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Olymp Trade – trading platform VIP account review 2024

4.5 / 5

Olymp Trade VIP Account General Information

Can a small and insignificant company, offering trading services to anyone, possible to become a market leader in many countries of the world in a few years? Yes, it is, and the success of the Olymp Trade trading platform can definitely prove that. The broker was founded a few years ago and few people took it seriously. Basically, Olymp Trade was positioned as a good variant for complete beginners in trading. However, over time the company has proved for being able to provide quality services and favorable conditions including professional traders.

Generally, there are seasoned professionals and amateurs in every profession. Trading sphere has not been untouched by this phenomenon. For beginners, there are mainly enough standard trading conditions offered by dozens of trading companies – that concerns the interest trade payouts and the minimum deposit thresholds. As for professionals analyzing the market smartly, this group of traders needs more privileged conditions on the side of trading platforms. The aforementioned Olymp Trade company takes care about the needs of any beginner and has created special conditions for professional traders.

Briefly about Olymp Trade

First, let’s talk about the standard features of the Olymp Trade Account. As noted on the main page of the company’s website, the broker’s trading platform meets all modern standards. The developers’ team is constantly upgrading it, adding new features. If you compare the company platform five years ago with the current version, the difference is obvious. The changes affected the design and performance and the list of built-in indicators, etc. The minimum deposit threshold is very small compared to competitors; so many beginners started their trading way with Olymp Trade. Indeed, the company strongly supports novice traders providing a lot of training information and not skimping on high interest asset payouts.
Moreover, what pleasant features await experienced traders who want to fully reveal their own potential. VIP account was created especially for such clients. Below we will discuss the main advantages of premium status in Olymp Trade.

VIP account features

To get VIP status, you need to make a one-time deposit of $ 2000/€ 2000. This condition is very logical, because the broker provides premium conditions only to those traders who are serious, ready to operate large amounts and want to make profits more than $ 10 – $ 20 per day. Unlike the nearest competitors, Olymp Trade asks to deposit the required amount at once, and not in parts. That is easy to do as the company works with many payment systems (including EPS). After making the entire amount, you become a full VIP-client of the site.

Increased payout percentage. VIP status is not just an inscription that will appear in your personal account. In addition, it is not just prestigious, but also very profitable. The first distinctive feature of a VIP account is an increased percentage of payouts on many assets. If the standard clients of the company are satisfied with interest payment amount of 70% – 80%, VIP clients can get up to 92% of profit. This advantage is very significant and allows you to build up a deposit much faster, block faster losing trades and spend time resources with a greater payback.

Note that the payout percentage is floating, but never falls below 82%. In addition, the broker guarantees you the constant availability of assets with an increased percentage at any time of the day. There are 6 such assets in total – 2 assets with a stable percentage of 84, 2 assets with a percentage of 87 and 2 assets with a percentage of 90. In special periods, when the offers are held on the site, the percentage increases to 92 for all assets. And this bonus is valid only for VIP clients.

Personal VIP consultant. A personal consultant-analyst supports each VIP client. His job is to assist the client. If you have any questions about trading, the nuances of making trades, depositing and withdrawing funds, using indicators and various trading techniques, the consultant is always ready to answer them. According to the company, the analyst’s goal is to make you a professional. You can contact him at any time convenient for you via Skype, e-mail, or by phone.

The maximum trade size has been increased. For VIP clients, there has been increased not only the payout percentage, but also the maximum allowable size of trades. If the standard users can invest up to $ 2000 in each trade, the premium status increases this number by 2.5 times and allows you to invest up to $ 5000. Thus, clients have the opportunity not to split a large amount into several trades with the same expiration time, but to invest immediately in one full trade. The broker takes care about getting the profit for a client in a shorter period.

Risk-free trade availability. This is a type of trades and you absolutely do not risk your own funds by opening it. In case of making a successful trade, the client gets a profit, and in case of a negative outcome, the entire amount is returned to the deposit without loss. To get risk-free trades, you just need to trade, and the platform will pay you up to $ 25,000 monthly.

Quality education. It is definitely worth mentioning the full training provided by the site. Through Skype and other ways, clients can learn premium-trading strategies developed by the company’s experts. On the lessons we are talking about the trading psychology, drawing up a trading plan and selecting the best conditions for entering a trade. Lessons are both group and individual.

Four times a week the company’s expert traders have online streams with VIP clients. Shared online trading and market analysis are held on the streams. As stated on the company’s website, one client got + $ 1,172 profit in less than an hour during one of these streams.

Other advantages. Among the other VIP account advantages, it is worth mentioning access to secret strategies made for the trader needs with different levels of training, trading signals and special events being held only for premium users in order to improve their skill level. Also, at such events, expensive prizes and incentive bonuses are given away.

After getting acquainted with the features of the Olymp Trade VIP account, it becomes clear how profitable and comfortable to be a premium client of the broker. If you are still in doubt whether to switch to this type of account, you can use the test drive “VIP account for 48 hours and 72 hours”. Using that you will finally be convinced in the use of this offer.

Reviews on Olymp Trade VIP

Comments about Olymp Trade VIP
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User rating: 4.5 / 5

Comments: 21

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    Inquiry: If i am a novice,and no knowledge in trading ,can i invest for VIP accnt? ..Am I elligible to join to risk free trading earning 25,000$ monthly?



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    Doris johansen

    It’s really so hard to believe that this company was set up to make people as well as investors to lose their funds and to regret their actions. I was so dumb to have associated myself with this scam scheme and i faced the consequences by losing some money at first , but I was reimbursed through the help of professionals from cp-investigation (.) com and I was told to be careful of most investment companies out there.


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    I invested over $250k trading online and all access to make withdrawals of my funds was denied, I got in contact with the customers support but didn’t get a reasonable response from them, all my funds including my profit was stuck on the platform. I was so sad being frustrated over things, until I was advised to contact gavin ray a well known recovery specialist by a friend of mine who has also encounter withdraw issues solved by Gavin , I texted him and presented all legal documents and following all procedures he instructed and he successfully initiated the withdrawal confirming the payment into my bank account, i recommend his services to anyone you can contact him on email gavinray78 gmail com or WhatsApp ‪+‪1 (352) 322‑2096‬.


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    Jay Doris


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    Tarek Nader

    احببت تجربتي على المنصة , الامور سهلة جدا والدعم يسعادني بطريقة عظيمة حتى الآن


  6. avatar

    من أكتر الحاجات الي مميزاها تعدد طرق الدفع، دة مسهل عليا الايداع والسحب بصورة كبيرة جدا لأن دي من اهم الحاجات على اي منصة وبتميزها


  7. avatar
    Mohamed saaed

    اكتر حاجه عجبتني في المنصه الامان الي فيها عندهم امان من اول ما بتخش بتأمن الاكونت بصورة ليك وصورة البطاقه بتعتك ده اول حاجه تاني حاجه بتفعل المصادقه الثنائيه تابعه ل جوجل او فيسبوك ومن هنا بيوصلك كود من جوجل او من الفيسبوك وده بيتغير كل شويه عشان محدش يقدر ياخد الكود ده غيرك ف اعتقد ده نظام حلو جدا لان مفيش حد يقدر يخترق حسابك


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    منصة أكثر من رائعة مريحة وبتضمن الأمان لاي حد بيتداول عليها سواء مبتدئة أو محترفة
    الأكونت التجريبي تجربة مميزة جدا بنقدر نجرب كل الاستراتيجيات مجاني وغير الحساب الاسلامي أوبشن حلو جدا للي عايز يجرب طبقا للشريعة الاسلامية


  9. avatar

    أنا مشوفتش ايداع وسحب بسرعة زي اوليمب تريد صراحة خصوصا لما طلعت في فترة لمستوى متقدم كان بيوصل في اقل من 12 ساعة ودي حاجة مش موجودة في منصات كتيرة جدا


  10. avatar
    Hady Rashed

    انا اكتشفت ان في ناس مش بتعمل ضمن الخطه بتاعتها جزء خسارة يعني حاطين انهم مكسب بس ودي حاجه مش موجوده في اي مكان في الكون مش علي المنصات بس ارجو من الناس تعمل خطه صح يبقي فيها مكسب وخسارة كسبت اقفل وكمل تداول بكرة خسرت نفس الكلام لانه ده الرقم الي انت حاطه تداول سواء كسبته او خسرته يبقي خلاص متكملش عشان هتخسر اكتر لو كملت


  11. avatar
    Majed el Oteiby

    والله أكثر شيء شجعني للتداول هو إني أقدر أبدأ تداول برقم قليل، حتى لو دولار واحد. أقل مبلغ للتداول هو 1 دولار وأقل إيداع 10 دولار بحثت في المنصات الثانية، لقيت مبالغ أكثر من كذا بكثير. شكرًا لكم وأتمنى تستمرون على هذا المستوى، ولا تنسون أحبابكم في المملكة.


  12. avatar
    Mohamed saaed

    عارفين ان في التداول في استراتيجيات كتير جدا لقيت معظمهم علي منصه اوليمب تريد مش عارف ازاي مكنتش واخد بالي كل ده ومش استراتيجيات بس وفي تحليل بانواعه بجد حاجه عظمه لو قدرو يكملو علي العظمه دي يبقي تمام اوي وشكرا ليكو


  13. avatar
    Ahmed Esaam

    اتباعك لاخبار السوق طلع امر مهم مكنتش متخيل انه هيفرق معايا في التداول للدرجه دي انا قلت الموضوع بكتيرة خبر او اتنين هما الي هيظبطو الدنيا بس طلع الموضوع اكبر من كده اهتمو بالاخبار يا جماعه عشان بتفرق جدا وخلو بالكو بس من الاخبار الي بتبقي اي كلام عشان دي بتسوح


  14. avatar
    Hanya Mosaad

    انا مش عارفه ليه بتعلم الفوركس بس خايفه اعمل عليه تداول مع ان الموضوع سهل ومش بياخد وقت مني خالص انا ممكن اسيب الصفقه مفتوحه واعمل ايقاف الخسارة او اخذ الربح وهما هيقفو عند الحد الي بحدده ف دي خاصيه امان حلوة جدا بس مش عارفه مالي بجد


  15. avatar
    Asaad Hany

    جماعه بجد الفرق بين الفكسيد تايم و الفوركس بسيط جدا الفكسيد تايم بيبقي صفقه وليها وقت محدد انت الي بتحدده والصفقه بتنتهي لما الوقت يخلص الفوركس الصفقه بتبقي من غير وقت انت الي بتبداها وانت الي بتقفلها بس متقعدش قدمها طبعا لانها ممكن تاخد وقت كبير انت بتفعل حاجه اسمها ادارة المخاطر وهي بتقوم ب الواجب


  16. avatar
    kamel akrad

    أفضل شيء ممكن تعمله إنك تتعلم من منصة أوليمب تريد. بصراحة التعلم منها كويس جداً، والشرح سهل وبسيط وراح تستفيد منه كثير. وكمان تقدر تطبق اللي اتعلمته على الحساب التجريبي، يعني تتعلم وتطبق عشان تتأكد إنك تقدر تستخدم اللي اتعلمته ولا لا.


  17. avatar
    اصيل بن سليمان

    تجربتي مع هالمنصة مرة زينة، أنا وعيالي بدأنا التداول عليها وتعلمنا من خلال فيديوهاتها. كانت مرة سهلة وصارت تجيب لنا دخل حلو بسبب التعليم الممتاز. وأعتقد لو ما تعلمنا بهالطريقة البسيطة كان ممكن نخسر بدل ما نكسب. مشكورين يا أوليمب


  18. avatar
    معاز الجبيلي

    والله ما في افضل من ال VIP علي olymp Trade, معي محللي الشخصي و اموري ما ازينها. المحلل يتابع و يحسسنس انه انا العميل الوحيد معه، و منين ما طلبت مكالمة، بيتصل و بيساعدني بالتداولات، و بنفس الوقت اضمن حالي و انه انا اللي عم سوي التداولات بيدي، و كثير من المزايا غير الحساب العادي.


  19. avatar

    Ever since I gained VIP status on the platform, I stopped trading on all other platforms, since the perks have literally doubled up, nothing better than having a financial guide that helps you in every aspect, and the platform is one of the best I have traded on so far.


  20. avatar
    asaad hany

    افضل حاجه اوليمب تريد عملتها انهم عاملين حساب اسلامي نقدر نبعد اي شكوك من علي دمغنا او بدال ما ندور بنفسنا ايه الي حرام واصل الشركه منين وبتنتج ايه هما بيعملو ده مكنا وحقيقي دي مبادره منهم حلوة جدا ومسهله عليا فكرة التداول شكرا ليكو اوليمب تريد


  21. avatar

    من افضل المنصات البدأت عليها سهلة فى التحليل وفيها خيارات كتير اذا كان تعليم او اصول كتير تعرف توصل لاخبارها عشان التحليل الخاص بيك ومهتمين جداً بموضوع الحساب السلامى دة عشان الحابب يتداول منغير شبهة شابوة


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