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Capital Traders – Broker Review and Trader Feedback

3.9 / 5

Attention! We advise to refrain from trading with this broker. We recommend choosing this 👉🏻 reliable broker. For traders from USA, Canada, Australia use 👉🏻 this broker

1. General Information

Capital Trader is a globally leading financial services provider that has an excellent record for offering a wide range of investment products. Of these products, there are more than 1000 top class assets that fit into five categories which are stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, forex and commodities. As a trading platform, Capital Traders makes the most of the latest comprehensive technology so that all investors using the website have a brilliant experience.

2. Benefits

With Capital Trade as a platform of choice, you will be able to adequately open several trades with a small amount of capital. This becomes quite profitable as there is no need to send any fees to a third party. Another benefit comes in during ownership, as there is no need to purchase any assets, yet you can trade in them and enjoy the profits. This saves you from entering binding contracts that could tie you to an institution.

It is possible to immediately start investing simply by opening a segregated trading account. This is brilliant news for anyone, no matter what level of trading skill that they have, to experience the trading process.

There is also incredible flexibility in the trading process as it is possible to trade from anywhere. This is due to the possibility of mobile trading which makes it possible to trade from anywhere using an iPad, iPhone or an Android device.

3. Features

There are several features that make this a one of a kind trading platform. The first of these is that the platform is highly intuitive which means that it is constantly getting better. The more you play, the greater the functionality that you can experience.

This technology also helps you to enter and exit trades in record time. If you are a beginning trader, you will find that it is possible to control just how you can execute your trades. If you are short on time and can try out the one-click trading feature. This makes it possible to complete a trade in an instant.
There are also a range of trading tools that you can benefit from. To ensure that you always make an informed decision you can consult the financial news which carries the latest happenings in the industry. There is also the economic calendar that helps elevate trades as you track the best trades you can carry out. In addition, you can choose to go through the asset index to decide which assets you want to invest in.

4. CFD Trade

This is an increasingly popular method of trading, and that comes down to just how simple it is to carry out. On this platform you can choose from more than 1000 assets including leading stocks like Facebook, Apple and Amazon. There are also commodities available including gold, coffee and petroleum. Indices available include Nasdaq and Nikkei. Finally, you can trade in currencies including USD/CHF as well as USD/RUB. Through this type of trading there are numerous benefits that you can enjoy including leverage, profit opportunities, diversification as well as risk management.

5. Forex Trade

On Capital Trade, it is possible to trade in the most liquid market in the world, and that is the Forex Market. Here, is where you can make the most of leverage so that you can elevate your investment. To get started, you only need to open a trading account and gain access to all the supporting services that Capital Trade has to offer. If you find you are stuck, then you can go through the large library of eBooks, live webinars as well as the video courses available. Support is also available at all hours so that you can speak to one of the experts when necessary.

6. Crypto Trade

Digital assets are rapidly growing and are the future when it comes to trading online. With Capital Trade it is possible to access the cryptocurrency market and investors have found that they are especially attracted to one of the leading currencies online, and that is Bitcoin. Although this is a market that is highly volatile, using this platform it is possible to get a great return, as you can learn to understand just how this market works. There are resources available that will ensure that you are clear about all the risks which are involved, as well as how to prevent emotional trading and set up insurances that will protect you. In addition, you can use the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin as well as Ethereum to trade on this website.

7. Account Types

Everything becomes real the moment that you set up an account to begin your trading journey on Capital Trade. There are five different types of accounts that you can create, and the account you choose will depend on the amount that you put down as a deposit. The more that you deposit, the greater services you will have access to, making it easier to receive a great return. There types of accounts, starting with the lowest include Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The amounts that you can deposit start from €500 and can go up to €50,000. If you want to put down even more, it is possible, and you will receive the black account holder status.

8. Support

Support when trading is incredibly important, as you may need instant information to make sure that you can finish a trade and make some money. Support is typically available five days a week, from Monday to Friday between the hours of 7 am and 9 pm. You can reach out to the team and speak to them directly using the live chat option, or you can leave a message through the contact form. For instant results, there is the FAQ section where you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

9. Should I trade with Capital Traders

Capital Traders is a modern, professional platform that offers all traders a great number of trading assets. It is possible to make a great return, especially with all the tools available.

Reviews on Capital Traders

Comments about Capital Traders
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User rating: 4.0 / 5

Comments: 13

  1. avatar
    Sheila Barraclough

    Please could you let me know if Capital Traders are licensed to offer crypto currency?

    also what are the current reviews of this company?

    • avatar
      Helen Castaldini

      Hi, my name is Helen Castaldini. I sent money to Capital Traders but haven’t heard from them for some time. I just saw an email from the 7/08/19 from a James Shaw saying that if I want my money back to let him know as Capital Traders doesn’t work anymore.
      Well I do need my money back as I am a Disability Pensioner but when I email this man it was an invalid email.

      Are you this Capital Traders? If so my mobile number is 0408828147. It takes me a while to swipe and answer so please ring a few times for as long as possible.

      I live is Adelaide, South Australia which is about 12 hrs difference so please ring on Thursday evening my time

      Hoping to hear back from you and that you are the right Capital Traders.

      Kind regards

      Helen Castaldini xxx

  2. avatar
    Tommy Gift Kekane

    So i want to knw if Capital Trading hub is Legit or…?

  3. avatar
    Please I want to know if capital trading hub is legit or not

    I want to know if this capital trading hub is legit or not


  4. avatar

    good morning i begin this to warning the people that constant capital trade on telgram is a full scam process and i gone reveal i that stay away from them if you have money in that system pull all youre money out because they gone habdel it for you avery time you must pay a fee for releasing youre ptofit there they begin with the scamming yes there are some much people that i talk with them that losing so much money there i tryit so i can see for my self that why i can talk about it now every time is somthing but take care and i am warning all the people from this.


  5. avatar

    SCAM Alert be careful! Please use a reputable trader.


  6. avatar
    Ibrahim kad

    What capital traders are you all talking about. Because the capital traders I invested crypto returney profit back. I guess the capital traders is kinda cloned. Because capital traders is a legit company I know about and I’ve been trading for couple of years now

  7. avatar
    George Michael

    Y’all should stop saying gibberish about capital traders because I’ve got my living from there. I met capital traders way back in 2015, it doesn’t guarantee a get rich quick scheme. But it’s surely secured


  8. avatar
    Bharat khan

    After been scammed successfully by fake platforms like Olympic traders and fx24. I lost hope in trading until I met a lady called Jesse Bryan who work with capital traders. I regained all I’ve lost and got extra profits in bitcoin trading. I honestly don’t understand there comments about capital traders. This company has literally helped my life the who damn time nobody was there for me!


  9. avatar

    Good day sir Derek can i contact you privately. I want to ask some questions.. thank you

  10. avatar
    Pamale Bacon

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  11. avatar
    Rebecca James

    This is a scam, I finally got my money back.
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  12. avatar
    shirlee sanders

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