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3.7 / 5 is a Digital Contracts financial trading platform that allows synthetic trading of a range of asset classes. In other words, short term speculative trades on a prediction model (higher or lower) with defined expiry times. Uniquely, it is possible to earn returns of up to 400% within minutes on just a single trade.

General Information

Launched in 2018, is one of the first ever trading platforms built on Ethereum’s blockchain utilising smart contract technology. In a nutshell this means it is a broker-less and fraud free platform with all the additional benefits of a typical broker platform.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Modest minimum requirements: minimum deposit starts from just $10 and trade size requirement is as low as $1.

Exclusive features: such as built-in risk management and emotion control feature.

Proprietary and revolutionary platform: which allows them to maintain and update it, constantly improving it and adapting it to the needs of their traders.

Multiple deposit and withdrawal methods: including the option to trade using the off-site wallet account (known as the “broker-less” account), or the new DeFi Boost Wallet account which allows users to deposit and trade with their top DeFi coins.

Impressively high ROI: according to traders can achieve ROI ranging from 90% up to 400% in mere minutes.

Incentive program: for example, each week a trader who generates the highest weekly volume is given $1K. And not only that, at the end of every year a whopping $50K is given away to the trader with the highest yearly volumes!

An exclusive on-line store: called Trader’s Bay, wherein users can “buy” upgrades such as higher payouts, larger trade sizes, more concurrent open positions and much more.

Unique EPICs and Reverse Futures: with Spectre, users can also trade Digital Contracts on historical prices with their own exclusive asset class – EPIC and Reverse Futures.

Small educational library: however, Spectre tell us that the ‘Spectre Educational Academy’ will be introduced onto the platform soon and will contain a full and comprehensive range of training videos for new and existing traders alike.

Geographical restrictions: does not accept traders from many countries, including USA, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Caymans, Iran, Syria, Cyprus, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, Guam, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, North Korea (correct as of November 2020, please check website for up to date list of restricted countries).

Trading Conditions

Users trade directly against a decentralised pool of liquidity, without the necessity of specific P2P matches. As such, users are trading against a decentralised balance sheet that is available at all times 24/7 to be traded against on demand. Consequently, there is no opportunity whatsoever for fraudulent broker activity, making it a trustworthy and worry-free platform.

The price feed utilized by the Digital Contracts trading platform comes from two reliable and trusted sources that are frequently audited. themselves have no control over the actual price so that’s yet another potential problem taken out of the process.

Underlying Assets

Users can trade on the direction of financial products on an array of assets. As you would expect, this includes the usual currency pairs and popular commodities/metals such as gold and silver, using live spot prices, but that is where any similarities to other trading platforms ends.

In 2019 Spectre added EPIC to its offering. EPIC, which stands for Epochal Price Index Composite, mimics live markets and provides an aggregate of past market movements. The overwhelming success of these Euro-based currency pairs, traded through time, prompted the introduction in 2020 of Reverse Futures.

Reverse Futures allow traders to speculate on real world equities, but historically. This currently includes Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, Tesla, Facebook, Reliance and TCS. They are synthetically constructed from historical price data and then streamed forward in time. These historical contracts can be traded just like any other but, unlike forex, are also available 24/7 (including weekends and bank holidays). With expiries from just one second to end of day, they offer returns from 90% (up to 400% for 3 consecutive winning trades).

Trading Platform

With a one-of-a-kind trading interface built in-house, the Spectre interface is based on dynamic graphs, which show the current moving asset prices in real time.

In-platform features include:

  • Charting Tools and Indicators
  • Trading calendar and news alerts
  • Built-in in-depth analytics
  • Trade Setups on a range of timeframes


Traders can also view their current open trade positions, along with their expired positions and respective outcomes. When trades are running, they can even be closed early, thereby de-risking it.

There is also a rathe unique feature – emotion/risk control. This feature is meant to help prevent over-trading. This feature can be set-up by any trader and can substantially help in managing the risk of losses.

Mobile Trading

The Spectre trading app for Android devices allows users to stay in the market and access the full range of markets on the go. It also includes the important features of the online version, such as technical analysis, charting and risk management, tailored to the capabilities of mobile trading.

Demo Account

Spectre offer access to a completely free demo account that requires no deposit with unlimited virtual funds. This demo account allows all new users to experience some risk-free trading to get them prepared for the real thing, and allows experienced traders to familiarise themselves with the benefits of the Spectre platform.

Account Types

Users can either choose to trade directly on the platform itself (on-site trading account) or use the off-site trading account option mentioned earlier (“broker-less” wallet account).

On-site deposit options are numerous. Spectre have partnered with Finrax and added 20+ crypto coins, meaning they now offer one of the widest choices of coins that users can deposit with. Other options include Fasapay, Skrill, Neteller, Uphold, AdvCash, debit/credit cards and more (all depending on geo).

With the fully decentralised broker-less trading option, users don’t have to actually deposit as all trades are initiated by them through their cryptocurrency (ETH) wallet whilst using the platform. Furthermore, the use of blockchain technology allows all the trades to be audited in real-time and verified to provide unprecedented levels of transparency to the trading platform. It is really important to emphasize here that it is this that ensures the total transparency and complete safety of funds that Spectre like to shout about.

The final option is the DeFi Boost wallet where users can trade and deposit using their top DeFi coins. Current DeFi coins supported include SNX, KNC, BAND, LINK, USDC, PAX but we understand Spectre will adding many more in the coming months.

Opening an Account

Upon registration users get an immediate and unlimited access to the Spectre trading platform with a risk-free practice (demo) account, and can start trading immediately with virtual funds. They can then upgrade at any time to a real account inside the platform (whether it be a regular account, wallet account or DeFi account), and switch between accounts with ease.

Funds Withdrawal

Funds can be withdrawn in various ways mentioned previously. Withdrawals can be initialised with ease inside the platform.

Every user is strictly KYC’d and passes appropriate AML checks. Spectre conducts a highly transparent operation with no hidden fees or charges for the traders to bear. Also, there are no charges or fees for inactive accounts.

Trader Training

Spectre is strongly dedicated to improving and the trading skills of their clients and increasing their level of financial awareness. The education section inside the platform contains a video tutorial along with a series of videos on trading patterns, how they work and to use them in trading practice.

We have also been informed by the Spectre team that they will soon be adding the “Spectre Academy”. The Spectre Academy fully automated course is meant for newbies, who are struggling in Digital Contracts. This education course, is structured in a way to help traders improve their skills in trade setups and risk management. Users will be taught basic technical skills which cover bollinger-band and candle-stick theory and, as a final step, will be asked to grow a small real-money account. After an audit of the latter, users will be awarded the Certified Digital Contract Analyst (CDCA) certificate.

Should I Trade with Spectre ?

As Spectre makes its money on the volumes traded through the platform, so, in essence, the trade outcome is irrelevant to them. In contrast to most platforms that earn money when the traders lose, causing conflict of interest, Spectre is interested in having the traders confidently trade high volumes on its platform, because high volumes mean more fees can be collected.

For the safest, most transparent way to trade online, Spectre is the answer. Feedback shows that traders are more than satisfied with the business model, love the user-friendly, fast and professional UI and feel safe trading.

With over 46,000 traders on the platform to date, Spectre is becoming the go-to avenue for high frequency, high return trading loved by traders, hated by brokers, and despised by scammers.

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  1. avatar

    I just trade with them recommended to me by an influencer. I try it. I like it. Really simple, reliable and most importantly, I win they pay.


  2. avatar

    I found Spectre 2 years, never had any problems trading there. They always process withdrawals in time and their platform has unique assets like EPIC which I like to trade.


  3. avatar

    I´ve been trading with since 2018. Their payouts are great, very wide range of expiries, simple to use. Most important of all… hassle free withdrawals! 100% recommended!


  4. avatar
    Natalie Zack

    They have a good business model and sounds promising. They do not make money from client losses. Take only a small percentage of volume despite the outcome – win/lose, no other broker can say this.

    They cover a lot of payment methods but I simply use credit card as it is easy. Their EPIC 5000 is truly EPIC and Reverse futures keeps my adrenaline pumping but sometimes charts load slow. Need to improve that part but overall still okay and fair.


  5. avatar
    Sapu Jagad

    Heard about a year ago and it offer a revolution in trading platform as it calls brokerless. I am based in Indonesia and I could see their rapid changing from last year, Amazing!

    It’s countless what they have been done till this minutes, from ETH to Fiat and last not least Defi, traderbay with a huge booster for your trading max results, variety range in Assets, fantastic affiliates commission structure (no more laughing on somebody loss), tremendous customer supports and they are not stopping because more comes to the plate.

    The box is not enough to write down one by one on their improvements. Keep the hardwork and be revolutionary! Mantap, maju terus Spectre.


  6. avatar
    Blade Cruz

    It’s exceptionally hard to believe that this business was founded with the intention of causing customers and investors to lose money and regret their decisions. I was very foolish to have joined this fraud, and I first lost some money as a result. However, with the assistance of experts from Cp-investigation (.) com I was refunded and advised to be wary of most investing firms out there.


  7. avatar
    Luke cane

    Approximately three months ago I got a text from the support. I started depositing money to them using their Ai system to trade by myself but the system kept requesting for more funds while they was trading everyday the amount yield good value in my account. Today I have reached the system about withdrawing my money but not responding. Until I came across a recovery specialist called Gavin ray he took up the case and recovered my asset from the platform get intouch with him on mail gavinray78 at gmail dotcom


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    Jay Doris


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