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TradeThunder – Broker Review and Trader Feedback

4.1 / 5

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TradeThunder was founded in June 2015, as the first broker based on the Leverate BX8 Platform. The objective of TradeThunder was to bring an innovative transparent Binary Option broker option to the all interested investors. They have worked closely with the underlying developers to create a platform that brings to the trader what the trader wants and needs in terms of their offerings and function ability of the platform.

1. TradeThunder – the ease of trading

One of the newest trading platforms with the most unique trading interface that is seen in the market allows the trader an exciting and comfortable trading experience. The trading room offers call (high) and put (low) binary options in different asset categories (indices, currencies, stocks and commodities). TradeThunder has recently added long term options including end-of-day, one month, two month, four month and end-of-year expiries.

2. Advantages and disadvantages

Innovative Trading Platform: an exceptional trading experience with its incomparable trader marketplace view. It has worked closely with the designers to continue to advance the users experience.

Low minimum deposit: one can start trading with a deposit of as small as $20 with a minimum undertaking of $1.

Demo accounts: with a free demo account, traders can try out the platform and get familiar with it and see one that differs from those that traders are familiar with.

US Traders Accepted: TradeThunder accepts traders from all locations including the US, excluding Canada and Israel.

One-Click Trading: TradeThunder offers a unique feature to the binary options market. This feature allows you, after setting your personal preferences for trading to execute your trade with the click of one button. This allows for faster trading.

A limited number of assets: at the present time TradeThunder offers only 68 assets. They have conveyed to us their intention to add more assets soon.

Platform Issues in the past: TradeThunder has been around for about 18 months. There were some stability issues initially that have been resolved. BX8 was sold by Leverate to Pandora, LTD who is committed to continued advancement and dependability of the platform in the future.

Across Device Limitations: TradeThunder’s platform works well on all PC devices as well as Android based mobile and tablet devices. There have been issues from time to time on the IOS system.

3. Trading conditions

TradeThunder’s model is one of a minimum deposit broker. This allows novice or beginner traders to test their trading ability for a smaller financial commitment. With deposits as low as $20 and trades from $1 anyone can try out TradeThunder and judge the platform on their own. TradeThunder also allows for deposits of larger amounts and a maximum trade of $500 at this time so it is appropriate for more seasoned traders as well.

TradeThunder has a variety of option expiration times available to traders. There are the classic expiries between 5 and 60 minutes. They also offer the highly popular 60 second options. As mentioned above, TradeThunder now offers End-of-day expiries as well as long-term expiry opportunities from one month to end-of-year.

4. Underlying assets

TradeThunder offers a variety of tradable assets in the major asset categories mentioned above. Although the number of assets is lower than the average binary option broker, their offerings make available most of the highest traded assets in the market. We hope that TradeThunder comes through with its commitment to enlarge their offering soon. If a trader does not see an asset that they would like to trade, they are free to contact TradeThunder and TradeThunder will try to add the specific asset requested in a reasonable time.

5. Trading platform

TradeThunder was the initial and most successful broker to have started its operations on the BX8 stage. TradeThunder’s management has had years of experience in the binary options market and has brought their input to the BX8 management and has and continues to have influence on the further development and advancement of the platform. TradeThunder states that trader input is invaluable and is willing to bring that input to the BX8 management and developers.

6. Mobile Trading

As mentioned above, one of the drawbacks of the TradeThunder platform is its non-stability on the IOS based devices. TradeThunder is working to address this issue and finish development regarding this to have stability soon.

7. Demo account

TradeThunder offers a free Demo Account to all its registrants regardless of deposit or not. The Demo platform is identical in every way to that of the “real-money” platform which allows potential traders to get the true feel of the TradeThunder experience. The demo account starts with a balance of $1,000. If that amount is used up a refill is offered upon request.

8. VIP accounts

TradeThunder offers a diversity of packages available to depositors with advantages and benefits for all levels of investors. These packages are available for account holders of $200 or more. They present a Pro account for depositors above $1,000 and a VIP account for investors of $5,000 or more.

9. Opening an account

When registering for an account with TradeThunder, all you have to do is fill out the information requested on the Open Account Page. You will receive an email confirming your account has been open. Every account that is registered has immediate access to a demo account through a link that TradeThunder’s customer support will provide you or you can ask for it from the Live Chat. Depositing is quick and easy and can be made on the website or through the trading platform directly.

10. Funds withdrawal

To request a withdrawal one can go to the Refund and Return Policy page and simply click on the Withdraw button to initiate the withdrawal process. One must be logged in to the web site and all that is needed to supply is the withdrawal amount requested. Before any withdrawal can be completed, all KYC documents must be supplied and reviewed. Once the documents are approved, the withdrawal process will begin. Any withdrawal up to the amount of the deposits made will be refunded within 48 hours. Additional funds will be reviewed and process within 3 to 5 business days. You can see the details of minimum withdrawal amounts and methods of withdrawals on TradeThunder’s site.

11. Trader training

TradeThunder offers training for its traders through its Educational Center. There are videos and various pages on subjects from simple “What are Binary Options?” to trading strategies. TradeThunder will not advise a trader as to what trade to make at a given time nor will they trade for a customer under a managed account. They do however provide daily asset indicators regarding certain assets that indicate if they think that the asset will move in a certain direction on the following day based on its movement in the past. They will not however indicate a specific price or expiry time for a trade to be made. This is up to the trader themselves to review what is provided and to do additional research to make their decision.

12. Should I trade with TradeThunder?

TradeThunder is a user-friendly platform that makes the easy world of trading binary options easier. With their minimum deposit approach, it is a platform that can be accessed and used by all traders from beginners to advanced traders. With their free demo offering you are free to test their platform without any financial obligation and see what they are about. The main concern is the instability on IOS devices at this time. With a platform that is continuing to add to its offerings, we are interested to see what other features they will bring to the market like their 1-Click trading feature.

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