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Trader’s Buddy – Review and Trader Feedback

4.4 / 5

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1. General Information

Many traders have a single wish – if they could have someone to assist them and help them when they need that extra piece of information. That is also the premise of Trader’s Buddy – unique and innovative binary trading software that helps you reach the level of payouts you always dreamed of.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages

Web-based software: Access the interface from your internet browser.

Multiple trading approaches: Traders can trade both semi-automatically and participate in.

Customer support: Professional agents ready to help.

US restriction: Doesn’t accept trader from the USA

3. Trading Conditions

Traders who decide to open an account with Trader’s Buddy can expect an exciting trading interface that they describe as the easiest way to boost profits, connect with binary professionals and reduce risk. Trader’s Buddy software is also a good choice for beginners who never traded binary options before.

All documents regarding terms and conditions, data privacy and risk disclosure can be found in the footer of the website, and we consider that a sign of transparency. Trader’s Buddy has nothing to hide from its users.

4. Assets

Trader’s Buddy is a trading software that is focused primarily on currency pairs. Traders can see them in a special menu in the bottom left corner. Also, there they can find the trades they place or voted on in the past. Such approach allows them a better understanding of their actions on binary options markets and supports them in learning from past mistakes.

5. Trading Platform

Trader’s Buddy platform has two major benefits – it supports semi-automated and social trading.
Social trading, which is all the rage these days, is simply based on the community’s prediction how the price will move in the future. All social trading assets are listed on the left side of the trading interface. On the right side is a position where semi-automated trading signals take place, and traders simply have to place the trade or ignore it.

Trader’s Buddy also supports three different algorithms that are suitable for different types of traders.

Rush options is an algorithm that is created for trades with expiry time up to 120 seconds. Traders who prefer this algorithm are more prone to risk and expect fast profits.

Basers is an algorithm for traders who prefer medium term trades up to 4h. This is considered to be a basic algorithm and the golden middle, suitable for most traders.

Investo is an algorithm that is meant for long-term trading up to expiry time of 3 days. It is created for more conservative traders who prefer lower, but steady income.

6. Mobile Trading

Trader’s Buddy has no mobile trading app. Still, traders who prefer on the go can easily select to access the trading dashboard from their web browser. All they need to do is know their login credentials and that’s it! Also, traders can access the platform from any computer, tablet, mobile phone, or any other device that can be connected to the internet.

7. Demo Account

Trader’s Buddy doesn’t support the demo account. Considering it is a free software, it would be over the top if they offered a free demo as well. Traders can check out all the features and setting as soon as they register but can start trading only after they place a deposit with a broker.

8. Account Types

Trader’s Buddy doesn’t offer any form of special account types, and that gives all traders equal chances. All features, algorithm and trading styles are available to all traders, no matter how much they deposit.

9. Opening an Account

Trader’s Buddy claims that it takes only 5 minutes to open an account, and we decided to test that.
First, traders must fill out the online form available on the website. The form requires only basic information and no private data like credit card number etc. The next step is entering the trading dashboard and making a deposit with a broker offered by Trader’s Buddy. It is not possible to use Trader’s Buddy and make a real profit without making a deposit with a broker. This is a common practice among binary software providers.

The last step is actual trading, and traders can select between social trading and semi-automated trading, whoever they prefer more.

10. Withdrawal

Trader’s Buddy is a completely free software and traders never deposit with it, but with one of the brokers available on the platform. This also indicates that all withdrawals are processed by the broker, too. The usual amount of deposit is $250, while minimum withdrawal amount depends on the broker exclusively. All brokers we encountered during Trader’s Buddy review have a solid reputation that ensures traders they will be trading in a safe environment. Withdrawal usually takes a couple of days to be processed, and usually, have some terms and conditions attached.

11. Trader Training

Traders who decide to use Trader’s Buddy get a chance to follow all news and updates that could affect their trading. There is even a News section directly on the dashboard where traders can find out more. We strongly recommend utilizing all available educational materials, tools, and features for the best possible user experience.

12. Should I trade with Trader’s Buddy?

Trader’s Buddy is an amazing software in many ways, but first and foremost because it offers social trading. Social trading has become one of the most popular types of trading, but not many software are advanced enough to offer it. Trader’s Buddy is, and we definitely appreciate it.

Traders can also try semi-automated trading based on trading signals that are delivered directly to the trading dashboard.
Trader’s Buddy managed to create a software that is very user-friendly and all traders can easily navigate it, no matter their level of knowledge. This is very important as most traders don’t want to trade with complicated software that requires downloads and a long time to get familiar with.

Trader’s Buddy really can be your best friend in trading, and it can definitely take your trading to a whole new level you never reached before.

Reviews on Trader’s Buddy

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User rating: 3.8 / 5

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