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CentoBot – Trading Robot Review & User Feedback 2023

4.2 / 5

CentoBot is a collection of cryptocurrency trading robots designed to enable clients profit from one of the most volatile financial markets. CentoBot is used for automated cryptocurrency and forex trading on compliant platforms.

General Information

CentoBot hit the markets in 2017 and is used to trade a limited number of trading assets in an automated fashion. CentoBot was created by a team of experts from the Cent Group LTD. under the Fintech company, Finance Group Corp.

CentoBot is marketed via the official website at Content on the site is available in several languages, including English, Thai, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, German and Chinese, and clients can access the website from almost any country. There are some countries where CentoBot cannot be marketed or sold to the public as a result of regulation. Clients can access customer care services through dedicated live chat, and email.

Advantages and Disadvantages

CentoBot offers its clients several advantages, some of which are:

Dedicated customer support: CentoBot’s clients can access dedicated, live customer support services. Clients can get a fast response to their queries, and resolution of issues is quick.

Fast platform: speed is very much essential in trading the forex market. Clients who use CentoBot are sure of a robot that delivers fast execution on trades thanks to fibre optics technology.

Customizable robots: clients who prefer it can customize their robots to trade as they wish. This is especially useful to traders with advanced skills who want to do more with robots.

Advanced trading robots: clients have access to some of the most advanced trading robots in the world today. The robots are designed using the latest Artificial Intelligence technology and neural networks. Robots can learn and process millions of trades within a short time and make intelligent trading decisions — all of this helps to improve the returns on trading capital.

Dedicated account managers: CentoBot’s clients get dedicated managers to help them understand the use of the robot.

Wide range of Deposit Methods: CentoBot’s clients can fund their accounts using over 15 deposit methods, including credit cards and cryptocurrency. Clients are not severely limited in the number of ways through which they can deposit or withdraw funds from the compatible broker platforms.

Excellent user experience: trading with CentoBot provides a unique user experience which is arguably second to none. Clients without prior knowledge or experience can navigate the trading bot easily and enjoy the experience.

Low minimum deposit, high returns: the brokerage platforms on which the CentoBot is used allow clients to deposit a minimum amount of $250.

No mobile platform: CentoBot does not operate as a mobile trading app. This might not be comfortable for some clients who prefer to use mobile platforms.

No free demo: Clients cannot test the demo mode of CentoBot except they fund their account with the minimum deposit. While this is not a bad policy, it does discourage some potential clients from testing the trading platform.

Trading Conditions

CentoBot can be used on the platforms of three major brokers in the industry to bring clients the best trading services. Clients can invest as low as $.10 per trade, and trades can be executed in as fast as 60 seconds. Clients can get up to 300% and 95% in profits and returns respectively. Clients can trade a variety of assets.

Underlying Assets

CentoBot is built to trade on a variety (up to 20) of tradable assets to clients. These are mostly cryptocurrency and forex pairs. The major cryptocurrencies available for trading are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, and Bitcoin Cash. There are several others, and they are all available on the three partnering brokers.

Trading Platform

CentoBot is built to operate on browser-based trading platforms. It has an integration interface which synchronized the robot’s backend with the trader’s account. The site itself is well-designed with a visually appealing user-interface. Clients can access the web platform via several languages on the drop-down menu by the top right corner. There is a prominent button named ”Registration”, and below it is the steps clients can go through to get started. The web platform is fast, navigable, and instructive. Clients have access to a lot of tools they can take advantage of. Clients can monitor market trends via indicators such as CCI, STOCH, MACD, WILLIAMS, RSI, and TREND.

Mobile Trading

CentoBot offers no mobile trading experience for users as of now. Clients can only use the web-based trading platform.

Demo Account

CentoBot can be used on the demo accounts of users, but it is not free. Clients have to fund their trading accounts with a minimum amount before they can access the demo account. The demo account offers every known feature that the real trading account provides.

The demo account is important to traders as it helps them get familiar with the trading platform, and the services of the brokers.

Account Types

CentoBot is built to operate on the platforms of three compliant brokers on whose platforms the robot works. These are BinaryCent, Videforex and RaceOption. Centobot has different types of robots, created with various criteria of risk and money management, as well as different indicators. These brokers present the following account types:

The Bronze Account – this account is the cheapest to operate and it includes a lot of benefits including access to live video chat and trader support, as well as quick withdrawals. The minimum amount of money clients can deposit is $250.

The Silver Account – comes with a minimum deposit of $1000, and clients have access to dedicated account managers, a web master class, a 50% bonus and three risk-free trades.

The Gold Account – this account is available to clients who wish to deposit high amounts. The minimum quantity accepted as the trading deposit is $3000, and it comes with a 100% bonus. Also, clients with gold accounts receive Swiss prepaid cards, and even a dedicated account manager. The gold account also has the most advanced trading robots.

Types of Trading Robots

CentoBot offers trading robots that vary in abilities according to the type of account to which they are attached. The complexity and ability of the robot increases as the account value increases. Some of the robots available to clients are:

  1. xCryptoProfit, which works with the CCI and SRSI indicators, requires a minimum deposit of $500 and can make a daily profit of 241%.
  2. RSIMA Crypto has a minimum deposit of $2500, and a daily return of 247%.
  3. Cryptobot v2.0 has a daily profit of 176%. It works with the MACD and RSI indicators.
  4. Bitcoin Algo v2.1 which returns a daily profit of around 192%.
  5. Etherium Rise v1.1 is based on the Stochastic indicators analysis, and on the Commodity Channel Index (CCI). It is accessible to all accounts and returns a daily profit of 102%.
  6. Crypto Majors v1.1 works with the MACD and RSI indicators and makes a daily return of 119%.
  7. Altcoins Combo is a combination of trading bots that trade only on the altcoin pairs.

Opening an Account

Opening an account with CentoBot is easy. On the website’s homepage, there is a “Registration” button which, when clicked, brings up another page where clients can enter their personal information such as the full name of the trader, contact details, the preferred account currency. The email address and a password are also required.

You will also be prompted to select a broker, and also check off some radio buttons. Complete the Registration by clicking the “Register for free” button, after which the client can access the login details that will be sent to the email provided. The whole process is simple and easy.

Funds Withdrawal

Clients can fund and withdraw from CentoBot either through their debit or credit cards, or using any of the 15 accepted cryptocurrencies. CentoBot charges a 5% transfer fee on deposits and withdrawals using credit cards. Clients also have to submit some documents as proof of identity before they can withdraw. Funding may be delayed during public holidays and weekends.

Trader Training

CentoBot offers no general trader training to the public or even visitors, but clients who have funded their accounts and activated a bot have access to live support, and dedicated account managers. The demo account also helps to introduce new clients to the trading robots.

Should I Trade with CentoBot?

CentoBot as a cryptocurrency and forex trading platform, offers a lot of advantages to clients who choose them. From the smooth and navigable design of the website, clients can go on to have a great user experience while trading with some of the most advanced trading robots in the industry today. Language differences do not matter; the availability of the website in different major languages takes care of that. Clients can also access fully-functional customer care and account management support at any time of the day. All these are crowned by the unbelievable trading bonuses that each account stands to enjoy upon funding.

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