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IQ Option – trading platform VIP account review 2022

4.5 / 5

IQ Option VIP Account General Information

Over the past few years, financial trading has gained widespread popularity among Web users, and has also won the attention of most newcomers to the market. As a result, many rushed to register accounts and make deposits on the websites of trading companies. Due to the lack of experience and the necessary knowledge, most traders merge their deposit. Others try to get things rolling with small amounts and receive instant large earnings without realizing all the risks and possible consequences. However, there are more competent traders on the financial trading market who are serious and work for a long-term result. They don’t trade with small accounts, but invest much larger amounts, opening transactions no less large.

Trading platform experts understand that for a serious-minded category of traders, it’s necessary to create more favorable trading conditions with additional bonuses and offers. For this reason, many platforms have begun to develop special VIP accounts that include the most attractive trading opportunities—both financial and technical.

IQ Option is one of the industry leaders. For many years now, it’s been offering everyone who wants one a special type of account—VIP. Before focusing on considering the benefits of a VIP account from IQ Option, it’s worth mentioning the advantages of working with this platform overall.

The IQ Option broker has become a real flagship in introducing the latest technologies in personal trading developments. The platform created by the company’s programmers is currently one of the best. It includes dozens of tools to assist in technical and fundamental market analysis. Among the main advantages it’s also worth mentioning the beautiful design of the platform, its speed, the huge number of assets from various categories, several types of contracts, the ability to open multiple windows with charts at once, and much more.

IQ Option is also appreciated for the quick withdrawal of funds, for the lack of slippage and deception on the part of the dealer, and for the high-quality knowledge base for traders with different levels of training. Many newcomers begin to work with IQ Option in particular, since the minimum deposit amount here is only $10. However, for more experienced customers, special conditions have been created, which we discuss below.

Conditions for opening a VIP account

As mentioned earlier, IQ Option offers its customers use of a special type of account. The conditions for obtaining it are as simple as possible. Firstly, you need to register on the platform and pass verification. The verification procedure is very simple and quick. After that, you should make deposits with a total amount of at least $1900 over the next 60 days. After fulfilling this condition, a special department of the company will consider the possibility of issuing you a special VIP account.

In fact, there’s no need to make an excessively large deposit at a time. The required amount can be “split up” into several separate deposits, which ultimately will lead to receiving VIP status.

Benefits of VIP status

Is it worth using a VIP account from IQ Option? The answer to this question is definitely positive. Consider what additional privileges VIP clients of the company receive and everything will fall into place.

Increased payout percentage. The main goal of the VIP account is to help the trader to receive even more profit from trading operations. This goal is achieved by increasing the percentage of profitability for users of the premium account. For example, the payout percentage for the USD/CAD currency pair rises to 30% compared to the payout percentage on the accounts of ordinary users. If you like to trade shares of global companies, then in this case you’ll find a pleasant surprise in the form of an increase in the percentage of profitability of up to 20% and 21%, respectively, on Alibaba and Google assets. Currency pairs CAD/CHF, EUR/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/JPY, AUD/CAD, and EUR/NZD become more profitable on average by 5%, and trading FACEBOOK shares can bring an additional 5% to the basic percentage of profitability.

Increased income percentage. Such bonuses cannot but delight, because they help to increase the deposit much faster. For example, if the percentage of return on the EUR/USD currency pair for ordinary users is about 80%, then for 10 transactions with a positive outcome, the client can receive up to 800% of return. If you conduct identical trading on your VIP account, then the profit will be on average 50% more! With the same time and resource expenditures, such a significant increase in profit is a pleasant bonus, which also allows you to quickly cover unprofitable transactions. An increased percentage of profitability awaits customers not only on the above assets, but also on many other instruments.

Personal manager. The next advantage of the premium account is the personal manager, who is provided to the client immediately after receiving VIP status. The manager is ready to promptly answer any technical questions, help with the input/withdrawal of funds, and other nuances associated with the account. Thanks to the personal manager, you can fully concentrate on trading and avoid unnecessary worries. It’s worth noting that the manager does not trade instead of the client himself—he is only an assistant. Therefore, you shouldn’t assume that, by cooperating with the manager, you transfer to him your personal account in “trust management”. Responsibility for risks, opening transactions and other financial operations remains with the client.

Faster withdrawal of funds of VIP clients. Requests for withdrawal of funds of premium users are processed on average within a day, unlike ordinary users, who wait 2-5 days for their funds.

Training brochures on the topic of trading. The company’s experts have developed four trading brochures that are available only to VIP clients. The brochures discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various types of price analysis, give tips on choosing an asset and a trading session, and provide information on how to use the popular “moving average” indicator. These brochures are designed to help novice traders get a competent start in the market.

Trading tournaments. Premium users also enjoy privileges during regular tournaments. IQ Option has always been famous for organizing trading tournaments for platform participants. VIP customers have the opportunity to participate in higher-paying tournaments and receive large cash prizes.

At the moment, the advantages mentioned above are the main distinguishing features of the IQ Option VIP account. If you’re ready to make the necessary deposit to receive premium status, we definitely advise you to use the company’s VIP account. That way you’ll always be at the forefront of those to whom the company is ready to provide operational assistance and treat to favorable offers.

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