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BinBot Pro – Trading Robot Review & User Feedback 2024

4.2 / 5

BinBot Pro is a collection of trading robots that carry out binary trading for its users using trading algorithms. Binbot Pro was established in 2016 and is the only automated software that allows trading on both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies all on a single platform.

General Information

Binbot Pro is an online binary trading platform managed by Cente Project LTD., a subsidiary of the Finance Group Corp. Binbot Pro is registered in The Republic of Vanuatu and is regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). Its official website is available in multiple languages, and users from numerous countries are welcome. There are also restricted countries, such as the U.S. Binbot Pro offers clients email customer support in addition to live account managers.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Manual customization of robots: Users can manually customize their robots. i.e. the whole trading process is not left to the bots as users can set some options to their preference.

Fast and reliable: Binbot Pro trading platform is fast, reliable, and easy to use. With specially designed servers and connection technology, users can take advantage of the market at a great speed.

Account manager: Binbot Pro assigns an account manager to clients once they open and fund their accounts. This is important to help them get the most of the bot.

Free innovative trading bots: Users do not have to pay for the bots. Once an account is opened and funded, the bots can be set up right away to begin trading. The bots rely on an innovative algorithm that is based on artificial neural networks technology and can analyze up to 20 million trades simultaneously.

Risk management: Binbot Pro offers considerable risk management to clients.

No fees whatsoever: Binbot Pro does not charge any fee either on deposits, trading, or withdrawals. The robots are free to use and are activated after funds are deposited. Withdrawals attract no fee or commission.

Demo account: Clients can download and install the demo variation of Binbot Pro and see how the trading bots work.

Trades are not visible: When the bots are actively trading, the trades are not visible to users. They would have to wait for the trades to end before seeing the outcome.

Short trading periods: Trades could be placed and closed in 60 seconds.

Trading Conditions

Binbot Pro is an integratory platform that connects three major brokers – Binary Cent, Vide Forex, and Race Option. Binbot Pro allows a minimum deposit of $250 across the three integrated brokers and a minimum investment of $0.1. Binbot Pro pays a maximum of 90% returns, and users can make up to 300% in Profits.

Underlying Assets

Binbot Pro provides forex and cryptocurrency pairs. There are 8 currency pairs available for trading. These are; EUR/USD, EUR/AUD, EUR/JPY, EUR/GBP, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, AUD/USD and BTC/USD. There are also altcoins for trading, the major ones being Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Etherium.

Trading Platform

Binbot Pro is a web-based software that has full functionalities of a trading platform. The platform is easy to navigate and offers trading indicators such as COMMODITY CHANNEL INDEX, ADM INDEX, MOMENTUM, RVI, RSI and AROON. Clients can also set the privacy of the bots to either public or private. The parameters of the bots can be tweaked to personal preferences, and the risk levels predetermined. Users can also create their own trading robots and customize the name as well as giver specific trading instructions before activating it. Clients can access the website from any compatible internet device; PC, smartphone, iPad, etc. and take advantage of the features offered.

Mobile Trading

Unfortunately, there is no mobile trading available for Binbot Pro as of now. Clients have to make do with the excellent web-based platform and its exciting features.

Demo Account

A demo account is available as soon as clients register and fund their accounts. The demo account lasts for a full minute, and clients can see how the bots perform. The demo trading feature is important for clients to become familiar with the services offered by the trading bots, as well as to get acquainted with the process of setting up a bot according to specific instructions.

Account Types

Clients have to first open an account with any of the three partner brokers and fund their accounts with a minimum of $250. It is understood that each of those brokers has different account types, and clients can go with any of those before connecting their preferred trading bots.
The account types offered on Binbot Pro is directly related to the type of trading robot used for the account, there are three types of accounts/robots.

Bronze robots – the ready-to-use trading robots with a $250 minimum deposit requirement:

• NeuroScanner v3.0 with 86% return rate
• BladeRunner with 88% return rate
• RVI and MA with a 97% return rate
• Bolly Band Bounce with a 99% return rate
• Strong US v2 with 102% return rate
• HP Cycles with 109% return rate
• Strong ADX v.2 with 109% return rate
• RSIMA Cross with 295% return rate

Silver robots – the ready-to-use trading robots with a $1000 minimum deposit requirement:

• Rising East V1.2 with 118% return rate

Gold robots – the ready-to-use trading robots with a $3000 minimum deposit requirement:

• xProfit with 128% return rate

Binbot Pro also offers trading bots for altcoins:

• The Ready-To-Use Trading robots for cryptocurrencies
• Ichimoku Crypto v2 with a $250 minimum deposit
• Crypto ADX 2.0 with a $1000 minimum deposit

In addition to these, clients can opt to create their own trading robots from the templates provided and tweak the parameters. Clients can switch between manual and auto trading on the platform at any time. This gives them more control over their funds.

Opening an Account

Opening an account on Binbot Pro is very easy and can be completed in three simple steps. There is a “Registration” button available on the website, and once it is clicked, a registration form is shown. Users can then fill in their details and also indicate the currency and broker they prefer. There is also a checkbox that indicates that the user is not a citizen or resident of the U.S. There are options to select a preferred currency, broker, and finally, a captcha verification. Once every information is entered, and the registration completed, log in details are sent to the email indicated.

According to the website, clients can go from registration to earning in just three easy steps – Pass free registration, fund and activate the trading account, software trades, and makes Profits.
For deposits, clients can deposit funds into the broker account using the available payment methods. The client is also required to upload some required documents for verification before they can make withdrawals.

Funds Withdrawal

Binbot Pro allows clients to withdraw their earnings through different methods. The withdrawal method used depends on the type used in depositing funds, so if a trader deposited funds using fiat currency, they can only withdraw through fiat currencies. And if via cryptocurrencies, the same thing. The withdrawal button is available on the account funding tab, and once it is clicked, the next page shows different options such as PayPal, Wire transfers, Debit or Credit Card, Perfect Money, Bank Account, Skrill, Neteller, or cryptocurrency wallet. The desired amount is entered, and the request is submitted to begin processing the withdrawal.

Withdrawal is quick and easy and guaranteed to happen within an hour of placing request. The request reflects on the trading account, but it could take a bit longer to reflect on the bank account.

Trader Training

Binbot Pro offers no official training to clients on how to trade or use the binary bots, but they do offer dedicated account managers to every account irrespective of the amount deposited. Customer service and support are also available 24/7, and tickets are attended to as quickly as possible. For clients who wish to create their own bots, Prompts and popups are used to direct them in making the best choices.

Should I Trade with Binbot Pro?

In our opinion, the answer is yes. Binbot Pro is a high-yield, auto-trading bot that allows clients to take a slice off the forex market. The bots are built on deep neural algorithms, and clients can set their own rules. Its Proprietary platform is fast and easy to navigate, and returns are high. Binbot Pro integrates three different brokers that have longstanding positive reviews and credibility in the industry. Clients can leverage the bots for trading, or set their own rules and parameters to ensure that the clients go as they prefer. Account registration, funds deposit, and withdrawals are fast, easy, and seamless. Account managers are available to every client, and there is live chat support that runs all day.

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    Pradip Kumar Bar

    Bin Bot Pro is not applicable in mobile trading?, as mentioned above specifications?
    Mobile Trading
    Unfortunately, there is no mobile trading available for Binbot Pro as of now. Clients have to make do with the excellent web-based platform and its exciting features

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