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Kingfin – Olymp Trade Affiliate Program Review 2020

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Digital economy is what modern life is based on. The largest number of new projects appear online to enable people to make money without looking up from their laptop. In this article, we will tell you about the KingFin affiliate program. How can you use it to earn? Let us talk about it in more detail.

General Information about KingFin affiliate program

Earnings of affiliate partners are based on attracting customers to the Olymp Trade trading platform. Choosing the right earning strategy, you can make up to 60% of the profit the broker receives from each trader you have attracted. Do not forget that trading is a kind of business with huge money involved.

Registration in the Program

The Olymp Trade affiliate program is implemented on the basis of KingFin platform. This is a pretty convenient system for registration in the affiliate program with a flexible interface.

Any Internet user over the age of 18 can join the Olymp Trade affiliate program!

First of all, choose your participation type — whether you are going to be a classical affiliate or an introducing broker (Introducing Broker, IB). Then fill in your email, create a password and accept the standard confidentiality terms and cooperation agreement. Confirm your email using the code sent to your address. After logging into your account, provide your phone number and additional contact details, and the e-wallet, which you will be using to receive the funds you earn.

Affiliate Program Participation Types

Most of those who want to join the program can become classic affiliates. This way of cooperation is perfect for bloggers, webmasters, advanced social network users, SEO specialists, etc.

Introducing Brokers (IBs) work directly with customers on behalf of the Olymp Trade platform. They are Forex gurus, local broker representatives, financial markets experts, i.e. those who are ready to share their experience with other traders.

Introducing Brokers can attract traders not only on the Internet, but also at offline events (conferences, seminars, etc.).

The Principles of Earning with Affiliate Programs

Before talking about the intricacies of earning with the Olymp Trade affiliate program, let’s take a look at how such programs work. Feel free to skip this paragraph if you have been in this business for a long time, but you’d better read it if your experience in this area is still limited.

The aim of any affiliate is to attract new customers to a certain brand or project. They remove this load from the advertiser. A flexible decentralized system of affiliates comes into play instead of large marketing departments.

Practice has shown that affiliate programs are much more effective than classical methods of working with potential clients and are much cheaper for advertisers.

As a rule, every member of the program receives a special link to the brand site, which they start to promote online through social networks, their personal websites, using banners, contextual advertising, YouTube videos, etc. Your reward depends on the number of conversions you get.

Trading and Olymp Trade

Financial affiliate programs, including those related to trading, are one of the most promising segments of affiliate business. This type of business is several centuries old but it owes its global success to the Internet.

The global audience of traders is growing rapidly, and affiliate programs have a lot to do with it. Trading has become especially popular with active young people of 25-35 years old from different parts of the world.

The Olymp Trade broker started its work in 2014 and has turned into a leader of global trading business.

More than 25,000 traders from more than 20 countries work on the platform every day. There are several trading modes available: Fixed Time Trades, Forex and MetaTrader 4.

The trading platform is operated by the Inlustris Ltd. Company registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The Wallfort Limited company (Reg. Nr – HE364695) acts as an agent and is based in Limassol, Cyprus. Additional information about the companies is freely available online.

Platform clients can trade more than 80 assets, including a variety of currency pairs, commodities, stock indices, international company shares and cryptocurrencies.

Olymp Trade: Conditions for Users

The minimum trade amount is $1/€1. The minimum deposit amount is $10/€10. The minimum amount you can withdraw from your account is the same $10/€10. There are no fees for topping up and withdrawing funds, just an inactivity fee charged for not trading in live mode for more than 180 days.

A unique feature of Olymp Trade is an opportunity to improve your trading skills for free. Traders do it using a demo account, which can be topped up an unlimited number of times.

Moreover, the platform customers get access to a wide range of educational materials and events: from daily analytics and free training materials to professional webinars and individual consultations.

The International Financial Commission has given Olymp Trade a Category A certificate, confirming the highest level of the broker’s professionalism.

A membership in such an authoritative regulator is a guarantee that every trader will get prompt assistance if any dispute occurs. If necessary, the Olymp Trade customers are eligible to receive up to €20,000 from the Compensation Fond.

The availability and reliability of the trading platform are the reason why the Olymp Trade customer audience is quickly increasing, and so do the volume and the number of trades made on the platform.

Just last month around 38 million trades were made on the platform, which not only simplifies the affiliates’ task, but also contributes to the growth of their income.

Income of Program Participants

Every affiliate participating in the program daily receives between 50 and 60% of the revenue coming from each Olymp Trade customer referred via an affiliate link. An engaged customer is the one who has signed up to the platform and made their first-time deposit (First Time Deposit, FTD).

At the moment, this is the highest payout rate for this model (Revenue Share) in comparison with similar affiliate programs.

Your commission is determined by your account status, which directly relies on the results of your work. Switching between Classic, Silver and Gold statuses takes place automatically as you attract more and more traders to the platform.

When you start working with KingFin, you get a 50% Revenue Share. And when you get a Gold status, you get 60%. You can also attract sub-affiliates — other potential partners. Depending on your status, the payout percentage for referral links can increase from 3% to 5%.

TOP 3 Affiliates Earnings of KingFin (for the last 30 days):

  1. $173 164
  2. $64 621
  3. $53 358

Funds Withdrawal

You can withdraw funds from your account using such services as Wire Transfer, ePayments, Skrill, Webmoney, Neteller, Yandex Money, QiWi Wallet and Bitcoin cryptocurrency. You can withdraw from $10 to $15,000 per day. To do it, submit an application for payment in the Payouts section of your account.

You can apply for the first payout after you have attracted five traders. You need at least $10 on your account and no less than three active traders that you have brought to Olymp Trade.

Traffic Type

You can specify the type of traffic in your user account on the affiliate program website:

  • Own website
  • Purchased traffic
  • Social networks
  • Direct recommendations
  • YouTube
  • Other


It is not allowed to use traffic received from compromised resources, malware and spam. Personal invitations are also forbidden.

Traffic from the following countries is not accepted: Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, the UK, the European Union (all countries), Israel, Russia, Iran, the Philippines. It can be generated without restrictions in any other regions.

Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Ukraine, and Thailand were the most profitable geos for the KingFin affiliate program last month.

Experts say that context advertising networks like Google Adwords, Bing, etc. can help one get the best quality traffic. SEO-optimization is also good to go. And of course, mobile devices are getting increasingly important in this sphere, just like in any other online business.

Decide on your target audience. Of course, professional trading requires special knowledge, but most of the trading platform audience has a rather poor level of knowledge in this area.

Some brokers, including Olymp Trade, improve the level of their customers, while others do not do it. In general, no special skills are needed to start trading.

Traffic Control and Statistics

Program participants can access an effective analytical tool integrated into their personal account. It provides a detailed and accurate real-time picture of the state of their business.

To use it, go to the Statistics section. All the information there is divided into the following groups: Data, Subaccount, Cohort Analysis, Traders, by Landing, by Country, Attracted Partners.

Besides, you can connect third-party analytical services in real time using so-called Postback. To do it, just contact our support team.

Promotional Materials

It is not necessary to create unique promo materials yourself to drive traffic effectively. All the members of the affiliate program have access to quality promotional materials in several languages. You can find them in your user account in the Promo for traders section.

These materials are reliable tools that provide a high conversion rate. You only need to decide on a promotion format. You can choose from Landings, Banners, Mobile Applications, Logos, Videos, Strategies, Registration Forms, Promo Codes and even Print Promo.

Special promotional materials have been designed to attract new affiliates. You can find them in the Partners Attraction section.

Promotions and Bonuses

In addition to the current rate and geo offers, you can take part in promotions and contests and get extra bonuses. The bonuses are activated for some time in certain regions.

The additional reward can exceed $15,000. You can find the detailed information on the terms and amount of bonuses in the Bonuses section.

You need to meet a number of conditions to participate in contests and win various prizes. It can be a trip to anywhere in the world, professional equipment for shooting promo videos or the latest iPhone. All information about the current contests can be found in the Contest section of your user account.

Specialist Support

If necessary, you can always ask for help from a personal manager who speaks your language. To get prompt assistance, just click “Ask for help”. You can ask specialists about technical issues in the Support section. Also, this is where you can find your requests history. And of course, there are answers to the most popular questions in the FAQ section.

We conclude our report on the KingFin affiliate program. It’s up to you to decide how to make money online, but, hopefully, this article has clarified a lot of questions related to this topic.

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Kingfin – Olymp Trade Affiliate Program Review 2020

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