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OptionsXO – Broker Review and Trader Feedback

3.9 / 5

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OptionsXO ranks among top binary options brokers in the world, following all the regulations of both EU and the MiFID. Their platform brings a full selection of modern trading tools as well as a generous selection of assets to trade on. Furthermore, thanks to their efforts, clients will never be out of touch with latest developments, as long as they have access to the Internet.

1. General information

The biggest proof that OptionsXO is dedicated to success of each and every individual trader is the sheer variety of services on offer. Just look at their learning centre. It allows access to a plethora of information and other helpful services. All of this is geared toward creating an atmosphere where individual traders cannot help but succeed. The lessons are not meant solely for beginners, however. Even experienced traders can use them to learn a trick or two.

They offer a huge selection of assets – over 100 of them – distributed across four broad categories. These are currencies, indices, commodities and of course there are stocks as well. Needless to say, there are also several types of options on offer as well.

Thanks to their reputation and business ethics, Options XO has attracted several major partners and clients, which should serve as an additional assurance that this broker means business.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages

Regulated by the EU: being regulated by the EU and following all the regulations, directives and guidelines guarantees everything will be legal and above board. Also, Options XO features a variety of trading signals that are bound to help their clients to find their way around the financial markets.

Free demo account: offers a nice and risk-free way of getting acquainted with the way Options XO works.

Top speed and reliability: Options XO pay special attention to the needs of each and every client on their list. Of course, early closing is an option, although the payout is going to be significantly lower – at least 30%.

Friendly client support: as if being available around the clock wasn't enough, there is a personal manager to take care of their clients' needs, ensuring a friendly and efficient way of dealing with any situation that might arise.

Relatively high minimum bid: the only real downside is their high minimum bid, although this should not pose much of a challenge to an experienced trader.

3. Trading Conditions

What Options XO has to offer to their clients is a trading platform of their own, purposely built around the needs that kept arising as the company developed, driving towards absolute perfection. A $100 minimum deposit is a rarity these days, as most brokers ask for much more. Still, the minimum bid as well as the demo account can make up for any imperfections that have remained. All in all, traders who prefer assets that are not too volatile are in for a treat – this platform is perfect for them. Also, having a large source of capital on hand will not hurt, either.

4. Tradable Assets

As for their selection of assets, Options XO has a wide variety of them. All of them are at the disposal of their clients from the very beginning. Stocks of major companies, famous indices, all sorts of currencies – even commodities are available to bet on. What this means is that even people who "made their bones" on other markets can switch over to binary options seamlessly and with little effort on their part. Any knowledge and experience they have acquired will be most useful with Options XO as well. They can even profit on macroeconomic events and global trends. As for currency traders, the wide selection of forex-based assets incorporates even the more exotic pairs.

5. Trading Platform

One aspect where Options XO really set themselves apart from other brokers is their unique platform, crafted with their own solutions to the problems of their clients. Rather than rely on someone else's platform, they have opted for their own design, that is based on user-friendliness, efficiency and online safety for their data and their funds alike.

Tech Financials have done their job well, and provided Options XO with a stable and reliable trading platform on par with any product of a major development company. It offers all the standard features, including rollover and advanced charting options. There is even a mobile trading platform, dedicated to traders who like to do their business on the go. Why use a computer when an iPhone or an Smartphone can do the trick just as efficiently?

They offer several types of binary options, including High/Low, One Touch and others.

The High/Low binary options are the standard type of binary options, and the one most traders are familiar with. Basically, the trader chooses the underlying instrument and needs to guess whether it will trade higher than the target price or lower by the time the options has expired. If they are correct, the payout is received in the amount of anything up to 89% of their investment, plus the money they invested to begin with. This means a $189 payout on a $100 investment.

The One Touch binary options are slightly different. Here, the option expires the moment the target price is reached, meaning the payout is achieved much quicker and they offer better chances of success compared to other binary options. They also come in a High Yield variant, where payouts are much higher, although the selection of assets is severely diminished.

Boundary options are similar to the One Touch, except there are two target prices instead of one, and the actual "target" is the area between them. They also come with a High Yield counterpart.

Above/Below are similar to High/Low binary options, with one major distinction. The target price is set by the broker, and the High/Low options are based on the current market price. Basically, these options require more than guessing the general direction of the price action; they are also about the momentum.

Finally, for those who like to trade fast, there are 60 Second options. They enable traders to profit on even the most minute changes that might or might not happen.
Regardless of the type of binary options selected, Options XO have a 15% refund policy on lost trades, meaning their clients get a $15 refund on every $100 they invested and lost.

6. Types of Accounts

Options XO has four standard types of accounts for their clients to choose from. They all offer certain bonuses and perks, with cumulative effect. In other words, their perks stack, so a higher tier account will have all the advantages of lower tier accounts, and add some of its own on top to sweeten the deal. The first one is for novices, and the last three are for experienced traders.

Regardless of the account they have, clients get full, unrestricted access to the trading platform, so their performance is not impaired in any way. Also, learning materials and client support become available at the lowest tier account, so there should be no problems on this front.

Speaking of lowest-tier account, the Mini account requires a $100 deposit and offers some rudimentary features. It may be the lowest of them all, but it is perfect for beginners and occasional traders who do not require the perks from higher levels and are not willing to commit large sums of money to their efforts.

Silver, Gold and Platinum clients get better service and various perks, including priority tech support, apart from the bonus that can reach $10,000.

7. Deposits and Withdrawals

When applying to register with Options XO, clients have to fill out the form that contains all the background information as required by regulations and directives. It should be said that minor are not allowed to register or trade. After the process is complete and verified, clients can get to funding their accounts, and withdrawing the money they won. This can be done in a number of ways, including credit cards, bank transfers and digital wallets. This can be done in a number of currencies, including U.S. dollars and Euros.

Fund withdrawal takes an additional step, involving an extra form under the personal account tab. It should be specified that withdrawals can only be made on the same account that was originally used to fund it, meaning hackers and frauds will have their hands full if they try to cheat their way past this feature. While limiting withdrawal options to an extent, it will prevent other people from stealing funds from your account and make withdrawals on your behalf.

Withdrawals require a photo ID and its copy, as well as that of the credit card, but only if that is how the money transfers are being handled. Regulations also require traders to prove their place of residence is where they said it were, so a copy of a document that corroborates this statement is also required. There is no limit on how much money can be withdrawn, except for the amount on an individual trader's account. After all, you cannot withdraw more money than you have on your account.

8. Regulation

Being fully regulated by CySec is not to be taken lightly, and most traders appreciate the lengths Options XO has gone to ensure this. In other words, their every action is following the strictest financial legislation that the EU has to offer, ensuring maximum transparency and safety for all the parties involved.

9. Trader Training

One of the most admirable qualities of Options XO is their approach to new traders and the development of their skills. This is why each and every one of them has the full support from their staff, in addition to a wide array of educational tools and a demo account. Being able to get intimately acquainted with the way their platform works and how binary options are traded can save their clients a pretty penny down the line. Also, a plethora of books, articles, manuals and video lessons awaits the eager eyes of an inexperienced trader. This kind of dedication is not that common in this day and age.

10. Should I Trade with OptionsXO?

Ever since they were founded (in 2012), Options XO have been at the forefront of an entire industry, so one would have to be hard-pressed to find a better and more reliable partner and broker for their binary options needs. As we speak, the staff at Options XO are working extra hard to maintain their position at the very top of a long food chain, which in turn ensures that their clients can enjoy unparalleled comfort, online safety and expedient transactions. Also, the stress-free and friendly environment certainly helps.

This Cyprus-based company and their platform are a rare gem in the treasury of modern financial markets. And as every other gem, it must be closely guarded. They are battling numerous criminal elements trying to steal the precious funds of their clients and their financial secrets. Luckily, their encryption, safety protocols, segregated accounts and other safety features ensure that the efforts of nefarious criminals will never be successful.

Their customer support stands ready to address any problems that might arise. They can be reached in 8 different languages, around the clock and via email, phone or live chat. All of these factors guarantee that any and all clients of Options XO will enjoy a pleasant and lucrative trading experience. So, the answer to the aforementioned questions is unequivocally yes.

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