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FXMasterBot – Broker Review and Trader Feedback 2021

3.9 / 5

FXMasterBot is a unique forex trading software that allows traders to trade both automatically and manually, and to customize the trading signals that are delivered directly to their trading profile. This is possible thanks to numerous trading settings that can be used for more customized trading, especially by traders who prefer to have everything under control. FXMasterBot truly managed to distinguish itself from many similar products on the market as it offers three trading plans and a free demo account with $1500 of virtual money you can use to practice. This makes it a perfect choice for both beginners and advanced traders alike, as they can easily test the platform before making a deposit. This way, once you start real trading you don’t have to waste your time on figuring out how the platform exactly works. Traders who decide to use FXMasterBot will also be able to trade with multiple brokers, thus diversifying their trading portfolio to a great extent. This forex trading software will deliver an amazing trading experience to everyone who wants to experience automated forex trading with live market signals and a high level of control and support. FXMasterBot has a great potential to deliver great results when used properly and it offers amazing regulated brokers to traders all over the world. Find out if FX Master Bot is Legit.

1. General Information

FXMasterBot is based on a trading algorithm that was delivered by a team of experts. The algorithm is highly customizable thanks to numerous, tools, features and settings every trader has at their disposal, the moment they decide to register and use this software. Such great level of customization is rarely seen among forex trading software. Traders can also choose to trade manually and automatically. When auto trading is activated, the FXMasterBot will place the trade in the trading room immediately. Traders who prefer manual trading will have to manually accept every signal they want to trade, but still will never have to leave the trading room. All aspects of trading are integrated on the same platform for a more user-friendly approach.

When it comes to different settings, traders can easily set stop loss and take profit limits, trade amount, signal strength, and choose to trade opposite of the FXMasterBot algorithm. They can also activate the daily stop loss and limit the number of trades placed each day thanks to Max Daily Trades feature. It is also possible to limit daily profit (which encourages traders to be more focused on efficient money management) and set the number of a maximum number of concurrent trades. All these features are available no matter how many brokers you decide to trade with – one or all of them!

2. Advantages and Disadvantages

Free Demo: All traders are welcomed to register for a completely free FXMasterBot demo that comes equipped with incredible $1500 virtual money. The main benefit is that traders get a chance to test the trading settings before taking a leap into the world of real trading. Also, they get a chance to learn how different features are used without any limitations, as FXMasterBot demo account is based on the Master account that has all features unlocked.

Free Forex Software: FXMasterBot is a free trading software, and trader never has to pay any fees, charges, commissions or memberships. This means that traders can easily use all their money on trading, and have great liquidity from the very start.

Customization Features: FXMasterBot offers not only three different account types, but also multiple trading settings that ensure that the algorithm will deliver only the trades you are interested in, and won’t bother you with rest. That way, all traders keep a higher level of control than with the average forex robot.

Transparency: FXMasterBot is not promising traders they will make millions in a single week, but keeps things real. The profit ratio is determined by how traders adjust their settings, and its highly accurate signals are delivered according to live market data.

Multiple Forex Brokers: all traders can choose to trade with one, or with more brokers. All brokers available on FXMasterBot are reputable and can be recommended, and some of them are even regulated.

No Mobile App: FXMasterBot doesn’t have a mobile app you can install on your smartphone. However, you can still trade with mobile thanks to the very responsive design that is supported on mobile browsers. This way, you don’t have to download and install any apps, or take care they are updated.

3. Linked Brokers

FXMasterBot integrated many popular brokers, some of which are regulated by CySEC and ASIC. As soon as they register, traders are assigned with the broker that is most popular in their country, as the availability of the broker highly depends on trader’s geolocation.

24option – one of the most popular brokers worldwide is available with FXMasterBot as well. It is regulated by CySEC and offers a great variety of trading instruments. 24option is one of the most reputable regulated brokers on the market as we speak.

iTrader – another CySEC regulated broker with license number 198/13. They offer a variety of trading platforms, including mobile trading interface based on MetaTrader.

OTCapital – this popular broker comes from Australia and offers trading with only $250 minimum deposit.

FPMarkets – an award-winning broker with 12 years of experience in forex and over 12,000 satisfied customers. FPMArkets is also regulated by the Australian regulatory body ASIC which provides traders with an additional level of security.

EuropeFX – a CySEC regulated broker that operates under license number 258/14. They accentuate the importance of transparency, and traders can be sure that their funds are kept on segregated accounts.

4. Integrated Strategies

FXMasterBot is really different than many other similar forex trading robots, as it doesn’t rely on one-size-fits-all solutions, but enhances the importance of traders’ engagement in the trading process. That is why users can choose among three different trading plans or account levels.

Novice account is ideal for beginners as it requires only $200 minimum deposit. Traders can trade 3 currency pairs and have 3 trades opened at the same time.

Expert account is offering trading with multiple brokers and 9 currency pairs. There is no limit on the number of trades that can be opened at the same time. Traders also get a partial access to amazing advanced features. Minimum deposit for this account type is $500.

Master Account is available for traders who make a deposit with two brokers in a minimum amount of $500. Users with this account get an unlimited number of opened trades at once, all advanced settings, 17 currency pairs, and VIP customer support.
Traders who wish to learn more about different settings and trading features can easily open a free demo account and use their $1500 of virtual money for testing their trading skills.

5. Cost and Success Rate

FXMasterBot is a completely free forex auto trading software. Traders will never have to pay any unexpected fees or commissions. They don’t have to pay for the membership or the trading algorithm they are about to use. The only thing users have to do is pay the minimum deposit with the broker of their choice, but that money will be used exclusively for trading and not for paying any costs charged by FXMasterBot software.

FXMasterBot success rate is determined by trader’s settings, but on average it is around 85%. This makes FXMasterBot one of the most profitable auto trading software around, as it allows traders not only completely personalized trades but high-profit rates as well. More conservative traders can expect higher winning ratio, while traders who prefer aggressive trading will have to put that factor into their trading equation as well.

6. Opening an Account

FXMasterBot registration is fairly simple and straightforward. First, visit their website and fill out the registration form. Then, you will be redirected to a longer form where you have to provide additional data. And that’s it! The FXMasterBot registration is no different than registration with other online services. You will immediately get access to the demo account, but in order to start real trading, all you have to do is make a deposit with a broker that is assigned to you. FXMasterBot will always assign you a broker that is the most popular among traders in your country.

7. Should I Use FXMasterBot?

As always, the ultimate decision whether or not you will use a certain trading software is up to you. FXMasterBot can provide new and experienced trader more straightforward and safe trading, they will definitely benefit from. There is also a free demo which is always an advantage, as you don’t have to deposit to use it. You can easily try the demo first and see if FXMasterBot is the best forex robot for you. Make sure to research all aspects of trading with FXMasterBot while you have the demo account at your disposal. Considering how many forex robots appear each day, FXMasterBot definitely proved to be one that we can recommend, mostly due to a high level of control every trader has during the trading process.

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    Larry K.Fernando

    I already have an account with FP Markets, What should I do to commence trading using FX Master Bot?

    Larry K. Fernando

  2. avatar

    Hey Larry K Fernando,
    If you email FP Markets and explain to them that you have an account with them but would like your account linked up to the trading software “FX master bot” the should be able to link you up via their end.. hope this helps

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    Ayanda Dlamini



  4. avatar
    It doesn’t say it’s legit or not, just how good it is, any way are they registered in the uk?

    More transparency is useful, we need to know about legit brokers that operate in the uk and let us know how easy or hard is it to wothdraw


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FXMasterBot – Broker Review and Trader Feedback 2021

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