 142,000 existing partners. It has a lot of advantages over other sites, which opens up broad opportunities for the effective promotion of the service as part of an affiliate program:

  • The minimum deposit to start work is $10.
  • The maximum deposit is $1,000,000.
  • The maximum profit margin is up to 92% of the option price.
  • Minimum transaction is $1.
  • Maximum transaction is $20,000.
  • Free trading training.
  • Quick customer support in several languages.
  • Ample opportunities for margin trading.
  • High-quality analytics of the foreign exchange market online.
  • Effective protection against negative balance.
  • Quick withdrawal of earned funds.
  • Demo account for honing skills and gaining trading experience without investing money or any financial risk

Affiliate Program Benefits

IQ Option offers applicants two options for earning. 50% of the profit for all traders together—the partner receives half of the broker’s income for all attracted customers. 40% of the profit for each trader separately—income from clients is calculated independently, therefore, negative turnover from one trader does not affect profit from another.


Payments – income is transferred automatically 2 times a month to
partner’s e-wallet in one of several payment systems.

The balance is not deducted – the company does not provide a negative
balance. The partner’s income consists only of profit.

Cross-platform – the product of the service is presented in a web version and in a mobile application, which provides equally effective traffic attraction from all channels.

Universal links – the system independently determines the geolocation, language and devices of users and sends them to the most suitable landing pages.

Multilingual brand – the service platform has 13 interface languages, which ensures a constant influx of new traders from around the world.

Affordable analysis – partners can analyze the results of their work in online mode. Convenient reports and various data selection filters are available.

Using the program, the user is not a trader, but becomes a partner of the company that advertises its product. To obtain a steady income, the applicant does not need to delve into the study of the features of the trading platform. It’s enough to interest potential traders with a catchy banner or a profitable offer.

Work Flow

Partnership with the service is carried out in several stages:

  1. Getting started. Owners of sites, blogs, promoted accounts on social networks, YouTube channels, as well as experts on contextual and targeted advertising post the received link on their portal or in an ad.
  2. Affiliate link. A visitor to a resource follows a link, an advertising banner or an ad, after which the system marks the device of this user with a unique partner ID.
  3. Registration of a new client. The visitor, following the link, is registered on the IQ Option trading platform and begins to carry out trading operations in the foreign exchange market.
  4. Accrual of income. The partner makes a profit on the terms of the selected offer, based on the trade turnover of all involved traders or each individually.
  5. Payout. Carried out twice a month on the payment system convenient for the partner. Funds are transferred to Webmoney, Skrill, ePayments, Yandex.Money, Neteller, Qiwi, and Wire services wallets. The minimum transfer amount is $10, but to activate payments you need to attract at least 5 active traders who will perform financial transactions through the service platform. No commission is charged. For users with an income of $2000 for the last 30 days, a bank transfer is available – Wire Transfer. The minimum transaction amount is $1000, the commission is $50 (not levied from partners in the TOP-10).

To become a partner of the service, it is enough to go through a simple registration (indicate email address in the registration window, think up a password and note your consent to the rules of cooperation). At the end of the procedure, the partner selects the offer (earnings option) and displays their personal data in their account.

The system provides two types of balance: regulated and unregulated. The difference is that the unregulated balance accrues profits for traders from all non-EU countries, as well as for sub-partners. Traffic from these countries is redirected to the backlink. To use the regulated balance, you need to verify your account for EU countries. More detailed information on these issues can be obtained in the customer support of the service.

Personal Area

The applicant is given access to their Personal Area (Account), which displays all the data necessary for work, including the affiliate link. The Personal Area contains information on revenues, tariffs, withdrawal methods, promotion tools, as well as statistical data. There’s no distracting information that can interfere with productive work. Available verification (confirmation) of the account. After completing the procedure, the partner receives the right to use the capabilities of the account in full.

The Personal Area displays the top ten partners in the last 30 days, leading in terms of revenue. It is possible to connect to the Sub-affiliate program. With its help, it’s really possible to receive additional profit from applicants involved in activities with an affiliate program. As soon as the sub-partner begins to receive income from the activities of traders, 5% of this amount goes to the balance of the partner who attracted them to work.

Personal Support

Each applicant is assigned a personal manager who can be asked any questions directly or indirectly related to cooperation. Managers are available for consultation on business days from Monday to Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


The company offers customers two convenient options for collecting and analyzing statistical data on work:

  • Dashboard – real-time statistics with advanced geo-analysis and details by sources, registrations and countries.
  • Postback – an innovative tracking technology that allows you to transfer statistics to the partner’s side or directly to the ad network with which they work. Tracking of any event is displayed online. The client can create an unlimited number of postbacks.


Using these tools, it’s easy to check which type of advertising brings the greatest number of unique users, in order to maximize passive income in the future.

Tools and Materials

All IQ Option partners are given access to a full arsenal of marketing tools that can be used in future activities:

  • Traditional usual links.
  • Animated and static banners.
  • Attention-getting pictures that encourage users to click on a link.
  • High-quality video files that motivate traders to perform operations in the foreign exchange market through the IQ Option platform.
  • Ready-made advertising overviews of the trading platform.
  • Texts of letters for e-mail newsletters.


Advertising and informational materials are updated regularly.

Types of Traffic and Work Recommendations

The most popular and practical sources of traffic for affiliate links:

  • Sites and blogs on the topic of making money on the Internet, trading and investing.
  • Accounts and public accounts on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, VK and others. Personal account on Twitter.
  • Thematic channels on YouTube video hosting.
  • Various options for traffic arbitrage.
  • Forums on financial topics.


For effective promotion through your own site, you need to create high-quality and useful content on an ongoing basis, where affiliate links should be inserted. It’s important that the content is thematic. For example: articles on the features of trading in the foreign exchange market, reviews of the IQ Option platform or its individual financial instruments. You can create a database of subscribers who are interested in the topic of earning in the foreign exchange market to periodically send out mailings.

When promoting through social networks, it’s advisable to hide the network link under thematic pictures or catchy post headings. Interesting materials must be published regularly in order to attract the attention of a large number of users, provoke them to likes, reposts and click-throughs. Posts with links can also be advertised using existing advertising services (for example, targeted advertising in VK).

To promote IQ Option on YouTube, you need to create a channel and periodically publish thematic videos, for example, with a demonstration of real trading on the platform of the advertised broker. You can leave affiliate links in the video description. If necessary, they can be shortened or masked. Advanced and functional contextual advertising services such as Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords are used as another source of high-quality traffic. Do not forget about teaser networks.

In the process of cooperation is not recommended:

  1. If you use a personal link to open a trading account on the broker’s platform for yourself, the partner’s account will be blocked for an indefinite period without prior notice.
  2. In the advertising campaigns of Google AdWords, write the name of the IQ Option service. These ads may be suspended due to a violation of campaign rules. IQ Option must be added to the list of negative keywords before launching ads. You should also avoid aggressive and biased phrases in ads. For example: “quick earnings on the Internet”, “working at home without investment” and other similar expressions that give the impression that trading on the foreign exchange market is a scheme for quick enrichment.
  3. Communicate directly with users via social networks, calls, or emails. In most cases, this type of promotion is considered spam.


Receiving a steady income as a partner of the IQ Option service is realistic and easy. Users collaborate with one of the best trading platforms in Europe and the world, which was developed using innovative technologies. The broker’s conversion rate is quite high, thanks to many advantages of the platform and marketing tags. The awards received by the company confirm the company’s reliability and demand in the market. IQ Option has been awarded for the security measures taken to prevent any illegal actions against customers, as well as for the development of an innovative platform and for the best affiliate program.

The company IQ Option is familiar to many, which makes it much easier for users to attract new customers. The broker’s offer is popular with traders, and the service’s affiliate program offers webmasters a large number of resources to attract traffic from anywhere in the world. This ensures a good income on a regular basis without serious financial investments, provided that the partners will actively work toward this.

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