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Land-FX – Broker Review and Trader Opinions 2024

3.8 / 5

Land-FX was established in 2012 by experts who took out the time to analyse the market and deduce what it lacked in.

1. General information about Land-FX

It was founded as a retail Forex broker to not just provide financial services, but to also make the service a more tailored package to fit various types of individual and corporate investors, leaving them highly satisfied. We have continued to maintain this strategy over the years and hence our achievements are shown in the consecutive annual awards for best retail forex broker in Asia for 4 years running. We have situated our presence in strategic locations around the globe to ensure we hone and imbibe the best practices obtainable in the market. Land-FX UK Ltd. is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA UK). Land-FX UK Ltd. Uses as its website. On the other hand, is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

2. Advantages and disadvantages

Reliable Platform: MT4 platform was designed to ensure efficient trading. Being one of the most popular platforms out there, this ensures a user-friendly and highly mobile experience.

Mobile Platform: Because people essentially move from location to location and constantly on the go, we have introduced our mobile MT4 which will help traders keep track of their open positions and also take advantage of any market volatility without having to run to your desktop, right at the comfort of your fingertips and compatible with any Android and Apple device.

Over 60 instruments: We provide over 60 tradable instruments on our MT4 platform. These include all major currency pairs and CFDs.

24/5 Multilingual support: Our multilingual chat support makes it easier for clients and partners to contact us to address any issue regarding their accounts, trades and partnership services. It is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week when the market is open.

24/5 Low Spread: It is absolutely important that our investors remain satisfied with our service. That is why we have one of the lowest spreads in the industry, enabling traders to earn more at lower costs to trade.

Zero commission: We do not charge extra commission on trades aside from the low spreads. There are no hidden charges anywhere.

Personal Account Manager: Upon contact, you will be immediately assigned a professional account manager who will address any concern you may have about our services and guide you through the registration process. Once registered, your account manager will be responsible for ensuring you have a stress free investment with services such as trainings, risk management, trading strategies, deposits and withdrawal issues, signals and even fund management.

Market Analysis: In addition to your account manager, Land-FX also provides daily market watch on our social media platform and economic calendar on our website, keeping you up to date on how the markets are performing.

Top Regulator: Land-FX UK Ltd. is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA UK). On the other hand, is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA)

Swap Free accounts: This is open to any and all muslim clients who wish to have swap free accounts as swap entails paying or receiving interest which goes against their beliefs.

Scalping Allowed: Scalping involves holding a position for only a short period of time before closing that position. Land-FX allows scalping on our platform.

Segregated Accounts: To ensure optimum safety of our clients funds, we segregated our accounts from our clients accounts. This will guard against any mishap related to the company's liquidity.

Free Demo Account: Beginners can open a demo account with no limitations on the amount of “play money”. This is especially good for giving you another chance to perfect your trading strategy in the event that you end up burning the funds in your demo account. Simply open another.

No US citizens: Land-FX does not offer our services to residents of United States or any US citizen domiciled abroad. We also do not offer to citizens and residents.

3. Trading conditions

Trading with Land-FX requires you download our platform on any device. The minimum tradable volume is micro lot. The market is open only 24 hours a day and 5 days a week excluding weekends. You will be charged a swap rate for extending your open position beyond 5PM EST. All products are leveraged and you will be required to choose a leverage between 1:1 to 1:500.

4. Trading assets

One of our major advantages is the wide range of instruments that we offer on our trading platform. With over 60 tradable instruments that include major and minor pairs, CFDs, commodities like Brent Crude, spot metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. You can as well avail to stock indices like US30, DE30, SP500 and so on. There is always something for everyone whatever your preference. Comparing our Assets to others, you will find they are favorable.

5. Trading platform

Land-FX uses only the best and reliable systems which is why we choose MT4 as our prefered platform. Its user-friendly interface and visually-friendly properties makes it the choice of Forex traders. Trading with the MT4 is as simple as a click of a button Platform features include:

1. Easy to use: Trading on our platform is as easy as 123. Simply open the currency pairs’ chart you wish to trade, then click buy or sell, depending on the market trend, and the close your position when you have reach your target price.

2. Compatible with Expert Advisors:Using our platform with your preferred EA is very compatible. Find a strategy that works for you and apply the EA then presto!! You don’t even need to monitor your trades. Your EA will do that for you.

3. Technical Indicators: The MT4 platform houses a good number of technical indicators such as MACD, Relative Strength Index(RSI), moving averages, Stochastic, Bollinger bands, just to mention a few. Choose the right indicator that suits your trading style from our arsenal.

6. Mobile Trading

Land-FX MT4 platform is also available on mobile devices for Android and iOS. Keep track of your open positions while you are on the move. The mobile platform also enables traders to monitor the market for possible entry points to open a position (buy or sell), set your take profit and stop loss, use technical indicators, view account history and follow current news affecting the market. The mobile trading App is available at Play Store and Apple Store for Android and iOS respectively.

7. Demo Account

Are you new to trading forex or want to test our platform and its execution speed? You can open a demo account with play money and enjoy trading with high speed and real time prices. Land-FX Demo accounts has no expiry and no limits on amount of play funds you can have. Simply visit our website and click demo account. Fill in the required details and select the leverage and amount of funds you want. Download the platform and start trading instantly.

8. Account Types

As mentioned earlier, Land-FX has designed its accounts to suit various types of investors. Here a list of our available account types and a brief description of each.

1. ECN Account: This account is especially good for experienced investors with large deposits. It has the lowest spread of as low as 0.3 pips for a EURUSD pair. The maximum leverage for this account type is 1:200. There is a commission of 0.35 pips.

2. Standard Account: Our standard account has one of the lowest spreads in the market compared to other standard accounts from competitors. A typical pair like EURUSD averages around 1.5 pips spread on normal market conditions. The maximum leverage on this type of account is 1:500. This account type is particularly suitable for beginners who will like to avail our deposit bonus.

3. Extreme Spread Account: The extreme spread is similar to the Standard account, but it great for those looking to maximize their profit. It features an even lower spread than the standard account at the same maximum leverage of 1:500. Go pro with Extreme Spread.

4. Killer Spread Account: Our final product is the killer spread account. This type of account was designed to cater to our partners who require a higher compensation plan. Typical spreads on this account average around 1.9 pips. Interested potential partners can contact us for more details.

9. Opening An Account

Opening a Live Account with Land-FX takes no more than 5 minutes with a 3-step procedure. First, Login account and go to ‘Open Live Account’, select the type of account you want, the account currency and desired leverage. Next you input your personal information and that includes uploading your AML and KYC documents i.e proof of ID and proof of address. Lastly, is the risk disclosure agreement which discloses the nature of trading in futures and forex which comes with high risk. You have to read and accept these terms before submitting your application. The approval of your application takes about 1-2 business days. Once approved, you will receive your login details via email. Then proceed to fund your account and download the MT4 platform.

10. Funds Deposit and Withdrawal

Land-FX has various methods of payments and will include more methods to help ease the process of funding to our clients. Deposit methods include, Debit/Credit Card, Bank wire transfer, e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, perfect money, webmoney, fasapay, Unionpay. All deposit fees are covered by Land-FX. Withdrawal time using e-wallet takes 24 hours to process. For withdrawals using bank wire and credit card, it will take around 3 to 5 working days.

11. Land-FX Prepaid Mastercard

To further reduce the withdrawal time and also bring clients fund closer to them, Land-FX presents our prepaid Mastercard. With our Land-FX card, clients can withdraw up to $5,000 daily and $9,000 monthly. You can also make purchases online up to $9,000 monthly using your card. Land-FX prepaid card is open to all clients with a minimum account balance of $2,000 and it is accepted in over 200 countries around the globe.

12. Trader Training

Our company is committed to training and retraining our investors. Hence, we schedule weekly webinars anchored by our senior technical analyst and is open to all clients and partners around the world. We also conduct face-to-face meetings and seminars in different locations.

13. Should I trade with Land-FX?

The simple answer to that is YES. We at Land-FX consider ourselves one ‘Big Family’. If you are looking for a broker with experience in the market, and constantly coming up with creative solutions to master a positive environment in forex trading and bring satisfaction to our investors, then join our family of happy traders. We promise to deliver the best service to our investors, our partners and the market as a whole.

Reviews on Land-FX

Comments about Land-FX
( 85 )
User rating: 4.1 / 5

Comments: 85

  1. avatar

    Great Broker to work with. Fast execution and helpful customer support. Also withdrawal processing in 1 day

    • avatar
      Jimmy loof

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  2. avatar
    Jeremy Hambrew

    Know when to leave you alone with trading. Avalibility of OS X supports help to use MT4 without limitations of web-trader. Otherwise, standard brokerage without dirt attached to their name. a

  3. avatar
    Johan Dik

    Grateful to Land-FX for their involvement in the transition to a more well-rounded brokerage with the introduction of cryptocurrencies. Not ideal, it’s still an OK solution to benefit from such great movers as Ripple last week!

  4. avatar
    Jasper Dick

    Shorting crypto on their platform, what a time to be trading that, even with the smallest of the leverage. Deposits and Withdrawals are rocket fast!

  5. avatar
    Eckhard Toteche

    Didn’t no that slippage is still a thing in FX industry, but after talking to friends trading with local brokers, got back to that review “favour request” and giving it back for not letting me rediscover that dread of an industry artefact.

  6. avatar
    Sam Turner

    Cryptos, CFD, exotics, majors and least slippage is what sets Land-fx apart from the rest of brokers.

  7. avatar
    Derik Batson

    With over a year of trading journey, land-fx has always been good for my profession.

  8. avatar
    David Pollock

    Land-FX minds it’s own business while you can mind your’s . Solid execution, no annoying up-selling and other marketing gimmicks. Pure MT4 trading experience.

  9. avatar
    Jandre Pjanic

    I’v doe my share of trading and loosing to know that You should not trust a company that has a bad reputation online. Land-FX has mostly good sentiment about them, next to decent trading conditions.

  10. avatar
    Tim Gutze

    Helped me to install MT4 for Mac, wasn’t even that was possible. An amazing team of caring professionals. The industry could use a couple of more people like this,

  11. avatar
    Kevin De Bur

    If you want to experience best Forex trading services, giving less importance to the freebies, you can join Land-fx.

  12. avatar
    Sergh Bondar

    Despite a dismal win rates among land-fx traders (over ≈ 80% burn their accounts), there little to blame the broker for. Their execution, pricing and range of instruments would make several non-discount broker jealous – not to mention the lovely customer support team.

  13. avatar
    Sergio Tuskets

    Stupidly enough, i was introduced to Land-FX on a football game. Was surprised to see an arguable garbage of a PL team being financed by an FX brokers. Then decent website description got me interested and here I am, trading part time, sharing my undercooked opinions on the market.

  14. avatar
    Sergey Torsikov

    One of the most flexible broker in Asia. European attention to detail blended ideally with asian discipline.

  15. avatar
    Dmitriy Trooks

    My rules of thumb is to ctl+F the home page for the word “best”, if the service provider has it on their website – it’s goodbye for me. Don’t like the bluntly bragadatious types. Land-FX, on the other hand, is an example of humility and well balanced service offering – what a trully good discount broker should be.

  16. avatar
    Alex Daizen

    Was advised to check them out over a less scrupulous approach to on boarding EU clients to other jurisdictions. Everything worked as intended. If you are looking to “fine-tune” your leverage – just reach out, they helped me.

  17. avatar
    Jeremey Hamember

    After a two month long debacle (check fpa). My case has finally been resolved and land-fx provided the necessary consolidation. Despite the hassle and the amount of energy wasted on very prudent conversation, in the end, the result, is what matters. Thanks to the customer support team, that stayed professional throughout the whole time, even when i lost my shit a couple of times.

  18. avatar
    Maruys Ovasyanikus

    Although not the most versatile analysis, there are couple of people in land-fx client relationship department, who could talk you out of really bad decision (like going long on gbp/eur).

  19. avatar
    Andrew Karochun

    one of the best companies to trade majors under fca regulation with bonuses & leverage above 1:50. Would appreciate them adding more cfd at stocks at the prices similar to their fx offering. Otherwise, Land-FX is golden to me!

  20. avatar
    Andrey Dobs

    With low fx volatility, the trend of this summer is cfd on stock trading. With many pundits not shutting up about the next financial crisis being around the corner if not already in the building, stock market is behaving extremely petulant, providing ample opportunities to day trading. Land-fx does a good job with all the bonuses, and negative balance protection to make a risky business of trading overly expensive stocks (comissions do add up if you trade cfd on stocks as opposed to actual stocks), worth the hassle.

  21. avatar
    Slavko Portslav

    I had an argument with Land-fx over squaring off my positions during the volatile time but then I realized that it was because of their negative balance protection I was saved from huge losses.

  22. avatar
    Stepan Drap

    Was devastated when the crypto trading was canceled, now when the whole economy is going down and land-fx offers such a lucrative shorting environment for traditional instruments, the show continues. You never know where the opportunity jumps you by surprise these days.

  23. avatar
    Petro Svoboda

    Have been trading with three brokers since past few years. Land-fx gets the most volume.

  24. avatar
    Gora Skoroda

    Friends and i run pam via land-fx. The lands are aiming to win the competition by making the condition a bargain. The solution seems sound and doesn’t require to much from the client – all paperwork handled on land-fx side.

  25. avatar
    Nathan Torreda

    ESMA doesn’t credit anyone easily. Land-fx has a reputable position in their list and it speaks a lot.

  26. avatar
    Mario Kepler

    Never regretted joining Land-fx just because it offers a less bonuses and the staff give no fake promises.

  27. avatar
    Artem Potorak

    Welcome back bonus is kinda disappointing, when it come to trading environment – that’s were the true colours of the broker show up. Good job on Zulu integration!

  28. avatar
    Jandre Hemperus

    Was happy to find an apology letter in my mailbox, even before the official claim via FPA. Speak volumes about the genuine nature of that broker.

  29. avatar
    Andrii Parubets

    World’s best brokers sometime fail to satisfy you. Same is the case with Land-fx. I wasn’t satisfied when their negative balance protection policy stopped few of my trades. Though, rest is fine and clear.

  30. avatar
    Sam Rockdel

    Don’t lie to yourself, go for standard account and terrorise their B-Book account – have zero problems withdrawing the profit throughout the better part of 2019.

  31. avatar
    Mykola Zakrenichnii

    If you are looking for a cheap and safe access to fx and cfd, land-fx shines brightly. If you don’t know jack sh**t about trading, try zulutrade, just don’t get your hopes to high, zulu comissions are quite high.

  32. avatar
    Kevin Instruct

    God knows who else could’ve offered such a great services in the industry known for scams. Good job Land-fx!

  33. avatar
    Aleniyfx Rogatil

    Which business calls their clients these days? Really don’t get it. Happy to see the level of respect by this team. One message is enough to still get all the necessary info with 0 over the phone awkwardness fare. Love it when client relationship is at the core of the service’s experience.

  34. avatar
    Kope Degang

    Absolutely love this discount broker, everything about them is done from a place of deep understanding of the industry and the particular discount niche. Clean spreads, no out side commissions and decent b-book execution.

  35. avatar
    Timonthy Downtine

    Although it’s rarely mentioned on their website, their account management team and avalibility is exceptional (video calls, teamviewer step-by-step support). Not sure how well it’s positioned in terms of intra-day trading, i ma here for a long-ball game.

  36. avatar
    Antoni Ustinov

    They helped me widen the spread to start referring clients to them, you’d be surprised how many brokers hit the wall when a minor tweak in trading conditions has to be made for a partner.

  37. avatar
    Marvin Lischtenberg

    The broker is surprisingly good with EAs, every day i’v been wondering when they decide to kick me out, for exhausting their b-book, but one day i’v been finally reached out and reassured that my money are safe and the broker is looking closely to showcase my account as a potential MAM candidate. No bad 🙂


  38. avatar
    Tamara Tonnenti

    I’m old school this way, but still strongly convinced that having a good relationship with an account manager is more important than spreads and what book you are put onto. If you are of another opinion, wait until you want to withdraw and your bank doesn’t want to deal with a forex broker wires.


  39. avatar
    Tik Trumbosse

    This review is an extension of my apology to the team of land-fx for being unnecessary blunt and rude over an intricate matter, that was eventually resolved. Unlike, I, the company reps, showed complete dignity. Sorry for being a knob once again, you deserve every star.


  40. avatar
    Jasper Bawman

    Negative balance protection just saved my ass on oil trading, big kudos to Land-FX for sticking to the policy in this difficult time!


  41. avatar
    Natalia Genetskaya

    Elite CurenSea suggested me Land-fx and I don’t regret since then.


  42. avatar
    Angelica Bauman

    Turns out Lands are not such a bad place for a money manager. Not only do they offer superb trading conditions (20% smaller swaps, fixed spread and no tricks), but also occasionally refer clients to me.


  43. avatar
    Anna Kutzetsova

    My grandpa used to trade in a pit while me and dad benefited from technological advancements. We’re all traders in the family and we know the business well. Land-fx is my choice for the new generation that has deep roots and safe trading.


  44. avatar
    Jessica Albarn

    Had to use land-fx for this Ultima EA by Elite CurrenSea, ended up moving all of my FX portfolio saving over 7k on commissions on yearly basis.


  45. avatar
    Vasyl Bursa

    Their market research team is quite week, bu boy do the overcompensate with bonus on deposits and that sort of monetary perks.


  46. avatar
    Store Balue

    I closed trading few years back and returned to Land-fx assuming the same services I used to cheer. Was surprised with “welcome back bonus” and their services have improved beyond limits. Must say I’m happy with them.


  47. avatar
    Mykola Myk

    Despite a relatively vague online footprint on land-fx online (you’d actually learn a lot more about them in japanese), the company turned out to be a very solid forex broker. No extra features, to justify a discount status, comes at no expense to customer support and trading technology.


  48. avatar
    Antoli Skorb

    Couldn’t do much with my first two brokers as none them offered services close to Land-fx. Regulation, trading mechanism, LPs, everything in one basket.


  49. avatar
    Anamy Storms

    Only the Pro can suggest best options. I visited a few seminars of Nenad Kerkez from EliteCurenSea and he drove me to Land-fx. I really thank him for it.


  50. avatar
    Aardi Koak

    Have changed hands with multiple brokers having B-book and were giving MAMM accounts. Finally settled to Land-fx and its wonderful.


  51. avatar
    Iska Taami

    Not to seem racist, but Chinese know their stuff well! No hurdles with opening an account from EU, super flexible conditions and bs from account managers. Pleasure to work this way.


  52. avatar
    Ted Davids

    Land-fx doesn’t compromise on services, neither on the ESMA/FSA regulations, despite being a discount broker.


  53. avatar
    Tristan Frucsante

    Everybody on the floor talks about smaller slippages and higher bonus, some also spot the regulations, while chosing a broker. I looked at all and added PAMM services, while taking help from EliteCurenSea, to chose Land-fx.


  54. avatar
    Bob Feadman

    I own two trading accounts and have been in FX since long. Though I prefer Land-fx over others.


  55. avatar
    Zuma Kiersten

    If bonus is your only criteria for joining any FX broker, I wouldn’t suggest Land-fx as they’re not generous enough. However, regulation, slippages and customer services made me even more happy with them than the bonus might have.


  56. avatar
    Theo Parnandes

    Thanks to their daily research i don’t need to overwhelm myself with all the extra analysis, and needless charting on my own. Hope my reliance on source of information will not run out of luck any time soon.

    For now, highest praise to whoever is in charge of Land-FX research team!


  57. avatar
    Anton Dolin

    Was surprised they supported virtual support over some minor issue with platform, i am still learning mt4 and all the lingvo makes my head spin sometimes. Fortunately, Land-FX have built up some tolerance with clients like me.


  58. avatar
    Grigori Pavliashvili

    If you’ve not tried a geniune broker clearly claiming their performance measures on the website, go join Land-fx. You’ll be amazed.

  59. avatar
    Irakli Pahlava

    Got in through their refer a friend program. Now referring my own friends, can’t be happier with how Land-fx moves forward, half a year ago, it was a simple discount shop, now more and more services are piling up, and surprisingly most of them are really relevant to me.


  60. avatar
    Vera Bridgets

    Friday withdrawal request and Monday funds arrival, that’s how i like to transition between weekend and back! Land-fx seems to understand the urgency of the modern-age world.


  61. avatar
    Alina Akris

    Never lost a trade due to the delay in execution (many trades to other way less independent screwups on my side), but never to a re-quote. Or how they say, i’v got 99 trading problems but the broker ain’t one.


  62. avatar
    Frosya Back

    Don’t be scared of trading forex if Land-fx is behind you. They have least slippages, no fishy policies and the quotes are quite good. I tried three different brokers before joining this GREAT broker.


  63. avatar
    Peg Simons

    Land-fx is a regulated Forex broker, offers good trade execution speed and has a strong LP, not to forget their negative balance protection and strong PAMM base.


  64. avatar
    Mykola Sereda

    In the jungle of FX brokers, Land-fx is a reliable friend. Tried many and lost some funds here and there before tracking the success path!


  65. avatar
    Terry Pax

    Land-fx have good client relationship management team. They also help on trading. What else you need?


  66. avatar
    Wilder Shaw

    Land-fx preserves the characteristics of an old-school broker and offers advanced services at the same time. I like them very much!


  67. avatar
    Artor Monos

    There are many ways to woo customers and then trap them without any exits but only one to keep them happy and gaining. Land-fx knows that one way, at least for me.


  68. avatar
    Vittory Sacheti

    Nine out of 10 times Land-fx pleased me with their solutions. The one time always has to do with their light physical presence.


  69. avatar
    Ardi Tempere

    Can’t recollect when I last had an argument with Land-fx. They help in all the cases and understand their customers. The staff is so nice and the technicalilites are regulated as well.


  70. avatar
    Pedri Ostanchuk

    Care to trade with an ace broker and forget that bogus bonus offers? I was ready to when joining Land-fx and I never regret my decision. The broker surpasses my expectations all the time.


  71. avatar
    Timo Wiso

    Never wondered why I make money easily trading FX when guys around me lose on the same instances. Land-fx is my cheer-sheet.


  72. avatar
    Mike Peterstat

    Land-fx shared multiple trading tips during their DEMO training that helped me in LIVE days. Should’ve raised concerns for less bonus but I knew what’s more important! Thanks LF!


  73. avatar
    Vasyl Pursa

    A good customer support staff and efficient LP are crucial to find. I did my own research and joined Land-fx.


  74. avatar
    Serhiy Pervak

    Have left multiple orders open when the equities roiled pre-Fed, thanks to Land-fx negative balance protection I got saved.


  75. avatar
    Tobias Litke

    Just by liking the interface of Land-fx terminals, I joined the fx broker not knowing that this is the best platform and company to trade with.


  76. avatar
    Luck Miraflor

    I initially invested a total of $105,000 over a period of 5 weeks. My bonus/profit was $830,000, every attempt to make withdrawal failed and I was instructed to make another deposit of $25,000 before I can make withdrawals which I did. Up till now, I’m still unable to make withdrawals and all attempt to contact broker has failed. This is very pathetic and I felt so bad losing my investment. I did a due diligence test before investing with them but guess what I ended up getting burned. This is to create awareness, not everybody can be as lucky as I was. I’m saying this because I was able to recover my funds. Thanks to a recovery specialist, she’s a private investigator and wealth recovery expert…Contact her on Hack-assets via google mail for more inquiries. email; ([email protected]), Thought someone might find this information useful.


  77. avatar
    paul Larsen

    I can say this after my experience with him so please avoid this company by all means. I invested over 2 months a sum of 157,000 euros with intelbondfx, but they took off with my money. ‘W’ kept requesting for money with different excuses. It was until I reported to cp-investigation (.) com that forced a charge-back from intelbondfx before my withdrawal was processed. Investors should avoid brokers like this.


  78. avatar

    I invested over $250k trading online and all access to make withdrawals of my funds was denied, I got in contact with the customers support but didn’t get a reasonable response from them, all my funds including my profit was stuck on the platform. I was so sad being frustrated over things, until I was advised to contact gavin ray a well known recovery specialist by a friend of mine who has also encounter withdraw issues solved by Gavin , I texted him and presented all legal documents and following all procedures he instructed and he successfully initiated the withdrawal confirming the payment into my bank account, i recommend his services to anyone you can contact him on email gavinray78 gmail com or WhatsApp ‪+‪1 (352) 322‑2096‬.


  79. avatar
    James blood

    If you have experienced substantial financial loss as a result of fraudulent binary option investments, it is important to file a complain about the scam broker and obtain a chargeback service in getting back your asset, I recommend gryphon solicitor as a reliable recovery firm proceeding with their assistance in recovering your asset. I have come across positive feedback about gryphonsolicitor. com, I have use there and gain positive outcome and would recommend them which may be worth exploring in securing a legal chargeback service.


  80. avatar
    Stacy Thompson

    Coinfx market is a big scam broker, I paid a huge amount of $50,000, They persuaded me, into putting more of my hard earned money with all hope to get profits in return, they won’t allow me to withdrawal my investment. All because all they wanted is to steal my money. I got advised to go ahead to file a refund case against them, which to my greatest surprise I was able to withdraw my money, I contacted ([email protected]) and his team of recovery experts, they were able to assist me to withdraw of my money, and restore my funds, they are responsive, you can reach out to him for help also,I guess am not the only one who has fallen victim, people might need this information…


  81. avatar
    Jay Doris


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  82. avatar

    You can deposit money and trade but When you want to make withdrawal of your funds they seem to reject it, Which means you can accumulate ur asset on their page , After asking for a withdrawal, I sent another email, but I got no response. When I contacted Gavin ray a recovery specialist for assistance, he looked into the matter and made the necessary arrangements, so I had to take the proper steps in order to receive my money back. He gave me a full refund of the money that was held on the platform via his mail Gavinray78 gmail. com or WhatsApp +13523222096 ,It was a negative encounter with the platform


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    Elizabeth jones

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