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Signal Samurai – Review and Trader Feedback

4.0 / 5

Signal Samurai is an unusual type of binary options signal provider operating under the Japanese ‘Bushido’ code of honor. Not only does use an algorithm to generate reliable, live binary options signals, in a proficient way, but also aspires proudly to the ancient Samurai code of conduct.

What makes Signal Samurai stand out from other binary options signal providers is the Samurai promise made to traders using the service. According to the unwritten Bushido code, the signals and information delivered by Signal Samurai are provided with deep respect for honor, truthfulness, compassion and courage.

1. General Information

Our review of Signal Samurai aims to provide binary options traders with a comprehensive explanation of the binary signal software. We will report on the key features of the Signal Samurai signal provider, and most importantly, on what traders can expect when using the signal software.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages

No downloads: Signal Samurai binary trading signals are delivered to the trading dashboard that is opened in a web browser. Trader’s computer will never be slowed down by a program that needs to be updated as Signal Samurai is based on the cloud technology.

No costs: Signal Samurai is completely free. Traders never have to pay any fees, charges, memberships or provisions.

Premium assets: Signal SAmurai is a highly specialized binary signals provider that offers only currency trading for the best trading results.

Customization features: Every trader can easily customize the signals delivered to their dashboard thanks to a whole set of features that help them diversify portfolio.

Apprentice account: Special account that gives traders a chance to trade like real trading experts thanks to a whole set of additional features.

Approach towards trading: Signal Samurai signals are delivered according to the old Bushido code.

Education: Traders can use plentiful of trading guides available for free in Signal Samurai Academy.

No phone support: Traders must use Signal Samurai live chat or email to get in touch with customer support.

3. Trading Conditions

Signal Samurai is a binary signals provider specialized in currency pairs, and it is a great choice for traders who prefer this type of asset. During the Signal Samurai review, we noticed how the trading platform is very stable, and doesn’t crash, not even when multiple tabs are opened in the browser. This gives traders confidence and a high level of security, as they will never have to restart their computer to reload the page.

Signal Samurai has all terms and conditions listed in a document that can be found in the footer of the homepage. This means it is a very transparent signal provider and traders always know what they are getting into.

4. Underlying Assets

AS already noted in this review, Signal Samurai is highly specialized in signals related to currency trading. Binary traders will find 25 most popular currency pairs. What is interesting is that every pair can be turned on or off. For example, if the trader is not in the mood to trade USDJPY, all they need to do is turn it off by clicking the box next to it. This means that Signal Samurai won’t bother traders with currency pairs they are not interested in.

5. Trading Platform

Binary options trading often requires traders to download and install complex software to receive binary options signals on their PC. The advantage of using Signal Samurai software is that it operates without download.

Access to the website is available instantly for registered traders with a username and password. Significantly, traders can opt to trade binary options on the dashboard from any computer. The advantage being that nobody need carry a computer with them to trade. During our in-depth assessment of the Signal Samurai, we found the user-friendly design of the interface impressive. Additionally, traders can easily customize the multiple features and settings on the interface.

This customization option opens up choices for binary options traders using the signals created by this provider. Traders are given the option of managing their money more efficiently. This can be done by customizing the settings and features on the interface. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity!

The Daily Investment Feature – allows traders to determine in advance, the amount of money they want to invest each day. Traders choose the amount according to personal preference.
The Daily Stop Loss Feature – for the efficient daily management of money during trading.
Traders can immediately receive binary signals once the account is activated following a deposit to a binary options broker. Even when the trader is not actively requesting signals, the signals notifications appear on the interface. A small bright green light can be seen in the lower right corner of the dashboard. Also, they will hear a sound notification.
Important factors that influence trade are displayerd the signal boxes. These include the possible trading direction, level of confidence, the broker handling the trade and amount of money being traded.

The trader can quickly judge the safety of the confidence signal according to the color shown in the signal box. Just like a traffic light, the confidence factor ranges across green, yellow and red.

Traders who heed the various signals can enjoy lucrative binary trading, as long as they are aware of the general risks involved in binary options trading. Furthermore, traders need to take time to educate themselves about markets and trading in binary options.

6. Mobile Trading

Signal Samurai doesn’t have an app that can be used for trading on the go, but can still be accessed directly from the browser. If traders are in the mood for trading, they can even borrow someone’s phone, log in with their credentials and trade. Still, we recommend you to keep your login data secret and private to avoid any unpleasant situations. After all, it is real money we are talking about.

7. Demo Account

Signal Samurai doesn’t offer a demo account, but it still offers you a glance to the trading dashboard, as soon as you register. Considering how this is a free binary options signals provider, it would be over the top to expect a free demo as well.

8. Account types

Signal Samurai doesn’t offer a wide range of account types. All traders get the same account to start with, but they can also upgrade to free Apprentice VIP account. Signal Samurai Apprentice VIP status is dedicated for traders who want to learn more and trade more. It comes equipped with additional features that allow you to customize the entire trading process even further.

9. Opening an account

The easiest way to open a Signal Samurai trading account is to go to the Signal Samurai website. There you will find an online form. Fill out the form and click the Sign In button. You only need to provide the most basic info to get a free account.

Then, use your credentials to log in. You will immediately be offered a broker that is the perfect choice for traders from your country. After you deposit with the broker, you can start trading with Signal Samurai signals!

10. Withdrawal

Signal Samurai is a completely free binary signals provider. This also means that users never have to pay any money. Even the deposit done with the broker is not processed by the Signal Samurai, that will remain free forever. We have to point out that all withdrawals are processed by the broker as well. The minimum withdrawal amount and all withdrawal conditions are set by the broker and not by Signal Samurai. However, it seems that Signal Samurai team tries to integrate only the best and most popular brokers to their trading platform.

11. Trader Training

All traders get access to free online educational materials, provided by Signal Samurai team. They can read FAQ section or visit the Academy and check out the latest guides and articles. This will provide them more information about the product and all the features it offers.
There is also amazing customer support that is available via live chat and via email. Don’t hesitate to contact them in case you have an inquiry.

12. Should I trade with Signal Samurai?

Unlike many Binary Options Signals providers, Signal Samurai is completely free and offers a great service that supports fast paced trading. It does this by permitting traders to trade directly from the browser as they never have to download a specialized software.

Furthermore, traders can easily customize their accounts and adjust their trading settings.
The interface at Signal Samurai is user-friendly with all trading features clearly set out. The use of color in the signal boxes alerts traders to the safety levels of the signals.

Importantly, the platform indicates the trading history of the trader as well as active trades. As a result, traders always have an immediate oversight of their trades, past and present. They can also upgrade their account thanks to Apprentice VIP program. This status will take the trading experience (and trading results) to the next level thanks to advanced set of features available to everyone who decides to upgrade.

It appears that Signal Samurai offers a good level of support to traders who use its binary signals. It promises that the binary signals generated by the Signal Samurai will help traders to optimize their trading experience. Readers who would like more information can contact the Signal Samurai customer support team.

Reviews on Signal Samurai

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