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Stockpair: Broker Review and Trader Feedback

4.0 / 5

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Stockpair specializes in binary and twin options trade and is one of the European market leaders in this sector. Its modern platform does not require installation of any additional software and allows one to trade on any device, anywhere in the world. Advanced security technology with SSL encryption helps ensure the safety of the clients’ financial assets, while tips and advice from client managers help reduce trading errors. have no commissions or secret markups, which helps them keep their operations as transparent as possible.

1. General information

Stockpair is an online trading services provider that belongs to the Nextrade Worldwide network and has been one of the leaders in the binary options market since 1990. The company is regulated by The Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of Cyprus (license number 229/14), which means that all clients of Stockpair can rest assured that their interests are protected by European norms and regulations.

Following the regulations on internet trade, Stockpair employs a highly qualified team of professionals who possess the experience to help beginner traders understand binary and twin options. One can easily feel that Stockpair specialists are ready to do all it takes to make sure their users can benefit from all the offers available from their innovative trading platform.

2. Advantages and disadvantages

Regulated in the EU: This broker’s operations are regulated by the CySec, which implies that Stockpair follows the rules and regulations of the European financial markets.

Unique trading tool – pair options: Apart from the traditional “above/below” binary options, Stockpair offers its clients another type of contract: the so called pair options, the profitability of which does not depend on the general changes in the market and is defined by the relative movement of the prices between two particular assets.

Wide selection of reference materials: Stockpair are serious about increasing the level of professionalism among their clients, as more successful traders ensure the growth of the broker itself.

Safety of transactions and personal data: The company uses an electronic encryption system based on the SSL protocol in all its data transmissions, guaranteeing high security of transactions.

Efficient customer support: when testing this broker, we were impressed by how quickly the customer support services respond to client queries, by the friendliness of tone and quality of their answers to our questions.

No demo account: in spite of the fact that one does not need to add money to one’s account in order to get oneself acquainted with the platform, traders are required to make a deposit in order to start trading with a real account.

3. Trading conditions

Stockpair offers quite favorable trading conditions for both beginners, and those with significant experience in financial markets. This broker allows you to select the appropriate deposit amount, depending on which the system automatically assigns one of the following types of account: “Standard”, “Silver”, “Gold”, “Platinum” or “VIP”, as well as related services. A minimum deposit on the Stockpair platform is $250, which is close to the average for the brokerage services industry for binary options.

The minimum bet is $20, which is a fairly high threshold, particularly for high-risk strategies, so when you start with the amounts that are close to the minimum deposit, it is recommended to begin trading using more conservative tactics and longer option expiration times.

4. Underlying assets

This broker offers a wide selection of tradable assets, allowing one to choose a favourable market strategy irrespective of one’s experience with binary options. These assets include commodities (gold, silver, oil and gas), the most popular currency pairs (EUR/GBP, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, etc), shares of large corporations (including such companies as Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft), and major stock indices (FTSE, DOW, AEX, etc). In total, Stockpair provides access to more than 150 assets, which is a rather impressive number compared to other market participants.

5. Trading platform

As one of the oldest companies in the world of online binary options trading, Stockpair offers a stable trading platform which has already processed a significant volume of trading transactions. The platform is based on the market pricing system and ensures that traders are provided with the most recent market data.

The platform offers 256-bit encryption based on SSL, which, with the help of modern technology, ensures absolute safety of all ongoing deals and the account itself.

Stockpair’s platform allows trading in classical binary options, the profitability of which depends on the price movement of the underlying asset, as well as a unique instrument called ‘pair option.’ The essence of the latter is as follows: the trader needs to determine the relative price movement in a pair of two assets; for example, when opening an option on Google's growth in the Google-Apple pair, the trader will profit if the stocks of Google grow by a larger amount than those of Apple throughout the predetermined life of the option. The advantage of this tool is that even with negative movement on the entire market, one can make profit from the difference in the fall in asset prices that compose the pairs. In other words, if Google’s stock price falls less than that of Apple, the trade in the above example will still be closed in profit despite the overall negative market conditions.

In addition to the above, the Stockpair trading platform contains a number of useful services, including “Close”, which allows traders to prematurely cancel any open trade before the predetermined expiry time of the option. Thus, when facing a sudden, sharp change in market conditions that are clearly unprofitable, the trader can retain a portion of the initial investment, closing the trade before its expiration.

Every client of Stockpair can also enjoy the benefits of the trading platform on their mobile device by downloading a free app for Android or iOS. Mobile trading platforms allow the trader to access their account and “stay in the market” from anywhere in the world, as long as there is an Internet connection.

6. Types of accounts

Stockpair takes into account the varying needs and experience levels of a wide variety of online traders, and offers a total of five types of accounts, designed to meet the specific needs of each type of client:

  • A standard account can be opened starting with a minimum deposit of $250 and gives access to all functions of the trading platform and also to all basic study and reference materials.
  • In order to open a ‘Silver’ account, one needs to add a deposit of at least $1,000. This type of account increases the maximum size of the open market position to $1,000 and opens up the first level of a unique Stockpair system of rewards, where the trader receives an automatic 0.5% monthly income from all available funds in their account.
  • The minimum deposit amount for owners of the ‘Gold’ accounts is $5,000. This type of account is suitable for mid-level traders who may require some help from a personal manager, which is a standard feature of this account.
  • The minimum deposit for ‘Platinum’ accounts is $20,000. This option is designed to meet the needs of experienced traders, and offers monthly income on account funds in the amount of 2%.
  • And, finally, the “VIP” account is meant for high-profile online traders. The minimum deposit for the owners of this account is $50,000. It is designed to meet the highest demands of professional traders, and offers automatic passive income of up to 3% per month from the available account balance.

7. Deposits and withdrawals

This broker offers a standard set of methods for depositing and withdrawing funds: credit cards, direct bank transfers, and electronic payment systems such as Skrill (Moneybookers), Neteller and Sofort. One can register their trader's room and fund the account directly on the homepage of the broker. When opening an account, you can choose one of the three currencies to carry out the transactions: US dollar, euro, or the British pound.

Withdrawal requests can be submitted at any time in the ‘My Account’ section of the trading platform by clicking on ‘Withdrawal’. Financial brokerage department processes applications within two working days (usually in one day), and then the approved application is sent to the chosen transaction service, which takes another three to seven business days, depending on the policy of each particular counterparty. To make the withdrawal of funds as quick as possible it is recommended to verify your account immediately after making the first deposit. This can be done by providing the broker with a copy of an identity document, the certificate of current residence, and a scan of both sides of the card which was used for funding the account.

8. Bonuses

Stockpair offers decent first-deposit bonuses for beginner traders. Before one starts trading binary and pair options, the company offers a possibility to receive a welcome bonus of up to $500 to help one make the first steps in the binary options market. It serves primarily as additional capital to increase the profits rather than “free money” that can be withdrawn right away. Moreover, as mentioned above, Stockpair offers automatic monthly income of between 0.5% and 3% of the account balance, depending on the type of the account (available for “Silver” accounts and higher).

9. Help and support

Without any doubt, efficient customer support is one the main reasons why Stockpair has one of the leading positions in the binary options market - the 24/7 customer service via multiple channels is quite impressive. One can get help from the company’s specialists through a live chat option on the company’s website, by email or on the phone.

10. Should I trade with Stockpair?

Summarizing our experience with Stockpair, it can be said that the company is clearly investing a lot into following their own slogan: ‘We are working hard to create the ideal conditions for you to trade.’ Overall, the company provides a competitive enough level of service, which, coupled with the additional opportunities offered by the pair options, as well as operational support services and a streamlined process of profit withdrawal, enables us to recommend Stockpair to both novice and experienced traders seeking to reach new heights in the sophisticated art of online trading.

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