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Ayrex – Broker Review and Trader Feedback

3.9 / 5

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1. General information about Ayrex

One of the fastest platforms ever created now operates with completely new design and allows traders to get direct quotes and place deals rapidly. Clients are pleased with instant automatic withdrawals to their e-wallets without any commission. The broker requires $5 as a minimum deposit only, while clients can start even without any deposit by taking advantage of welcome bonus and weekly contest.

2. Advantages and disadvantages

Ultra fast platform with a new high speed technology Ayrex is the fastest platform on the market. You can get direct quotes and place deals with super fast execution speed. Cutting-edge innovations were used to achieve considerable progress on the way you can trade on binary.

Minimal deposit and withdrawal are $5 only Significant advantage is that you can start trading with such a minimal deposit in the amount of $5, while other brokers usually require at least $50.

Instant withdrawals Major advance of Ayrex is that it is only platform on the market which allows it's clients to withdraw profit instantly directly to their e-wallets. Clients of Ayrex can process their deposits and withdrawals without participation of third parties. They can easily maintain their trading budget because automatic withdrawals are not charged with any fees.

Free weekly contest Clients can participate in a free ultra fast demo contest three times a week. Winners get real monetary prizes. No deposit required as well as there are no limits on participation frequency.

Signals with 60% success rate Accurate and reliable binary signals are presented by a trusted provider. They help to analyse current market situation and reduce losses.

Best Support department of 2016 There is no need of personal managers with instant help of concerned agents of Support Department. High qualified professionals will guide you through the features of the platform and take care of all your inquiries.

Demo platform in a free access There is not more beneficial way to gain experience, try out various strategies and achieve great results without any losses than practicing on excellent demo platform. An undeniable advantage what brings Ayrex forward from it's competitors is that demo platform can be used freely by non-registered users.

Not regulated by CySEC. One of the most complicated and time consuming processes for every broker is getting regulated by CySEC. Ayrex has already applied for the license and is in the process of negotiation with the organisation.

Lack of tools for analysis. Ayrex is constantly developing and indicators such as Moving averages and Bollinger bands were recently introduces on Android app. Soon they are coming on browser version and IOS app. Till that time customers can use Signals and market news.

3. Trading conditions

Clients have an opportunity to start trading without deposit with welcome $30 bonus. Minimum investment, as well as minimum deposit and withdrawal is $5. Deposit and withdrawal methods are reliable and internationally recognised payment systems which are easy and convenient to use. Broker offers three types of options with expiry time from revolutionary short 30 seconds to one hour. Impressive demo platform which does not require registration and is in a free access works according to conditions of real market and allows to practice and gain experience in trading.

4. Assets

Ayrex offers you more than 50 various assets to invest in:15 currency pairs, Precious metals, Oil, US natural Gas, numerous Indices and Stocks!

5. Trading platform

Ayrex has recently redeveloped their platform. Now it has outstanding design which helps traders to see the movement of quotes precisely with visual satisfaction. Ayrex creators goes with technology on the same wavelength and make trading revolutionary smooth and pleasing. They have used cutting-edge innovation which has had a greater influence on the execution speed. You will get all quotes extremely fast due to their new high speed technology. Also there are not any technical bugs, delays and lags. New platform is stable, reliable and very convenient. It has all you need, not more not less. Modern, advanced, but simple and adaptable design of the platform gives it a considerable advantage for people of all generations and levels of experience.

6. Mobile Trading

Mobile applications remain to have a long-term impact on technology, thus they have changed the way you can trade on binary. They give an easy access to the market no matter where you are. As well as on browser version, Ayrex successfully operates on Android an IOS mobile apps. Clients can trade on Short term options, participate in contest and even deposit their funds.

7. Demo account

Ayrex has a free demo account which does not require any registration. It’s greatest use is to allow customers to practice and gain considerable progress without losing their funds. It works with conditions of real market and operates on mobile applications what meets the needs of the company’s clients.

8. Account types

There is no such thing as accounts separation on Ayrex. All clients are treated in the same way. There is no need of personal managers with instant help of Support department which has got an award of ‘Best support department of 2016’. Support agents will guide new clients through the features of the platform and will help to adapt to new implementations.

9. Opening an account

One major advance is that opening account on Ayrex can not be simpler. Registration is made with one step, the second step will be to decide if you want to deposit or claim ‘Welcome bonus’ in the amount of $30. None of this steps does not require you to upload documents. Just sign up and start trading.

10. Funds withdrawal

Minimum withdrawal is $5 only! The clients must go through the simple process of verification by providing ID and residence proofs. Withdrawals can take up to three days but usually processed within few hours. Ayrex is the only broker on the market which has automatic instant withdrawals free of commission.

11. Trader training

You can not get any trading advice, but you can access education section, market news, analytics and instant help of the Support department. Easy approachable demo platform will also be a great way to train your skills.

12. Should I trade with Ayrex?

If you want to have a smooth trading on the modern and stable platform with a new high speed technology, then you definitely should join Ayrex. In two simple steps you will start trading on the platform which has impressed thousands clients all over the world by it's outstanding performance. Automatic withdrawals have changed the way you can get your funds, there is no need to wait and pay fees for the profit you have earned! You can take advantage of various bonus offers, as well as outstanding demo platform and weekly contest.

Reviews on Ayrex

Comments about Ayrex
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User rating: 4.1 / 5

Comments: 15

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    Is a Ugandan allowed to trade with the option?

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    I admit that Ayrex is the best broker of all in the world, for the Binary brokers,
    But I’m deeply discouraged by the way they are not serious with business, an Ayrex app is not available now in Google Play ,that’s not a good way to run business, business is not run in such a way, until now there’s no Ayrex app in play store, and I don’t think if their management is doing hard to restore it.

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      I stated communicating with a man claiming to come from the United states online around 6 months ago and everything was going well till he started demanding for money from me . I was forced to send over $280,000 to him, i sent this in batches and when i was almost going broke i told him i am not sending to him again . He became abusive for some days and he deleted my contacts, i was so devastated and i was really disappointed that i could be scammed but it could have happened to anyone so I had to find a way to get back and bounce back my feet I search for a way and contacted a recovery firm via gmail ( [email protected] ) am happy that i was able to recover more than $410,000 I will recommend the recovery firm to anyone with similar issues


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    Is it still alive?

  4. avatar

    Are there Ayrex at all, do they still exist with the live trading platform ???


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    Leonidas Doyle

    They stole my $30k…. Deleted my account….. removed the entire website….. I lost everything too these fuckers…. I’m in Canada and can’t do shit now because it’s all in Bitcoin… do not trust them.


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    Amanda Juliet

    I invested 80,750 US dollars with scam broker FXG trade and I have never gotten my money back, i was so desperately in need of help to recover all the money back to me, fortunately I came across a colleague that introduced me to a binary options trade funds recovery expert who goes by the name Mr Philip Austin when i met him i did not believe that he could get back my money because i have been scammed a lot already and didn’t know what to do, but my spirit told me to give it a try and i did, feel free to contact him via his email address.. { philipaustin521 (@) }. and he will help you to recover all your lost funds that was denied from you by your scam broker.


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    Sophia Edwards

    please everyone should be careful and stop being decieved by all these brokers and account managers, they scammed me over $70,000 of my investments capital,they kept on requesting for extra funds before a withdrawal request can be accepted and processed,in the end,I lost my money.all efforts to reach out to thier customers support desk had declined,I found it very hard to move on. God so kind I followed a broadcast that teaches on how scammed victims can recover thier funds, I contacted Mr Eddie Wilfred through the email provided for consultation,I got feedback after some hours and I was asked to provide all illegal details concerning my investments,I did exactly what he instructed me to do without delay,to my greatest surprise I was able to recover my money back including my profits which my capital generated.i said that I will not hold this to myself but share it to the public so that all scammed victims can get their funds back. I advice Everyone having issues with their withdrawal on their trading platform feel free to contact Mr Eddie Wilfred via his email address: [email protected] if you are having issues withdrawing your funds and your bonus,I assure you that he will guide you on how to recover your funds.I am so happy to get back my funds including my bonus and share the good news to whom it may concern.


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    Linda Robertson

    It was a bad decision trading with Investments platform. I believed their lies and invested all of my savings into this scam company, i invested $80,000 and I grew my money to $175,800 profit which i already tried to withdraw twice but they did not allow me stating my account is new and i could not withdraw, silly lies. They later stopped replying my emails when they found out i already knew they are a scam company. I was so down and went online in search of how i could recover my money then i read an article of a victim sharing a testimony of how a company helped him recover his money, i hired the company as well and they did not disappoint me. Hats off to these professionals. You can contact them via his email address: [email protected] for victims who might be needing their help also.


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    Todd clark

    I can say this after my experience with him so please avoid this company by all means. I invested over 2 months a sum of 157,000 euros with intelbondfx, but they took off with my money. ‘W’ kept requesting for money with different excuses. It was until I reported to cp-investigation (.) com that forced a charge-back from intelbondfx before my withdrawal was processed. Investors should avoid brokers like this.


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    I’ve lost about $121,000 to a Greenfield Crypto Capital website and two fake ICOs as well but I am sharing my experience here so as to enlighten and educate everyone that is losing money or has lost money to a scam binary options, dating scams and fake ICOs. However, I have been able to recover all the money I lost to the scammers with the help of a recovery professional and I am pleased to inform you that it’s possible to recover lost money from scammers. If you’re a victim of stolen bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency, and you are trying to find ways to get your coins back or your lost funds, feel free to contact Mr. lenaert on His gmail ([email protected])and He will guide you on how you can recover your lost funds from scammers


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    I invested over $250k trading online and all access to make withdrawals of my funds was denied, I got in contact with the customers support but didn’t get a reasonable response from them, all my funds including my profit was stuck on the platform. I was so sad being frustrated over things, until I was advised to contact gavin ray a well known recovery specialist by a friend of mine who has also encounter withdraw issues solved by Gavin , I texted him and presented all legal documents and following all procedures he instructed and he successfully initiated the withdrawal confirming the payment into my bank account, i recommend his services to anyone you can contact him on email gavinray78 gmail com or WhatsApp ‪+‪1 (352) 322‑2096‬.


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    Please everyone should be careful and stop being deceived by all these brokers and account managers, they scammed me over $350,000 of my investment capital, they kept on requesting for extra funds before a withdrawal request can be accepted and processed, in the end, I lost all my money. All efforts to reach out to their customer support desk had declined, I found it very hard to move on. God so kind I followed a broadcast that teaches on how scammed victims can recover their fund, I contacted the email provided for consultation, I got feedback after some hours and I was asked to provide all legal details concerning my investment, I did exactly what they instructed me to do without delay, to my greatest surprise I was able to recover my money back including my profit which my capital generated. I said I will not hold this to myself but share it to the public so that all scammed victims can get their funds back. Contact; silvanatenreyro@ gmx. com


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    Jay Doris


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