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Option 500 – Broker Review and Trader Feedback

4.1 / 5

Attention! We advise to refrain from trading with this broker. We recommend choosing this 👉🏻 reliable broker. For traders from USA, Canada, Australia use 👉🏻 this broker

Option500 is an excellent website that offers a highly professional CFD & Forex trading broker. Traders enjoy their experience on this website as the solutions that are offered are highly sophisticated. What makes this broker stand out from the rest online is that it has been created to be simple, so that players with all levels of skill and computer knowledge can easily interact with it.

1. General Information

There is so much that you will find on this website including trading education, variety of assets, online CFD/FX trading webinars as well as 1 on 1 support. When it comes to funding your trading account, you will find there are several payment options that you can explore. These include credit and debit cards, wire transfers as well as eWallets.

2. Benefits

As a trading platform, there is a lot that Option500 has to offer. The platform offers CFD trading, Forex Trading as well as Bitcoin Trading. To ensure that you can fully enjoy what this platform has to offer, there are tools that have been put in place for both beginners, as well as more experienced traders. These include an understanding of the terms that are used in trading as well as how best you can make great returns no matter what type of trades that you choose to carry out.

At the top of the page is a menu bar where it is possible to choose which asset you want to evaluate. Once you click on that asset, you will easily be able to see various topics worth of information so that you can select what you are looking for. This makes navigation much easier for anyone choosing to play here. If you find that you are a little lost, there is a live chat pop up window that has a support agent available at any time, 24/7. Through this agent, you can ask any questions to help you better understand the platform and processes.

3. Features

There are a host of features that make this a sophisticated and brilliant website for trading. One of these is the fact that you can gain access to the platform using your smartphone. This means that you can execute trades while you are also on the go. Furthermore, the software is incredibly simple to understand, which is why traders of all skill levels can use this platform.
For those who have never traded before, Option500 is ideal as it acts as the middle man between the securities which are available for trades, as well as the investors who are looking for a great trade.

Safety is key to this platform, which means that you can trust that your money will not be in any jeopardy by being on the site. There are a several trading assets that one can choose from, which is important for an investor that is looking to spread their risk.

When you have a return that you want to withdraw following a trade, there is certain documentation that you need to provide to do so. These include some Valid Photo Id which could include your passport, official government ID document or your drivers licence. Remember that they need to be valid. Then you need to provide your proof of address, and a copy of your credit card. The best thing about this platform is that there are no minimum or maximum withdrawals, and in addition, there are no charged that are linked to the withdrawal of funds. Within 24 hours, the payment should be processed, although if may take the bank up to seven days to finalist the process.

4. CFD Trade

Although a relatively new way to trade, Option 500 offers CFD trading to its investors. To ensure that a new trader is successful, there are various education resources that have been put in place. These include CFD trading for beginners, and it is possible to even get CFD trading for those who want to make a living. You can find out about the different CFD trading products on the website, as well as advice on how you can successfully research to get the right information for an excellent trade.

5. Forex Trade

Forex trading or forex exchange involves the buying and selling of currencies so that you can benefit from small price changes during the movement of the currencies. It is a trading method that is always open, as there are some which are not available at night. There are some suggested Forex Trading strategies that can help you become a more efficient trader.

6. Bitcoin Trade

For those who are looking for more modern trading options, Option500 makes it possible to trade using Bitcoin, as well as other growing cryptocurrencies. Players appreciate trading in Bitcoin as it does not attract and transaction fees, and it is the only method where you can maintain maximum total privacy. It is through Bitcoin that trading has really opened and become the currency of choice for those who are trading internationally.

7. Support

When you are looking to get some support while on this platform, there are many options that you can explore. The first of these is the contact form on the website, where you can instantly share your message and await a response. You could also look through the FAQ section and you may find a response that is quick and easy to understand. To reach out to the customer support team, you should speak to the support team through the live chat option that is available at all hours of day or night. If you want to share some documents, then there is the support email address for you to reach out. Finally, you can get in touch using the phone number available on the website.

8. Should I trade with Option500?

Option500 is a brilliant platform for those who are looking for a simple trading platform that will help achieve results. It also has the benefits of being sophisticated in nature, which is why it attracts both skilled investors, as well as those who are coming up. This is a platform that will deliver and meet expectations.

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