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Binarium – Broker Review and Trader Feedback

4.6 / 5

1. General information about Binarium

Binarium is a major trading platform that offers a comprehensive toolkit for analyzing markets, and profiting from financial assets price fluctuations.

One of the top trading platforms in Russia and CIS countries, gained exceptional experience over the years. Platform is constantly working on improvements. There’s no need to download any files on your computer, the platform is available via web browser.

Along with trading services, the platform provides an opportunity to learn how to trade. There are helpful articles and video tutorials in the “Education” section on the platform website.

The impeccable and efficient work of the support service helps to solve technical problems and questions with operations in the financial markets in no time.

2. Advantages and disadvantages

Low minimum deposit: start trading now with a deposit as low as $ 5. It is also possible to deposit funds to your account in pounds and euros.

Deposit bonus: Binarum expands your trading opportunities by giving a 100% bonus on your first deposit.

High level of security: platform is secured with SSL certificate with data encryption. Billing information is transferred in a shortened form through the server with a secure connection.

Profit from bonus with no restrictions and turnovers: Binarium provides bonuses for different types of traders accounts (Standard, Business, Premium and VIP). There are no restrictions for bonus withdrawal. Please note: to withdraw your bonus you must reach a certain turnover on your trading account.

Simplified account verification: there is no need to send us multiple documents scans to confirm your identity. Verification is not required if you withdraw your funds using the same billing information that was used for funds deposit.

Free demo account: it is an undoubted advantage for beginners or for traders who want to try and learn the platform without risking their own funds.

Mobile app: currently Binarium provides its own application only for Android devices.

3. Trading conditions

Binarium provides a wide variety of trading assets, including currency pairs, cryptocurrencies to USD (Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin) and OTC assets (currencies, gold and silver).


Each asset can be traded using a 60 seconds option or turbo option. Minimum deposit is $ 5 with a minimum bet of $ 1 makes it easier to trade for those who want to minimize their risks. Regardless of the account type, all customers are provided with a full range of educational video tutorials on trading, as well as additional guides and articles.

4. Underlying assets

Due to a variety of constantly updated assets, trader can choose the asset with maximum trading efficiency, suitable for his trading strategy. You can use classic currency pairs like EUR/USD/GBP/JPY/RUB, etc. As well as rare cryptocurrency pairs like BITCOIN/USD.

5. Trading platform

Binarium trading platform is designed and supported by a very own team. That’s why the platform is stable, fast and has no failures.

Currently the trading platform is available on all desktop devices (PC, Mac) via internet browser, and a mobile app for Android platform only.

Binarium provides users with two types of options:

Classic “above/below” type option. Platform gives you an opportunity to open a transaction not only for 15, 30 minutes, but for an hour or two.

The “60 Seconds” option or Turbo options. This tool allows you to open a transaction exactly for one minute or up to five minutes. It is more risky in the case of strong market fluctuations, but if the trader has experience in the analysis of the short period charts and wants to profit from the smallest asset price fluctuations, he will appreciate this platform section.

6. Types of accounts

Just like many other trading platforms, offers several types of accounts for traders with different capabilities and purposes. You can start with the “Start” account, which you get with the deposit of $ 5. When you create this kind of account you get the opportunity to trade 24/7, as well as access to educational materials and trading strategies.

The platform offers 5 types of accounts: “Start”, “Standard” ($ 100 deposit), “Business” (deposit from $ 500), “Premium” with a minimal deposit of $ 2000, and «VIP» with deposit from $10 000.

Each type involves additional opportunities for trading. Users with a “Standard” account and higher get more complex trading strategies, welcome bonus to the deposit, private consulting manager, deposit insurance, withdrawal priority (up to one day), assets analytics and signals.

Moreover, traders with “VIP” accounts receive personalized trading plans and special daily trading signals. Also, users of the higher status accounts get access to additional educational materials that are not in the public domain.

However, regardless of the type of your account, support service receives trader’s chats, emails and phone calls, providing timely assistance.

7. Accounts, Deposits and Withdrawals

It’s easy to create a Binarium account. You need to fill out a short registration form on the main page. After the registration you are able to top up your account with deposit and start trading.

Some traders decide to skip the account verification, because they withdraw funds using the same billing information as with depositing. However, for greater reliability it is advised to go through the verification process. With verification withdrawal would proceed without any extra efforts.

To deposit to your account, you can use one of the methods offered by the platform. There are relatively few of them: Visa or MasterCard, Webmoney, Neteller, Yandex, Qiwi, AlfaClick, Mobile commerce, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. Please note: Binarium does not set any fees to deposit funds. Money will transfer to your account immediately or up to one working day, depending on the payment system chosen.

It’s worth noting that the withdrawal procedure is simplified, and that unlike many other traders withdrawal occurs within one day.

8. Regulation

Usually the level of trust to the binary options brokers increases with the presence of a regulator, who monitors the legal and legitimate activities of the company. CySec is Cyprus's financial regulator, and Binarium is currently on the approval status.

9. Trader Education

Client training is important for Binarium, because trading involves high risks and traders must be able to minimize them. The company consists not only of programmers and managers, monitoring the platform. Experienced traders are also part of the Binarium team.

There is an extensive section with a large number of articles and training courses. At the beginning trader gets a book, which is available to anyone interested. It can be found under the “Special Deal” tab in “Educational Materials”. The book describes how the platform works in detail, as well as a variety of trading opportunities.

The next helpful educational activity — regularly held webinars. Looking at the schedule you can notice that webinars are held quite often, covering important topics for traders.

Make sure you have checked the so-called “Academy”, which is a real treasure for beginners. Here you will learn all the basic methods of trading, trading with and without the help of indicators, a number of effective strategies and information on how to determine the movement of the market and understand how the price is formed.

All this information is available not only in text form, but also in video tutorials.

10. Should I trade with Binarium?

The platform provides two types of deals, so it becomes attractive for traders with all preferences and different tastes. You can use both fundamental and technical analysis and test new strategies. It is also possible to achieve successful operations while trading on the market news. Due to the flexibility of the system traders can get acquainted with new indicators and trading methods, as well as monitor the predictions made by professionals in this field.

If you choose a more considerable trading account (for example “Standard”) you will be able receive trading signals directly, and more accurate predictions of future market movements.

In general, one can say that after deducting certain drawbacks, such as lack of demo accounts and mobile applications, the Binarium trading platform is impressively trying to make their traders work profitable and successful.

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