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Copyop is a new innovative platform offering traders a number of services to improve their performance and profitability. The system allows you to get involved in a variety of activities, including scanning the market for the profitable deals, copying the best deals into your own trading account, and exchanging ideas and tips with an entire community of active traders.


The emergence of new technologies tends to bring along changes in the way people invest and trade. Particularly in the last ten years, such changes have been quite impressive, leading, among other things, to a much more connected environment for market participants. The introduction of binary options trading has led to the development of a number of different supporting platforms that aim at helping their participants trade more efficiently and thus more profitably. Copyop is one of the largest platforms of this kind. It provides services that are unique due to the approach they take in generating trading signals: contrary to the traditional algorithms, Copyop is a purely social platform. In other words, its users are encouraged to observe and copy successful traders, thus improving their own understanding of the market and trading skills.

The benefits of using Copyop run both ways: beginner traders are offered a chance to copy the best deals, thus earning their first profit while making their first steps on the binary options market; experienced traders, in turn, get rewarded for their skills: each time someone copies your trade you receive points, which can later be exchanged for real money.


Copyop offers its users a number of unique features to help both beginners and experienced traders reach new heights using the power of social interactions.

User statistics: this system allows you to monitor other successful traders by observing their live deal data. This will also allow your progress to be monitored by others. Various information, such as popularity statistics for particular deals, is available to all users of the platform.

Copy trades. Essentially, whenever a trade is executed by someone, you can copy it to your account, automatically opening the same position with the same asset, in the same direction. This feature allows novice traders to make profit while learning, making the start of your trading career much more effective and enjoyable at the same time.

Hot table: yet another specific feature available on the platform. It allows you to track the latest and the most profitable trades by top users. There are three parts to this section, each of which will provide access to information about at least 20 top traders: Best Trades, Best Traders, and Best Copiers.


In order to start using the platform, you are going to need to register a personal account. This can be done in one of the following ways: either creating an account in a traditional way using an email and a password, signing up using your Facebook account (this option is the quickest), or logging in using your AnyOption account credentials (the broker is the official partner of the platform).

At the moment Copyop operates with three currencies – EUR, GBP, and USD. Please note that once registered, it will become impossible for you to change the base currency, so it is worth doing some research on the matter prior to completing your registration. Once registered, you will be able to browse the lists of top traders and use other features right away. Once you have spent some time browsing, you will be able to find numerous traders whose trading strategies you find appealing and worth copying. Make sure you don’t immediately rush into copying your chosen trader’s behavior though – instead, it is recommended to spend some time watching their deals to get a better idea of their skills. Once you have started following a trader, you will receive notifications every time they execute a trade.

Deposits and withdrawals

Funds can be deposited on the platform using a debit/credit card, such as Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Direct bank transfers are also an option. A deposit is not required to get acquainted with the platform, so it is perfectly fine to open an account and leave it empty with no money on it while familiarizing yourself with how the platform works and watching how others trade. If you log in using your AnyOption account, you will be able to use the existing funds on that account on Copyop as well.


Copyop is also known for the highly effective support that it provides to all of its clients, in particular to novice traders. It is fairly easy to contact customer support in a number of ways, including email an online form. It is also advisable to refer to the FAQ section before you start trading – this will allow you to learn the basics and feel more comfortable with the interface of the platform. Once you have completed your registration, you will get a phone call from the team, and will also be able to contact them on the phone further on; there are several telephone numbers that you will be able to use.


Copyop can be characterizes as one of the most modern and innovative social trading platforms on the binary options market. Trading is made easy with the help of a convenient user interface, allowing both novice and experienced traders to start using the system almost effortlessly. Copyop allows beginners to learn from successful traders by observing and copying their strategies, while giving the experienced traders an opportunity to earn additional income through their skills.