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Clicktrades – Broker Review and Trader Feedback

4.5 / 5

Launched in 2018 and driven by a desire for novelty, Clicktrades gains technological ground by providing access to easy-to-use products and services that surpass client expectations.

1. General Information

Regulated by FSA with the licence number SD020 the broker promotes a secure trading environment and focuses on providing top educational materials for traders. With a solid asset offer and a constant focus on flexible solutions, the broker promises a trading-haven for the investors that choose its services.

Feeling curious about their trading platform? Wondering if the leverage levels are actually a good deal or if you can open trades fast enough? You’re worried about delayed trading or hidden taxes?

There’s no room for doubts here. You’re facing an innovative company that’s offering some industry-leading trading conditions. Don’t take our word for it though, open a live or practice account and see for yourself!

2. Advantages and disadvantages

What should you look out for and what good things can come out of trading with Clicktrades? You’ll be able to answer these questions on your own after going through this review.

Bonus Campaigns: Be one step ahead of the market with innovative promotional campaigns that vary from time to time. Regardless of holidays, Clicktrades makes sure that investors have creative bonuses that provide more chances for them.

Multilingual Support: For any question you might have you can use the Live Chat, e-mail and international support numbers to contact the Customer Support team. You’ll find that the team is ready to quickly provide the information you need in a friendly manner, even if English is not your main language.

Payment Methods: Fast withdrawals and secure deposits, with no hidden charges. You can check all the details on their dedicated payment page and pick a method that best suits your needs.

No deposit & withdrawal commissions: Free trading, without any hidden charges or taxes. For more details, feel free to review the legal documents available on the broker’s site.

Academy & Education: Looking to expand your knowledge? Browse through financial terms, learn more about important market events and the way they impact instruments and you’ll find more trading opportunities in no time.

Affiliate Programs: You’re a fan of the financial markets but don’t want to get into actual trading? Check out their affiliate deals and contact them, the team will quickly get in touch with you for your own personalized program.

Restricted Jurisdictions: Japan, Canada, and the USA. Traders can check further details on the broker’s Terms&Conditions.

3. Trading Conditions & All-Inclusive Asset Offer

Your experience doesn’t matter when you’re choosing a starting asset, as you can have a fresh start with any instrument.

You might be the most familiar with commodities or maybe you’re constantly hearing about the Forex market on the news? Maybe you’d like to get into shares or try out something new, such as blends.

Regardless of what your trading plans are, you have a huge amount of options when browsing their CFD list:

  • With up to 1:20 leverage, you can trade CFDs on shares from 2.000 global companies
  • 19 hard or soft commodities, with a leverage up to 1:200
  • More than 55 Forex currency pairs with up to: 1300 leverage, consisting of majors, minors and exotics
  • Blends: A proprietary CFD mix created entirely by Clicktrades, similar to ETFs, consisting of shares from 3 different sectors: e-commerce, social media, and technology
  • Bonds: Issued by banks and governments and favoring investors that prefer long-term trading, can be traded with a leverage of up to 1:100
  • Characterized by high daily liquidity and low fees, you can trade ETFs with up to 1:100 leverage
  • Over 26 indices with up to 1:200 leverage from the most famous global stock-listed companies

What’s left to do now? Grab a bonus, open an account and instantly hop on the WebTrader platform to develop some strategies to reach your goals!

4. Trading Platform

WebTrader – Providing freedom for your own strategies.

Scared of complicated platforms that won’t give you a chance to understand what’s happening? Stop worrying, this web-based platform includes the best analysis and leading features that train your market intuition, provide accessibility and improve your general market perspective.

If you’re asking yourself what’s the difference between this platform and the ones offered by competitors, check out this list with some of its main features:

  • Trading Central – Sustaining trading analysis with top tier data and accurate information, this 3rd party service has been supporting investors by providing industry-leading details about the market.
  • Risk Management Tools – Upgrade your risk management methods by using accurate orders such as Stop Loss & Take profit that allow you to gain more control on your positions.
  • Negative Balance Protection – Carefree has never sounded so sophisticated. You can rest assured that there are no ways of losing more than your initial deposits with this extensive feature integrated in the platform.
  • User-friendly in-browser interface – Most of the controls are seen in the main interface, providing an easier access to the control panels, indicators and other custom settings.

It’s never been easier to keep your trading positions under control and manage your resources more effectively than with a browser-integrated platform. Shift through chart models, multi-view panels and a list of indicators for any pattern that you could think of.

5. Mobile trading

Who doesn’t own a smartphone nowadays?

Mobile devices are indispensable and Clicktrades has adapted to a mobile platform demand by providing an application that is supported by iOS and Android systems, allowing users to download their application from the relevant online store.

Trading on-the-go has countless benefits, as you’ll be able to access your trades. You’re in traffic and just heard the latest news about your favourite Forex pair? Hop on it and trade! Instantly, anytime and anywhere.

6. Account types

Regardless of your experience, it’s crucial to choose an account that meets your requirements and leads you to your goals. After you’re done exploring the platform on your demo account, switching to a Live account is simple and requires only a few steps.

Here are the 3 account types available on ClickTrades:

  • Essential – The perfect package for investors that are just starting out.
  • Original – An intermediate package, for the traders that gained some experience
  • Signature – The highest package, providing full access to all the broker’s services

Each account brings additional benefits according to a trader's needs, such as free access to market analysis, special trading conditions and more that can be reviewed on the broker’s website.

7. The demo account

Curious about the financial markets but don’t want to commit? Clicktrades lets you access your own demo account to practice your strategies in a risk-free environment.

While demo accounts have become something common, not all brokers provide a free one that you gain access to when opening an account.

If you’ve wanted to test out a trading platform but never had the chance to because of a deposit requirement, you can now use $10.000 of virtual funds to explore over 2.100 instruments, understand how charts work, what pips are and how to include other key elements in your strategy.

8. Fund withdrawal & payment methods

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your investments when you’re trading with Clicktrades. If the fact that they’re regulated hasn’t convinced you of their security measures, then their partnership with trusted payment service providers surely will.

Add funds directly to your account by using the method you prefer:

  • Credit Cards – VISA, MasterCard, Maestro
  • Intermediary providers such as PayPal that allow you to link your credit card
  • E-payment solutions – Skrill, Neteller, Trustly – Use your own e-wallet to fund your account

Forget about restrictions and complicated approval procedures because you’ll only get to work with pre-defined timelines depending on the chosen payment method.

9. Education, Market News & Third-Party Tools

In the era of upbeat technology, it’s never been easier for investors to easily monitor, anticipate and take action when market-moving events take place.

This is why Clicktrades wishes to support investors by offering a Market News section with the most recent events happening around the world. Available in more languages, the news let you keep in touch with the industry’s pulse while planning out your entries or exits.

Another key 3rd party tool offered by the broker to investors is Trading Central, which offers extensive market coverage and the most accurate information for the instruments you wish to trade.

The next step? Improving your market perspective based on fundamental and technical analysis that use various time-frames and trading signals to generate algorithms based on market factors. This mechanical method should assist you in making confident decisions or confirming your existent strategies.

10. Customer support and support services

Traders who want to open a trading account with Clicktrades will benefit from quick support provided by a multilingual team of professionals, prepared to respond by phone or email.

As soon as an account is created, a representative will get in touch with you to offer more details about the broker’s services and answer any questions the investor might have, regarding procedures, regulation and other fundamental information.

11. Should you trade with Clicktrades?

If the information above hasn’t given you a clear perspective, stop wasting time and read this feature summary:

  • Top-Choice Platform: The WebTrader
  • Promotional campaigns & bonuses
    Internationally known payment methods
  • No hidden commissions or taxes
  • 24/5 Customer Support Speaking SP/AR/RU/INDO
  • Detailed Market News for the most recent global events
  • Negative Balance Protection & Limit Orders
  • An impressive range of more than 2.100 CFD instruments from 7 classes such as Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Blends, Forex, ETFs, and Bonds
  • Proprietary CFD mix in the form of Blends
  • CFDs for global bonds from EU, USA and Japan with zero commissions
  • FSA Regulation
  • CFDs on over 55 Forex Currency pairs including major, minor and exotic pairs
  • Economic calendar updated daily
  • Mobile & Tablet availability on iOS and Android for any platform

Need more details than you found in this review? Visit the broker's website, become a clicktrader and you’ll instantly gain access to all the information you need.

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    i withdraw the above comments. as clicktrade has been very understanding and resolved the matter.

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    I received good service from clicktrades


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Clicktrades – Broker Review and Trader Feedback

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