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FXFlat Review & Opinions: Is it Reliable and Safe in 2024?

3.7 / 5

General Information

FXFlat is a German online broker founded in 1997. It is regulated by the BaFin and supervised by the ACPR and AMF.

Having become one of the leaders in Germany with numerous awards and prizes, FXFlat has decided to offer its services internationally, starting with France. Indeed, with more than one million investors, FXFlat believes that its services are well suited to French investors, whom it considers the most sophisticated and demanding in Europe.

To come back to the advantages we wish to offer to the French-speaking world of trading, let’s talk numbers:

  • 1 200 instruments.
  • Up to 500 000 € guaranteed on deposits.
  • 0 € commission on all CFDs

That’s it for the digital part, let’s get physical.

FXFlat opened its offices at 72 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré in Paris, many of you know this street paved with large stores and leading to the Elysée.

A prestigious street for an offer that is just as prestigious.

What’s more, with its open door policy, FXFlat gives everyone the opportunity to discover the backstage of a broker by meeting his entire team.

Advantages and disadvantages

Wide range of instruments (1 million on the Trader Workstation offer)
500 000 EUR guaranteed on deposits – for all FlatTrader clients
Office in France with 100% French customer service – open to all
Free training online and in FXFlat offices
Microlots on DAX and US30 (0.10 / point)
Not available for Canada
No bonus
No leverage above ESMA

Trading Conditions

FXFlat offers very attractive rates with tight spreads on all products. DAX trades from 1 point, US30 from 1.5 points and EUR/USD from 1 pip. Stocks are traded commission free.

On top of that, you should know that your trading account will not be restricted in any way, neither in terms of stops nor in the use of an EA.

Assets offered

FXFlat offers more than a million products on Stocks, Futures, Options, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, ETFs and more. As you can see, listing all of their products would take us a few hours. But a broker bringing together all these products is very interesting for diversification purposes.

You won’t find another online broker offering so many products.

Trading platform

The platforms that FXFlat offers meet many requirements:

  • The most used: FlatTrader. Web-based platform available from any computer whether you are on vacation, in the office or at a friend’s house, you can find your working interface. Very easy to use, this platform allows you to be as close as possible to what is happening on the markets, even if you are far from home.
  • The complete one: TWS. One of the most sophisticated software that exists on the market today. It will meet the requirements of professionals and even institutions. It gives you the possibility to create your own ETFs. But you should know that such a sophisticated software can take a little time to learn.
  • The classic: MT4. Do we still need to describe this software? The most widely used trading software in the world for many years. Very interesting for automatic trading with algorithms.

Mobile application

All the above mentioned platforms can be used from your cell phone. This is very convenient to follow the markets and manage your positions in real time from your smartphone.

Demo Account

FXFlat offers demo accounts for each of the above mentioned platforms, with no time limit.

You should know that all these accounts are customizable. You can indeed put the capital of your choice on this account. It is very important to get close to real life conditions when demoing. This will allow you to work on money management and feel ready to trade in real life.

Very few brokers offer this, so it is important to take advantage of it.

Account types

FXFlat offers several types of accounts for its clients to choose from:

  • Individual account: You can open this type of account on all their platforms with a first deposit starting at €200.
  • Corporate account: available on TWS and Metatrader.
  • Professional account: This type of account gives you access to more leverage.

Account opening

Opening an account is done online and takes only a few minutes. You must fill out a form in which you indicate your personal information as well as your trading experience.

Once the form is completed, you can immediately proceed to validate it via an online verification process called IDnow. This process takes a few minutes and you need to bring your passport. If you don’t have time to do this procedure, you can renew it later.

If the address on your passport is different from the one on the form, you will need to send proof of address (electricity or gas bill, bank statement, tax notice).

An advisor from the office in France will contact you to welcome you and answer any questions you may have. You will then be able to contact him/her at any time if you need to. It is really an advantage to have people available in French who can help and accompany you.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

Funds are sent to Société Générale in Paris for FlatTrader accounts and to JP Morgan for Trader Workstation accounts.

You can deposit funds while you are filling out the form. This will allow you to validate your trading account more quickly.

Alternatively, you can deposit your funds after the account has been opened. You have several deposit methods:

  • Credit card: credited within minutes (free);
  • SEPA transfer: credited within 24-48 hours (free);
  • Paypal / Skrill : credited in a few minutes (free).

The principle is the same for withdrawals, they are totally free for withdrawals in Euro within the Euro zone. In fact, there are no hidden fees. So you can trade with peace of mind.


In order to put you in the best possible position to succeed, FXFlat offers several training services.
They articulate this around online and physical training.

  • Online: Webinars on the different concepts related to trading. Posted on the FXFlat France YouTube channel and lives directly from the channel with trading personalities or FXFlat specialists.
  • In person: Once a month, FXFlat organizes a training session in its Paris office for about thirty clients or privileged prospects. The purpose of this training is to popularize trading and deepen the various strategies used by FXFlat’s experts.

But that’s not all, at each of these training sessions there will be a renowned speaker.
In addition to participating in the day, this speaker will also do a free webinar for FXFlat and will discuss his or her specialty: technical analysis, price action, psychology, money management, order book trading, options strategy, etc.

Should I trade with FXFlat?

FXFlat, thanks to all of its guarantees, provides optimal security in the trading world and is unmatched by any broker physically present in France.

Our 100% French speaking customer service team will be there to assist you from your demo account to your first real trades.

The fact that you can visit them in their office in Paris is a very good point as well as to benefit from their training.

Reviews on FXFlat

Comments about FXFlat
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User rating: 4.4 / 5

Comments: 8

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