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TR Binary Options: Broker Review and Trader Feedback

4.2 / 5

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TR Binary Options (formerly TradeRush) is one of the leading Western European brokerage companies that specialises in binary options trading. It was founded in 2011 and gained almost immediate success among traders in several countries, mostly thanks to its quick and easy-to-use platform that allows one to trade currencies, stocks, commodities, and indices using binary options.

1. General information

TR offers a wide variety of binary options trading instruments to benefit both novice and experienced traders. The corporate headquarters are located in the UK, and there are local offices in other European countries.

Since its inception, the company has gained respect for its modern trading platform, wide variety of assets in each of the four main categories (stocks, commodities, currencies, and indices), speedy funds withdrawal process, and assistance offered to beginner traders. With an innovative approach to their business, TR have been recognised as leaders in binary options trading by a number of independent ratings. Let us have a more detailed look at this broker.

2. Advantages and disadvantages

Familiar trading interface. TR developed its platform based on SpotOption, with a design that a lot of traders will find familiar and comfortable to use; most beginners will be able to learn to use the interface within just a couple of minutes.

Wide choice of assets. There are over 140 different underlying assets available for trading on TR’s platform. On top of that, there is a separate ‘Pairs’ category, which allows betting on relative performance of any two assets, e.g. Apple vs Microsoft stocks.

Multilingual platform. Both the site and the trading platform are available in 8 languages.

Mobile trading. A dedicated version of the trading platform is available to iOS users, offering the same assets and instruments as the original version.

Trader education. The broker’s website has a separate section where one can learn more about binary options, choose a trading strategy and also download an e-book written by the company’s analysts.

24/7 support. Every user can talk to one of the client managers or address their questions to the customer support service. You can get assistance 24/7 and you typically won’t have to wait long.

Doubling up and extending trades. TR’s trading platform offers an opportunity to double the stake of a trade that is already live, when you are sure that the option is going to expire with a profit and you’d like to increase your investment. If the option is still in the ‘non-profit zone’ close to the expiration time, you can also extend the expiration time in order to increase the probability of a positive outcome.

High return on investment. In the case of an erroneous forecast the broker will return up to 10% of your deal amount. You can turn this feature on and off since it influences the amount of profit you will make in the case of a correct forecast.

Welcome bonuses. Every newly registered trader is offered a welcome bonus of between 20% and 75% of the deposit amount.

No demo account. At the moment it is not possible to get oneself acquainted with the platform and test your strategies with the help of a demo account.

3. Trading conditions

TR offers their clients a binary options trading platform that operates on the basis of the widely used SpotOption core. Expiration times vary between 60 seconds and six months. The minimum deposit threshold is $200, while a minimum investment amounts to $10 for standard options and $5 for short-term options. Average return on successful deals is around 80%; for some advanced types of option contracts it can reach up to 450%.

4. Underlying assets

The number of assets available on this platform is above 140, which is quite high by industry standards, and they come under one of the four main categories: stock indices, individual stocks, commodities, and currency pairs. There is an additional category called ‘Pairs’, where any two assets from the first three categories can “compete against each other”. Experienced traders will be happy to see more exotic currencies, such as GBP/NZD, USD/SEK, USD/SGD, etc. Such variety allows traders to try out new markets and develop new trading strategies, increasing diversification and reducing risks.

5. Trading platform

The trading platform of is based on SpotOption’s award-winning system. Among the main advantages of this platform are fast deal execution, neat design, comfortable interface where everything you need is within reach, as well as a possibility to open several trading charts for different assets and types of options at the same time (only linear charts available). In addition to that, one can trade from anywhere in the world as long as there is a stable internet connection. A mobile platform is downloadable for free and available for Android and iOS users.

There are three types of options contracts available:

  • The ‘classical’ binary option. In this case you need to predict the behaviour of the price of the underlying asset within a certain time frame and open a corresponding trade. Pay-outs in case of correct forecasts can reach 80% of the deal amount.
  • 60-second options, also known as ‘turbo’ options. This type of instrument is popular among more active traders. It is, essentially, the ‘classical’ binary option with a shorter expiration time, which can be as short as one minute.
  • ‘One touch’. This is the most profitable type of instrument on the platform. The system sets two price levels and the trader needs to forecast whether the price is going to touch one of the two or not. Profitability of such trades may reach and even exceed 450%.
  • ‘Constructor’. This is not your standard type of options contract: you build your option yourself by choosing its expiration dates, profitability level and the underlying asset.

The platform also offers a number of useful features that you may like to focus on:

  • ‘DoubleUp’. If you are confident about the outcome of a trade, you may wish to activate this function - it will double both the investment and your profit in case of a successful forecast.
  • ‘RollOver’. Sometimes you will find yourself lacking just a couple of seconds/minutes in order for your open trade to become profitable. This feature will help you by extending the expiration time of the option.
  • You can also close the trade before its initially defined expiration time. In this case, however, the profit will be lower than the normal payout.

6. Types of accounts

This broker offers its clients five versions of trading accounts, depending on the initial deposit:

  • Mini ($200 - $499). This is a starter account, yet it too comes with a bonus of 20%, a daily market overview, and free educational materials.
  • Standard ($500 - $999). With a bonus of 30% as well as daily and weekly market overviews this account is a more beneficial version of the previous type.
  • Executive ($1000 - $2999). The welcome bonus is 40%, and in addition to the above mentioned features the Executive account offers the following advantages: faster funds withdrawal, personal account manager, an individual trading strategy, participation in a money management training programme.
  • Gold ($5000 - $9999). The bonus amounts to 50% in this case, and all of the above mentioned features are available, with an addition of several risk-free trades, 3 trading strategies, and tailored professional analytics.
  • Platinum. For deposits of $10000 and above, you will be granted a welcome bonus of 75%. This type of account offers 3 free same-day money withdrawals per month and a free iPad for mobile trading.

7. Deposits and Withdrawals

On the main page of the company’s website you will find the registration form which you will need to fill in in order to open an account with TR Binary Options. You will need to input your personal information – your name, surname, telephone number, and your email address. Then you will need to confirm your registration and enter your desired password. In order to withdraw funds for the first time, you will need to verify your account (this is a one-time procedure) by submitting a scan of your personal ID - this is a standard procedure for regulated market participants which is aimed at fighting money laundering and also helps guarantee the safety of your funds.

Deposits and withdrawals are available using Visa, MasterCard and other popular types of credit cards. The broker also works with bank transfers and electronic payment systems, such as Skrill (MoneyBookers) and Neteller. Funds withdrawals take three working days for standard account types, Platinum accounts have their applications processed within one working day. It must also be noted that there is a fixed commission for withdrawals via wire transfer amounting to $30.

8. Trader education

One of the main benefits of TR Binary Options is their training programme and the assistance that they offer to their clients. There is a section on the broker’s website that contains an extensive selection of electronic materials, including an e-book and professional development courses. An interactive video series, for instance, informs you about the benefits of trading as well as teaches strategy selection basics and effective risk management strategies.

Each client, irrespective of their account type, has the opportunity to receive daily market overviews produced by the company’s analysts, attend free webinars, and turn to support for help. In case of questions or technical issues you can also request a personal consultant who will contact you through Skype, on the phone, or through the chat on the website.

9. Should I trade with TR?

Top reviews, a speedy platform, lots of assets, step-by-step training, as well as helpful and efficient staff all make TR Binary Options one of the best brokers in the industry. Numerous positive reviews and industry awards hint that this company’s clients never lack help, attention, or quality services, and are able to focus on profitable trading instead of worrying about the infrastructure.

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Reviews on TR Binary Options

Comments about TR Binary Options
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User rating: 4.6 / 5

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    I’ve been working with TR for a year. Earned $3812 totally. Had no problems withdrawing profits. Colleagues also never had a problem. They give kind of advices which are actually nice but I don’t use them of personal reasons. Call-center and support doing well. For now, I’m fully satisfied.

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