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Binary Signals Trader – Review and Trader Feedback

4.0 / 5

Recently launched on the binary options trading market, Binary Signals Trader brings a fresh perspective to the delivery of binary signals with auto trading software.

1. General Information

Binary Signals Trader wants that traders all over the world enjoy safe and reliable binary options trading signals. Significantly, Binary Signals Trader is a ‘specialised’ signals provider. It delivers binary signals purely for stocks and currency pairs. Traders who have already determined the assets they prefer to trade, find the Binary Signals Trader provider especially useful.

What’s more, traders who want to avoid the confusion that can arise from trading in multiple assets may find Binary Signals Trader an excellent signals provider for their needs.

Read our review of Binary Signals Trader to discover how this product could enhance your binary options trading experience.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages

Specialized signals: Traders receive signals only for two most popular groups of assets – stocks and currency pairs

Web based: Traders never have to install special software, but can trade directly from their browser.

Free: Binary Signals Trader doesn’t cost money, and all signals are completely free.

Best brokers: Binary Signals Trader has an impressive selection of binary brokers that are compatible with this unique trading interface

Trading alerts: All traders get sound notifications when a new signal arrives

Account upgrade: Traders can upgrade and become Premium users.

No phone support: Traders must use either live chat or email to reach the support

3. Trading Conditions

Binary Signals Trader has an amazing success rate of 86% which is really impressive. Also, it is a binary signals provider that provides transparent trading. All traders can reach terms and conditions prior to registration. This is of great importance, as we believe traders have the right to get all the legal information on time.

We also find it great that traders have to manually trade every signals. This way, the risk of manipulation with your money is reduced to minimum. Binary Signals Trader never places a trade instead of the user like many modern binary signals providers do. This provider encourages traders to act mindfully and be focused during the entire trading process.

4. Assets

As already mentioned, Binary Signals Trader delivers signals for binary options trading with two underlying assets: stocks and currency pairs. All signals can be found in a specialized menu and can be adjusted to your trading preferences. For example, you can trade Apple stocks as an underlying asset with one broker, but have them turned off while trading with another broker. People trading across a broad range of assets may find this ‘niche’ product too restrictive. However, there are sufficient binary options traders interested only in stocks and currency pairs to make the Binary Signals Trader signals provider relevant in the industry.

5. Platform

Unlike many auto trading signals providers, Binary Signals Trader does not require traders to install any type of software onto their devices. It automatically delivers all trading signals directly from the browser of the trader’s device. What’s more, the service is free of charge.

Average traders often find the process of downloading and installing complex software challenging and inconvenient. Furthermore, many traders prefer to operate directly from their browsers rather than waste space on their electronic devices with additional software.
An impressive claim made by Binary Signals Trader Signals provider, states that the software produces pay outs up to 86%. Traders looking for opportunities in short term trading could find the software very lucrative. Especially if they are only interested in trading the specialized assets covered by Binary Signals Trader.

It is clear to us that Binary Signals Trader understands traders need live signals delivered in real time if they want them to be useful. Clearly, delayed signals are not as helpful, especially to short term traders. For this reason, Binary Signals Trader strives to deliver the best live signals on the market.
Binary Signals Trader displays all trades on its dedicated dashboard which also serves as a user-friendly interface for trading. What’s more, traders can adjust many of the settings thereby customizing the trading dashboard to suit their personal style.

Following customer registration, traders at Binary Signals Trader gain access to the dashboard. This is where trade information is posted and trading takes place. Traders can steer through the entire trading process easily by using the dedicated tabs.

Significantly, the dashboard displays a list of available brokers. Also, the trader’s open trades, a profit statement and the remaining balance in the trader’s account. The dashboard has a special section for traders to set asset preferences and filter assets according to personal choice. The BinarySignals Trader software is designed to allow trading in a single asset.

Traders should definitely take time to research the Binary Signals Trader platform as it offers great customization possibilities for more diverse trading.

6. Account Types

Traders who decide to trade with Binary Signals Trader can also experience an account upgrade. While there is only one trading account available, it can be upgraded to Premium level. So-called Premium account is always available only for a limited time only. Special set of Premium features allows further account customization.

Some of the most important settings that can be customized are set out below.

  • Expiry time can be set from 1 minute up to one day
  • The level of risk can be adjusted from very low to high
  • Traders can trade using two strategies. High Frequency or Correlation trading

For more information on the Premium account, make sure to ask customer support.

7. Opening an account

Binary Signals Trader made the registration process really simple. First, traders have to visit the website where they will find an application form. By filling out the requested fields (only basic information), traders have registered with the signals provider, but that is not enough to start trading.

The second step is depositing with a broker. Binary Signals Trader offers to trade with multiple brokers as well, but one broker is enough for a start. Minimum deposit is usually $250 and it is processed by the broker, and Binary Signals Trader will never charge you any fees.

Once the deposit is processed, simply check out the trading settings and adjust the signals to your trading preferences. That way you won’t be bothered by signals that don’t suit your trading style.

8. Withdrawal

Binary Signals Trader is a binary signals provider. It doesn’t accept deposits or process withdrawals. It is only a connection between the broker and the trader, a platform where trades are delivered so the trader can trade in a more convenient way.
Binary Signals Trader lists only the most prestigious and reputable brokers on their website, and they are all compatible with the trading interface, so traders can place their trades without any dilemmas. Also as Binary Signals Trader is free, it is also completely neutral.

9. Trader training

Education is the key factor in becoming a successful trader. Even though many believe how there is no knowledge involved in binary trading, that is not true. Binary Signals Trader gives traders a chance to reach their maximum, thanks to very detailed FAQ section and easy to read guides that give trader more info on specific aspects of trading with this signal provider. Make sure to read them before trading, as you can achieve better results when you know what is going on.
Also, in case you don’t understand some feature, contact customer support. During Binary Signals Trader review we managed to reach them quickly and we waited less than one minute to get their answer. This is rather impressive!

10. Should I Trade with Binary Signals Trader?

Binary Signals Trader allows traders the flexibility of signals trading like never before. New traders can begin trading immediately using the specially designed dashboard. A series of tabs assist new traders to execute trades easily without any experience of using the trading dashboard.

Binary Signals Trader also encourages traders to be focused and careful during the trading process
However, to be a successful trader, it’s essential to understand the inherent risks of binary options trading. Moreover, traders should endeavor to educate themselves about binary options trading generally, to enjoy a profitable ‘career’ in the industry.

Our comprehensive review of BinarySignals Trader highlights the usefulness of the customisation features on the dashboard. Especially interesting for traders is the enhanced user experience that comes from managing trading strategies and asset selection.
The software is easy to use, allowing traders to adjust settings to suit their personal trading style and asset preferences.

A point that must not be overlooked is that BinarySignals Trader signals provider is available to registered traders free of charge. Only when traders opt to trade on the special BinarySignals Trader platform, are they required to deposit with a recommended broker.

Traders who would like to know more about BinarySignals Trader products can contact the customer support team on the website or read the comprehensive FAQS page.

Reviews on Binary Signals Trader

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