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FXGlobe – Broker Review and Trader Feedback

3.9 / 5

Attention! We advise to refrain from trading with this broker. We recommend choosing this 👉🏻 reliable broker. For traders from USA, Canada, Australia use 👉🏻 this broker

FXGlobe is a forex broker going through an absolute revolution right now. FXGlobe is currently one of the most innovative brokers investing both in tech innovations as well as custom tailored and very personalized accounts for traders depending on their needs. The really interesting part is that they have managed to bring perks that usually only the wealthiest forex sharks have to everyone. Depending on the size of deposit they always grant you a set of benefits appropriate for you and this is what sets them apart.

1. General information about FXGlobe

FXGlobe is a regulated online Forex and CFD broker providing traders across the globe with innovative technology to trade the world’s financial markets. Since 2013, their focus has been to change the way people trade forex. They are driven to provide traders with incredibly low-cost pricing across all FX, CFDs and Commodities coupled with incredible execution, the security of tight financial regulation and industry leading customer support.

2. Advantages and disadvantages

Their biggest advantage is how they treat their clients providing them with excellent customer service, training for all levels, fast execution of all clients’ requests and providing clients with reliable platform. Sometimes their offers are not fully presented on their website and you have to talk to their customer service to get them.

3. Trading conditions

This is one of the coolest parts. Trading conditions depend on the deposit amount but we happen to know that they are also negotiable. So definitely talk to the representatives and ask for some hidden deals. They innovate so fast that often you can get new deals before they are made available to the public.

4. Assets

FXGlobe offers over 100 available assets to trade in FX, Commodities and Indices.

5. Trading platform

FXGlobe is using the tried and tested MT4 platform bringing numerous innovations to the way their customers use it. It is also available on mobile and web.

6. Account types

Now this for sure is the best part. They have several different account types depending on the deposit. The more you deposit the more perks, benefits and commission discounts you get. Some of these perks include free trading signals, withdrawable cashback rebates, shark-level trader training, zero spreads, commission discounts and more.

7. Opening an account

Funds withdrawal is basically one of the fastest you can get in the business. Not much more to say here apart from the fact that they keep the money safely in segregated accounts.

8. Trader training

Trader training is really shark level. They have some of the best traders helping you trade smartly and efficiently.

9. Should I trade with FXGlobe?

Our verdict is yes. Definitely. Their zealous approach to improving all aspects that make a forex broker great is really impressive. They are a broker that innovates not only the technical aspect but also try to bring trading conditions available only to the wealthiest traders to everyone effectively changing the way people trade forex. It is very obvious that they are one of the brokers that will keep bringing you the best they can for the years to come making sure you can compete with the best. Have you ever heard of a forex broker offering accounts with almost personalized trading conditions? We haven’t. FXGlobe really focuses on improving the conditions for their current traders and making sure they succeed rather than bringing in too many new clients. Which is why you may want to become one of the people they care so much about.

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