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FT Markets – Broker Review and Trader Feedback 2023

4.2 / 5

FT Markets is a well-known foreign exchange investment brand in the world, but is it really trustworthy to investors? Read the following review and you will know if FT Markets is worth your while.

General Information

FT Markets was founded in 2005 and is based in London, United Kingdom. It is a world-renowned foreign exchange brand. There are branches in London, Hong Kong, New York and other parts of the world, with professional analyst consultants, experienced technical personnel, and more than thousands of employees across the world. FT Markets is committed to provide users with first-class global investment services.

Is FT Markets a profitable business? Is the transaction through FT Markets safe? Is the platform legal to trade on? Is FT Market capable in meeting the customer’s withdrawal requirement when the trade profited.

These are the most frequently asked questions by traders, we will provide the answer in the comments. This article mainly focuses on a strict review of the FT Markets company business, brokerage services, technical support. The further explanation will be also covered the attainability of FT Markets in providing clients the withdrawal services from profits and the safety of the withdrawal process.

Advantages and Disadvantages

What are the pros and cons of trading with FT Markets? The following answers come from our experience and real feedback from users of FT Markets.


  • Global well-known brands: 15 years of safe operation with strong capital support. A total amount of cumulative turnover is about over hundreds of millions. We also are trusted as the first choice by millions of users.
  • Free demo account: FT Markets provide a full simulated account service with possessed all same function as the real trading account and a 10,000 USD simulated trading fund given to conduct the risk-free trading practice. It is purposed for each investor to establish confidence and risk evaluation in trading.
  • Open a real account for free: You can apply for a real account for free at FT Markets. In the process of withdrawing the full profit of your transactions, a detailed record will be generated in open and transparent.
  • Ultra-low deposit requirements: Client can start off with a minimum deposit of $20 to activate the account for a real trade.
  • Ultra-low investment threshold: A minimum trading amount of $2 is the starting point for investors to have their investment. We provide a 0.01 minimum lot size for investor which is one of the lowest thresholds amid in the industry.
  • A margin of 1:500 high leverage: The highest trading leverage in a margin of 1 : 500 allows your funds to be magnified up to 500 times which help investors to achieve a chance of obtaining the large gains with only a small amount invest.
  • Regulated by authoritative institutions: Subject to the strictest NFA supervision in the world (license number: 0529307) and also regulated by Australian ASIC (license number: 633053059). With dual institutional supervision, investors can make a safety decision on trade.
  • Global 60+ hot products: FT Markets provides 24 hours of online trading of more than 60 global diversified financial products such as foreign exchange, commodities, indexes, etc. There is always one for you.
  • Quick deposit/withdrawal: FT Markets support multi-platform multi-bank deposit / withdrawal and can be credited in real time. Through International bank to keep the client’s funds which in order to protect all client’s funds in all aspects.
  • Dual platform trading: FT Markets provides investors with MT4 and APP dual platforms for trading. Also, we provide advanced technical analysis functions and a variety of icon line drawing tools for free. Orders placed quickly in speed of 0.01 seconds without missing any profit opportunities.
  • Excellent service: The world’s top online customer service team responds quickly, within 10 seconds.



  • Does not accept residents of the European Union or the United States: Investors from the European Union and the United States are prohibited from using the FT Markets platform.

Underlying Assets

FT Markets includes the world’s most popular 60+ financial products. After investors open an account and make a deposit, they can choose their favorite products for investment transactions.

Products are divided into the following three categories:

  • Commodities: spot gold, spot silver, US oil, British oil, natural gas
  • Foreign exchange: AUD/JPY, EUR/JPY, NZD/JPY, USD/JPY, CAD/JPY, EUR/GBP, GBP/USD, EUR/CHF, USD/CHF, EUR/AUD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD , British pound/Swiss franc, US dollar/Canadian dollar, British pound/Australian dollar, Euro/Japanese yen, Australian dollar/New Zealand dollar, British pound/Japanese yen, US dollar/offshore RMB, Hong Kong dollar/offshore RMB.
  • Stock index categories: UK UK100, issued FRA40, Germany GER30, China 300, Hong Kong 50, Japan JPN225, U.S. DJ30, Dollar Index, U.S. TECH100, U.S. SP500

Trading Platform

FT Markets began the operations in 2005. After 15 years of continuous upgrades, optimizations, and iterations, investors have been provided with MT4 and APP trading dual platforms, and the APP can run on Android and iOS devices.

To access the platform, you must log in to your account (you can open an account for free). After logging in, click to view the “Quotes” page, you can select the specified products, view the price trend bar chart and candlestick chart. The price chart contains the following indicators for selection: Main chart indicators: BBI, BOLL, MA, MIKE, PBX Sub-picture indicators (hiding): ARBR, ATR, BIAS, CCI, DKBY, KD, KDJ, LW & R, MACD, QHLSR, RSI, W & R

Above the price trend is the “Time Range” button, and you can choose to change the time range of the displayed chart. Available time ranges include 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 1 day, 1 week and 1 month.

At the bottom of the page is the trading section. Investors can choose [Sell] and [Buy]. After clicked to select [Market Price] or [Specified Pending Order Price] and entered the number of trading lots, the price and lot will be used as the result of executing the transaction. Once the investment amount is entered in the relevant box, the margin amount and your account balance will be displayed in the page simultaneously. And you may click the [Confirm] button to execute the transaction.

FT Markets has been operating safely for 15 years and with strong capital support. We also have accumulated hundreds of millions of transactions by millions of loyal users. The platform is safe and reliable and suitable for all types of investors.

Demo Account

FT Markets provides a full demo account, which possesses all same functions as the real trading account and a 10,000 USD simulated trading fund given to conduct the risk-free trading practice. It is purposed for each investor to establish confidence and risk evaluation in trading.

Account Types

What types of accounts does FT Markets have? Basically, there is a demo account and three real account types. So, after you have acquired certain skills and trading experience in a simulated account transaction, you can apply for a free display account at FT Markets. The real account is set up for three types of investors, as follows:

Member account – This account is suitable for new investors, with a minimum deposit of $ 20, a trading lot of up to 50 lots, and a minimum floating spread (foreign exchange) as 1.1;

Golden account – 96% of investors can meet the golden account standard. The minimum deposit is 100 US dollars, the maximum number of transactions can be up to 100, the minimum floating spread (foreign exchange) is 0.7 which the spread drops 36% compared to member account.

Platinum account – this account is suitable for people who have more funds and more trading experience. You can apply for a platinum account type with a minimum deposit of 2,000 US dollars. The number of transactions is 100, the minimum floating spread (foreign exchange) is 0.5 which compared with the member account the spread has dropped 55%;

Opening an Account

The account opening process is easy for users and only takes 30 seconds to accomplish.

Online account opening:

You can select the online [Open Account] button to create a new account and enter the relevant information (Phone number, Google email and a unique login password). It is recommended to choose an alphanumeric password with some special characters in diminishing the chance of your account caught up in a fraud. Please do not use a password that is easy to guess, such as “abcde” or “12345”.

Click to view the platform’s terms and user instructions and complete the verification code request. With enter the verification code that received by your mobile phone and click the [Open Account] button to finish the account opening steps. After that, you can log in to your account and access directly anytime, anywhere.

Download the App to register and open an account:

Select the account opening button in the APP and follow the above procedure to open an account. Using the app will be more convenient and efficient in conducting the online transactions for users to gain profit.

Funds Withdrawal

FT Markets accepts withdrawal requests at anytime and anywhere – the whole procedure is completed in 30 min. Please read the following to complete your withdrawal.

  1. Traders need to bind a bank card to the trading account and click into [My] – [My Bank Card] to enter the bank card number and other information. It will show the trading account and bank card are bound successfully.
  2. Click [My] – [Withdrawal] button, select the withdrawal bank card, enter the withdrawal amount and confirm. Traders have successfully applied the withdrawal and the fund will be processed within 30 min of the working day

Customer Support

If you have any problems in using the FT Markets platform, you can get in touch with the platform in the following ways:

  • Online support: investors can find the [Contact Customer Services] function on the website / APP which allow you to communicate directly with the customer service staff.
  • Phone: you can dial directly 12280088 (Viettel) or 120852325 (VNPT) to have a communication with the representatives of FT Markets for solving out the inquiries professionally and quickly.
  • Online forums: FT Markets has also joined online forums specializing in trading, and will occasionally answer investors’ questions about the company’s trading products on these forums.

Trader Training

FT Markets will provide multiple real-time trading strategies, important news and trading information on its website / APP for free every day. It aims to give investors the first-time news of grasping the market economic dynamics, lay out trading plans which in order to maximize investors’ profits.

Should I Trade With FT Markets?

To be sure, as a well-known foreign exchange investment brand that has been operating globally for 15 years, FT Markets constantly improves and updates its trading platform, aiming to bring out more outstanding and professional performance to its clients. On top of that, the adequate capital reserves of FT Markets, ensure that clients will be able to make the transactions and withdraw funds in and out with safety and confidence. Moreover, It is undeniable that FT Markets has the world’s strictest NFA and Australian ASIC regulatory double certification and millions of loyal users. With all that FT Markets is definitely worthy of investors’ choice and trust.

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